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STUDENT PSYCHOLOGY As an introduction to stress, we usually refer to it as a feeling of strain and pressure. Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial, and even healthy. Positive stress in fact helps improve performance. It also plays factor in motivation, adaptation, and reaction to the environment. Excessive amounts of stress however could be harmful. Humans experience stress, or perceive things as threatening, when they do not believe that their resources for coping with obstacles (stimuli, people, situations, etc.) are enough for what the circumstances demand as a matter of concern With respect to this we see that, College students experience a lot of stress in their day to day life. Most of us are acutely aware of student's stress levels, and to some of us it may be less obvious.

Of course, not every student experiences stress, and some students actually thrive on a certain amount of stress; but many college

students find that increased pressure or anxiety are part of the experience of college. For a general viewpoint of how students feel about his stress level, or whether or not he feels that he is experiencing stress, consider some of the following information gathered about student stress .this survey shows that 85% of students feel stressed on a daily basis,77% of students feel stress over academic concerns,74% of students feel stress about grade,60% of students at some time have felt stress to the point of not being able to get work done and many more valid reasons, Although, 74% of students reported feeling very or somewhat happy. Clearly, not all stress is bad. Perhaps one of the issues regarding college student stress is that stress may be defined in many ways. For college students, stress may manifest itself as a general feeling of unease, feeling overwhelmed, changes to study patterns, low energy, or difficulty with issues of self-esteem or self worth. Stress may be difficult to identify because it takes so many forms. So many of the forms that may indicate stress may also be normal conditions of college life. College student stress may be caused by many things.

The factors which cause students stress are as varied as the students themselves.


condition which stresses one student may actually stimulate and excite another student. At this point ,parents and teachers can help them cope with this very stress. knowing about the student will help determine what might, or might not, create difficulties for the student. An open dialogue about life at college will also help them determine how students feel about some of these factors. Many college students have indicated that some of the following factors create feelings of stress for them-Worries about career or job, Social concerns, Academic demands, Being independent and on their own, Physical concerns – lack of sleep, drinking and partying, poor eating habits, Balance between work and college, Financial concerns, Family concerns, Procrastinating and facing problems. Clearly, in spite of the message that many students receive about college being “the best years of your life”, there are issues, worries, and concerns that create a difficult time for many students during the college years. Stress can come from many factors and can affect students very differently. Stress may be a motivator, a small, temporary hurdle, or an obstacle that can stop a student in her tracks and necessitate professional help. As a matter of concern, it is important that we recognize that student stress is prevalent and real. However, it is also important that we recognize that some stress is probably inevitable and possibly a good thing. We need to recognize that most students are coping and happy in spite of a certain degree of stress, and that most students will deal with their own stress in their own way. As with so many things in our college students' lives, we need to find the balance between true concern, providing support when necessary, and knowing when to get out of the way.


YMCAUST conferred ‘Best Upcoming University’ award

Hon’ble VC, Woorthy Registrar and Dr. Sandeep Grover posing with the award.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor recieving the award.

It is a matter of great pride and privilege to inform that our University has been conferred with 'Best Upcoming University' award by Associated Chambers Of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) under National Education Excellence Awards 2014. Hon'ble Vice Chancellor received the award on behalf of the University from Padma Vibhushan Dr. Karan Singh at the award ceremony held on 19-02-2014 at New Delhi.

Signing of MOU with Danfoss It is matter of pride that YMCA University of Science and Technology signed MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) with Danfoss Industries Private Limited on 28/02/2014. Danfos is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.Mr. Ravichandran Purushothaman , Danfoss India President signed the MOU from Danfoss side and registrar YMCA University of Science And Technology signed from YMCAUST side. Honourable Vice Chancellor Lt. General (Retd.) K.S. Yadava ,Dean Engineering faculty Dr. Sandeep Grover and the other University officials were present at the time of signing the MOU.





Worthy Registrar honouring Ms.Poonam Singhal as ‘the woman of the day’

A view of judges and participants An inter college debate competition was held at YMCA

When it comes to empowering women, YMCA never lags

University of Science and Technology, organised by the

behind. And it was well proven once again when the college

Women Cell of the University under YMCACASH on April 18,

students along with the untiring help of the faculty members

2014. It was a bilingual event which witnessed a good

celebrated the Women's Day on March 7, 2014 ,a day which

number of participation. The literary enthusiasts enlightened

falls annually on March 8, as a gesture of their respect for

the audience with their words which were sharper than

women. The inception of the programme was with the one on

swords. The topic for the debate and discussion was 'The

one interaction of the students organising the event with the

subdued stature of women in politics is in direct accordance

rest students and teachers of the college on the need for

with their low political prowess'.There were two rounds in

celebrating Women's Day. And then to grace the event,

total. The first round was the conventional debate which was

Hon'ble VC Sir and Worthy Registrar Ma'am delivered their

followed by an unmoderated discussion. The top five teams

inspiring speeches. A music performance soon followed

made it to the second round. The second round comprised of

depicting the torture a woman faces and how she

a moderated discussion. The participants were fortunate to

overpowers them. And the afternoon got a special treat with

have Professor Renu Sethi and YMCA Alumni, Mr. Aditya

the ever so heart touching words of Prof. Divyajyoti and with

Chopra and Mr. Nikhil sharma in the judges panel. Each and

the college's Cultural Head, Mrs. Poonam Singhal being

every participant put forward strong arguments to support

awarded with the Woman of the Day award, signified the

and to oppose the notion. The Numero Uno position went to

selfless affection a woman can have for her work. The event

the participant from ARSD College, DU followed by the team

got another boost when Deepika Gaur and Satish Ray

from YMCA and Dayal Singh College, DU who respectively

respectively delivered their speech and poem showing the

bagged the second and third position. Earlier an intra-college

courage and strength of a woman. And the crowd was also

debate competition on April 15,2014 was held where Deepika

privileged to see a Solo Dance depicting how a woman is

Gaur, Satish Ray, Srishti Sinha and Bhavya Kamboj were

oppressed in this society. And as they say,'Save the best for

chosen to represent the University in the inter college round

the last', what was most entangling for the viewers was the

on 18th April. With such an enthralling topic amalgamating

Nukkad Natak portraying the true life a woman lives in our

politics and women empowerment, the participation ought to

patriarchal society and how we can empower this person

be good enough. The sense of youthful exuberance and

whom we call mother, sister and daughter. So all in all, it was

competitive spirit was easily seen which resulted in a neck

a day which again arose the topic of Women Empowerment

and neck competition between participants.In all, it was a day

and truly touched the strings of all the people who witnessed

where confident and eloquent students discussed their views

it. Definitely it was a spectacle to watch.

in a debating manner.



SCIENCE CONCLAVE-2014 The YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad, held two days Science Conclave sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Haryana at YMCAUST on 16th & 17th April 2014. More than thousand participants from different Schools/Colleges participated in the event. Many Invited Lectures from different streams of science and technology were presented by eminent scientists and scholars. Hands-on Hon’ble Chief Guest along with other dignitaries in the Science Exhibition.

experiments on Physics and Chemistry were performed by the experts. A Science Exhibition was also organized in which more than 50 models & posters were displayed by the students. Displayed models included Robocar, Biodiesel, Utilization of resources. Students got the prizes for best model and poster. Students had a wonderful experience in the event where they learnt, played and enjoyed with the science.Conclave was inaugurated by Chief Guest, Sh.DharamVir (Rtd. IAS), State Election Commissioner, Haryana, and presided by Lt Gen. Karan Singh Yadava, Vice Chancellor of YMCAUST, Faridabad. Prof. Raj Kumar, Dean and Chairman of Department of Humanities and Applied Sciences, welcomed all the dignitaries and participants. The event was organized by Dr Sonia Bansal, Assistant Professor in Physics.

Guest Speaker Addressing the gathering.


HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP The University organized the free health check up camp in the University on 18 April 2014, in association with the QRG Central Hospital Faridabad Haryana. In the camp all the staff members and their families participated. During the camp following facilities was provided to the staff members and their families free of cost as under

The Republic day was celebrated in the YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad at the Shakuntalam Chancellor Lt. Gen. (Retd) K.S. Yadava

ground of the university. The Vice-

was the Chief- guest of the day. Dr.

Shimla Registrar, Dr. P.R.Sharma DSW and Dr. Vasdev Malhotra Convener of the programme welcomed the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor with a bouquet of flowers. He hoisted the National Flag at 09:30 AM. Then National Anthem was sung by the gathering. A large number of students and staff including Deans, Chairpersons, HODs and the Registrar of the University were present during this occasion. The Vice-Chancellor encouraged the youth to contribute whole-heatedly in the activities of national interest and the University. Hon'ble Vice Chancellor gave the Dean Merit Award to 196 students on the occasion. The award was given for Academic Excellence to the toppers of the each branch. It comprised of a certificate of Merit and cheque of Rs. 2500.Sweets and refreshments were distributed to the students at the end of the event.


Free blood pressure


Blood sugar


ECG monitoring


General check up


Dental check up


ENT Problems

The hon'ble Vice Chancellor was the chief guest of the event Dr. Vasdev Malhotra

Chancellor and the worthy registrar in the camp. The hon'ble Vice Chancellor said that these activities are very important for the university and should be performed regularly.



Dr. P.R Sharma (DSW) welcome the Vice


CONVOCATION CEREMONY Annual convocation of YMCA University of Science & Technology , Faridabad was organized on 05-03-2014.His Excellency

, Hon'ble

Governor of Haryana and Chancellor of the University Shri Jagannath Pahadia delivered the convocation address and conferred the B.Tech, M.Tech , MBA, M.Sc. and MCA degrees to the successful students in different streams. In total 954 degrees were awarded. The unique feature this time is that along with the degrees, students were also presented the respective academic transcripts. In all, 6 gold medals of Chancellor, chief Minister and Vice-Chancellor were awarded to the toppers of the respective batches. The recipients of these medals were Ms Sheenu Gulati(CE), Ms Nisha(CE), Ms Priyanka Singhal(IT), Mr Harsh Yadav(MT). Amongst the dignitaries present on this occasion were Sh. Mohinder Kumar IAS (Retd.), Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi University , Meerpur, Mr. Dhanpat Haryana,Technical

Singh, Principal secretary to Govt. of





Ranga,Vice Chancellor of Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar , Dr. N.C.Wadhwa Faridabad,






(Retd.), VC, MRIU,



members of Executive Council, Academic Council, and University Court etc. Faculty members of the University and other staff also participated in the convocation. Mr. Jagannath Pahadiya congratulated the teachers, students and the staff members for building outstanding reputation of the University. The annual report presented by the Vice Chancellor had listed the various achievements of the University related to placements of its students, participation of students in various cultural and technical national level fests. In the end , The Registrar of the University proposed the vote of thanks and expressed gratiyude to Chief Guest, dignitaries, district administration, press and staff of the University . The success of the convocation is attributed to coordinated efforts of the various teams formed for this purpose and continuous guidance of the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor , Registrar and Dean(Engg. and Tech.)


Hon'ble Governor of Haryana and Chancellor of the University Shri Jagannath Pahadia, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, along with other dignitaries and faculty members of the University.




When a person recollects his memoirs of college days, one thing that always pops up is the annual fest of college. Same is the case with YMCA where the most memorable event throughout the year is our cultural cum technical fest,'Elements Culmyca'. Since it's inception, Culmyca has been an event deeply cheered by everyone. The students as well as the teachers leave no stone unturned to make it successful. And it is the result of their constant endeavours that the fest continues to remain a huge hit. This year too many competitions including those related to literature, dance, drama, music and art combined to form the cultural events while tech quizzes, code breaking, robomania, water rocketry made up the technical part of the day 1. Continuing the thrill and excitement of Day1, Day2 didn't lack in any such entertainment either .The morning and afternoon with the former under the clouds were again filled with numerous cultural competitions. The literary club 'ANANYA' again made the crowd excited with the events they organised like Senator's Inc, Parachute, Rearview, Limelight, Trividha, and The Excalibur. The drama club 'VIVIDHA' didn't disappoint yet again. The event of 'Mime Act' was amazingly sensuous. Similar story was there with the dance club 'NATARAJA' as well. The events like Foot lose and Solo dance attracted maximum students who displayed their movement skills on several dance beats. The ever so hungry for craft, the fine arts club ' SRIJAN' was also in no mood to disappoint the people who participated in their events, Vibgyor and Chalk d road. For the last of the competitions for the day, the photography club 'JHALAK' sweated it out to make their event 'Framed' a successful one. Moving on to the night events, The Bhangra and Gidda complimented by the classical music performance in the Yaman Raag was thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers. The event was given a big boost by the energetic dance performance by five year old Aditi and then by the rock band, 'Experimental Chaos'. But the highlight of the day was the Fashion Parade or better known as 'Dazzle'. The hot divas and cool boys of the college displayed some very fine attitude and confidence to cast a spell on the audience. The sponsors, 'Orchid Blue' and 'Parker' got full worth of their money after the participants displayed some very fine skills of ramp walking. Continuing the thrill and excitement of Day1 and 2, the final day of Culmyca'14 turned out to be the best amongst all the days. The











The literary club made the crowd excited with the events they organised like the creative writing event along with Minute Made or JAM and the final round of their English and Hindi debates.The Nukkad Nataks performed at Lal Chowk left everyone spellbound. But the highlight was surely won by the fine arts club, 'Srijan'. Their art gallery attracted the whole college and everyone's eyes were stuck on the tremendous piece of craft that was on display. The heart of that art gallery was the explicit painting 'Madhubani' made by Akshay of second year. The paintings described the journey of life in an abstract way and such piece of craft is surely a one to be called priceless. For the last of the competitions for the day, the music club 'Tarannum' had their competition 'Bazingaa' which tested the vocal chords and ability to use instruments of the participants. Moving on to the night events, the crowd was again filled with full enthusiasm by watching the stage performances. The evening began with a spoof by the drama society and was followed up by a splendid dance performance. But the show stealer was Prof. V.K. Sharma, a teacher of YMCA only and also a former contestant at a big national T.V. Show 'India's Got Talent'. His songs made each of the person in the audience dance on the beats. His performance gave a big boost to every other performer. But as happens in every other fest of an Indian College, the STAR NIGHT was the one most enjoyed by all the viewers. The star of the show, BHUPINDER SINGH 'BHUPPI' a famous singer in the Indian film industry, made everyone extremely ecstatic. His style of singing created an aura of extreme joy and happiness and with the compliment of support singer Sanam and his band, the people watching got a full worth of their time they spent to watch the Star. So as was expected, the whole of Elements Culmyca'14 finished with everyone left highly satisfied.




The university organised the annual athletic meet CONCOUR'S 2014 on 15th to 16th April 2014. More than 300 students of B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, MBA and M.Sc. participated in various athletic events. Mr. Amit (LECE-577-2K11) & Ms. Vaishali (LCE- 37-2K13) were declared the best athletes.

University Kabbaddi team won gold medal in a national level sports competition held at IIT BHU, Varanasi from 19th to 23rd February, 2014. In the inset, Winning team

posing with






Registrar with their gold medals and trophy














National journal






International conference






National conference






STC attended






FDP attended






Invited Talk







Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Highlights

A one day workshop was organized in the department of Management studies

on Resume writing and Interview

Skills on 21-03-2014.

Experts for the work shop were Ms.

-38 students of final of final year have qualified in the GATE-2014 exam. Dinesh Kumar (M-390-2K10), Vinit

Jaya Goel Chairperson Ex. (Chairperson FSIA WE Club and

Kumar (M-476-2K10) and Ramandeep (M-440-2K10) have

Life skills Trainer) andMs. Garima Sehgal (Soft skills Trainer). Dr. RenuAggarwal

achieved all India rank 9,11 and 48 respectively.

was the Convener of work

-Department organized a 2 days AICTE sponsored seminar


on “Applications of Graph Theory: A novel Technique for Research” on 14-15, January, 2014, with DrVikram Singh as coordinator. More than 70 participants attended from different parts of the country. -A workshop on “Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Wireless Robotics” was organized by the Mechnext club on 14, February,2014 for the B.Tech Mechanical engineering students. -Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd, Denmark based MNC working in RAC field signed a MOU with the university with special focus on Mechanical department on 28.02.2014. -A total of 40 STCs/FDPs have been attended by the faculty during this academic year.

Dept. of Management Studies

-Dr Sandeep Grover and DrArvind Gupta delivered invited

Training & Placement Activities:

lectures in “ETITM” organized by computer department in

Many Companies have visited the department for campus

June 2013.

placement. More than 20 students of MBA final year got

-Dr Sandeep Grover, Dr Sanjeev Goyal and Dr Rajeev

placed in repudiated companies like HDFC Life, Jhoomla

Saha delivered lectures in AICTE sponsored seminar on

Technology, Damco Solutions Ltd, Tripster Solutions Pvt.

Graph Theory organized in Jan, 2014.

Ltd, Harit Dhara Pvt. Ltd, etc.

-DrRajKumar, Professor (Mech. Engg.) was nominated Director, Sponsored Projects Cell (SPC).

Dept. of Computer Engineering Highlights







nominated Director, Industrial Consultancy Cell (ICC). -Dr. Raj Kumar and Dr.Arvind Kumar visited from 20th to

Research lab - A new research lab has been put into place

22nd April at Danfoss facilities in Chennai, Pondicherry and

for M.Tech and Ph.D students to conduct their research



-Dr. M.L. Aggarwal was nominated Chairperson, Mech.

Smart Class Room - For the enhanced and innovative

Engg. Department w.e.f. May12,2014.

learning a new smart class room has been designed.



Hon’ble Vice chancellor , Worthy Registrar along with the faculty members of the University.

Faculty Development Programme on Teaching Skills Enhancement

Department of Computer Engineering and Department of HAS organized a faculty development program on Teaching Skills Enhancement sponsored by ISTE from 6th Jan – 10th Jan 2014. This program was oriented towards building continuous professional development of faculty of engineering education. It is primarily designed to shift the paradigm from teaching to learning and transform the learning cultures in the engineering Universities. It was conducted in collaboration with Wipro(Mission 10X). Mission10X is not for profit initiative created by Wipro to enhance employability skills of engineering graduates. Eminent speakers from different colleges including IIT Delhi, DTU Delhi, BSA Faridabad, JIIT Noida etc shared their experiences. As many as 29 participants from various colleges attended the FDP. This FDP was an initiative is to develop academic leaders who envision the future of students. The event was organized by Shruti mittal(CE) and Dr. Sonia

Student Driven Faculty Feedback Software

Training program on Testing Tools

Students are the key stakeholders of the University. In

Department of Computer Engineering organized a training program


on software testing tools by Borland from 13th Jan – 17th Jan






approach and incorporating scope of continuous

2014.From Department 13 participant attended this program.

improvement, the University intends to induce a well conceived methodology to get students' feedback on the performance of the faculty.

To meet this, the

Department of Computer Engineering is developing a Student Driven Faculty Feedback System through

Robotics Lab A Robotics Lab has been set up in YMCA University, it is the most advanced robotics lab in Haryana.

which the students will be able to give their feedbacks about the faculty. It comprises of a series of questions impact of delivery of the lecture, coverage of the syllabus,






exercise will be conducted once per semester. The Software implementation is done by Ms Shruti mittal and Dr. Payal Gulati and documentation is done by Mr Harish Kumar and Ms. Rashmi Popli.



Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, worthy registrar and Dr. Sandeep Grover with the rank holders.

YMCAUST BULLETIN All the Faculty members, cultural and technical club organizations and students are requested to submit their key achievements and news so as they may get published in the subsequent editions of the newsletter.

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