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Summer 2008

The 360-Degree Experience: 25 GREAT USES OF VIDEO IN REAL ESTATE

#1 Do-It-Yourself Videos

Low cost, many options Almost as easy as uploading your family photo album

#2 Mobile Videos

Mobile phones enable viral, on-the-fly video distribution

#3 Two-Way Video Calls

iPhone opens the door to the portable video conferencing

#4 Video Yellow Page Ads

Information search is going video!

#5 Video Business Cards Take a step beyond the headshot‌

Bring your personality and market expertise to life online!

#6 Video Blogs

Compliment your real estate blog with video, e.g., City Blogs

#7 How-To Videos Presale: Attract customers with tips on home sale preparation, house hunting & home inspection

Postsale: Keep customers by providing helpful home maintenance tips, recipes, and more More Resources for How To Video ideas:

#8 Video Listings Presentations

Create a convincing, visual presentation of your services for the out-of-town home buyer

#9 Vendor Video Profiles

Have your mortgage, staging & title vendors create video profiles to include in listings presentations

#10 Customer Testimonials on Video

Make your customer testimonials more real to home buyers & sellers

#11 Staging Visualizations on Video

Visualize presale staging suggestions for sellers to close the deal - faster, at a better price


#12 Video Flyers of Your Listings

Produce your own video flyers for listings at any price range – not just the high end

#13 Videos of Your Rental Properties

Capture on film the unique aspects of your rental property for easy leasing

#14 Neighborhood Video Profiles Show the neighbors…

Show the history…

Show the lifestyle!

#15 Condo / Apt Video Snapshots Capture the unique personality of a building

#16 Vacation Home Tours on Video Help vacation home buyers make informed decisions with video tour of opportunities

#17 Video Walk-Thrus of Homes Present video summaries of new properties on the market for buyers

Broadcast home videos on video-sharing sites for sellers

#18 Open House Video Recap

When your client can’t attend an open house, videotape it for them

#19 Home Inspection Video

Videotape home inspections for the record or to highlight suggested improvements

#20 Home Decoration Video

Provide decoration tips by video to help your buyers visualize a listing as their new home

#21 Training Videos

Incorporate demonstrative videos into agent & new employee training

#22 Video Features on Local TV

Get involved in local video with national reach


RE-Branded Video Channel

Create you own branded channel where 210M consumers per month are watching video!

#24 Video Distribution – Everywhere! Participate in video where consumers are interacting: -

Office lobbies Local restaurants Cars and cabs Gyms Dance clubs Highway billboards Coffee shops Doctors’ offices Airports Grocery stores

#25 Video Distribution – Everywhere!

…and yes, the bathroom, too!

For more information:

25 Uses of Video  

25 uses of video in real estate

25 Uses of Video  

25 uses of video in real estate