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INSPIRATION TO GREATNESS My beloved student, This book is for you. Read, study and digest. You will never be unhappy. It answers to all your problems. It does not belong to one particular religion; it is for entire mankind. To Mahatma Gandhi, Gita was mother. To his problems he sought answer in Gita. You too may follow his example and learn to live a happy, peaceful, contented life. My good friend, understand, that you are not the body. You are the soul (Atman). Your difficulties and problems are related only to body. As your mind gets focused on atman, they melt away. Go ahead, acquire all that you want, riches fame, name and greatness ‌‌.. Some day in distant future you will have learnt to relinquish all. Never think that you are alone, or you are not loved! There are good people who want you to be peaceful and happy. This book is one such expression. You will soon learn to love those around you. Let your day begin with reading of one passage from this, instead of news on murders, molestation, mayhem which gives you a feeling of sadness, hopelessness of the situation around us. Let inspiration and hope be food for your mind. May you be free of all tension; May you live Healthy and a full hundred years. May you make this world a better place. May your children and parents be proud of your greatness. May they love to follow you as an extraordinary example. Param Pujya Shri Shantaram Bhandarkar Maharaj



Param Pujya Shri Shantaram Bhandarkar Maharaj


my Noble Gurus

Parama Pujya Shri Ammembal Madhav Pai Maharaj

His Noble Guru Parama Pujya Shri Raghavendra Shanubhag Maharaj

To Noble Human beings of all Religions

Published by Jivanmuktas Foundation ‘HARE KRSNA’ V.P. Nagar, 2nd Main, 1st cross road Udupi, Karnataka – 576102

© Jivanmuktas Foundation All Rights Reserved

31st Anniversary Limited Edition 2011 : 1,000 copies 2nd Edition 2013 : 10,000 copies


Translated into Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam


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FOREWORD TO FIRST EDITION Mahatmas Salutations This is our first step This is how we started walking Started reading our alphabets We wrote and memorized As ignorant kids we did a lot of foolish things And now too, continue to do. Here is one more, which may look so Great Jnandev says Eagle and Garuda fly in the sky A butterfly too can, for sky is large, can it not? When Giant elephants drink water from the river, An ant too can For the river is large, can it not? Hundreds wrote Gita, translated in their language Why one more? May be each generation needs to learn Same fruits, yet different each year


Our own child, but how different it is from us


May all Mahatmas, Saints, Rishi Munis, Sadhus, Followers and Gurus of all Panthas Satjanaas, Satsanghis, Authors on Gita We bow in supplication, for their guidance. We wash your feet by our thoughts Which were till now reserved for God May all forgive this audacity After all God is everywhere, yet In a small corner of our room we worship HIM Hope we do not disturb anyone mighty and great When you dine in palace, Hope you will permit us to have our food On a leaf in some corner of our hut. Nature's ways are always same. The young needs to get married The pregnant needs to deliver The child has to cry, crawl, sit, walk The wise need to talk, pass it on.



ॐ पार्ााय प्रतिबोधििाां भगविा नारायणेन स्वयां व्यासेन ग्रधर्िाां पुराणमुतनना मध्येमहाभारिम ्। अद्वैिामि ृ वर्षाण ां भगवि मष्टादशाध्यातयन मम्ब त्वामनुसांदिामम भगवदग िे भवद्वेर्षण म ्।। The most important word in the above verse is enough for our dhyan. “Anusandhan”. With that anusandhan or meditation on the Gita you achieve everything. One attains to Knowledge and eventually to HIM.


..Â:im:»g:v:·it:a .. .. ! Â:i p:rm:atm:n:ð n:m:H .. .. AT: Â:im:»g:v:dÏg:it:a ..

AT: )T:m::ð|Dy:ay:H .




THE DESPONDENCY OF ARJUNA D:àt:ra\XÕ uv:ac: . D:m:üx:ð*:ð kÙ,x:ð*:ð s:m:v:ðt:a y:Øy:Øts:v:H . m:am:kaH p:aNRv:aÁ:òv: ekm:kÙv:üt: s:Wj:y: .. 1-1.. s:Wj:y: uv:ac: . dáÄÏv:a t:Ø p:aNRv:an:ikö vy:ÜZö dÙy::ðüD:n:st:da . A:c:ay:üm:Øp:s:ög:my: raj:a v:c:n:m:b:Òv:it:Î .. 1-2.. p:Sy:òt:aö p:aNRÙp:Ø*:aN:am:ac:ay:ü m:ht:iö c:m:Üm:Î . vy:ÜZaö dÓÚp:dp:Ø*:ðN: t:v: eS:\y:ðN: D:im:t:a .. 1-3.. A*: S:Üra m:hð\v:as:a B:im:aj:Øün:s:m:a y:ØeD: . y:Øy:ØD:an::ð ev:raXÁ: dÓÚp:dÁ: m:harT:H .. 1-4.. D:àÄkñt:ØÁ:ðekt:an:H kaeS:raj:Á: v:iy:üv:an:Î . p:Ø,ej:tkÙent:B::ðj:Á: S:òby:Á: n:rp:Øög:v:H .. 1-5.. 5

y:ØD:am:ny:ØÁ: ev:#ant: u¶:m::òj:aÁ: v:iy:üv:an:Î . s::òB:dÓ:ð dÓ:òp:dðy:aÁ: s:v:ü Ov: m:harT:aH .. 1-6.. Asm:akö t:Ø ev:eS:Äa y:ð t:aeÀb::ðD: e¾j::ð¶:m: . n:ay:ka m:m: s:òny:sy: s:öwaT:üö t:anb:Òv:iem: t:ð .. 1-7.. B:v:anB:i\m:Á: kN:üÁ: káp:Á: s:em:et:Wj:y:H . AÃ:tT:am:a ev:kN:üÁ: s::òm:de¶:st:T:òv: c: .. 1-8.. Any:ð c: b:hv:H S:Üra m:dT:ðü ty:Vt:j:iev:t:aH . n:an:aS:s*:)hrN:aH s:v:ðü y:عev:S:ardaH .. 1-9.. Ap:y:aüpt:ö t:dsm:akö b:l:ö B:i\m:aeB:rex:t:m:Î . p:y:aüpt:ö etv:dm:ðt:ð\:aö b:l:ö B:im:aeB:rex:t:m:Î .. 1-10.. Ay:n:ð\:Ø c: s:v:ðü\:Ø y:T:aB:ag:m:v:esT:t:aH . B:i\m:m:ðv:aeB:rx:nt:Ø B:v:nt:H s:v:ü Ov: eh .. 1-11.. 1.1 - 11 Description of warriors PURPORT Saints and scholars have given various explanations, interpretations to these and other seemingly descriptive shlokas. From the layman's point of view at this stage, all that we can focus on is the take home point we have here.


1. The war could have been stopped at this stage. Almost all would have agreed except Duryodhana, Draupadi and Krishna himself. 2. Almost all the Maharathis(great warriors) knew that they had just about 50% chance of surviving 3. this war. For the rest of the huge army, outcome was their certain death. Yet all were enthusiastic for the battle.

t:sy: s:Wj:n:y:nh\:üö kÙ,v:à¹H ep:t:am:hH . es:öhn:adö ev:n:½:ðcc:òH S:£ö dDm::ò )t:ap:v:an:Î .. 1-12.. t:t:H S:£aÁ: B:ðy:üÁ: p:N:v:an:kg::ðm:ØK:aH . s:hs:òv:aBy:hny:nt: s: S:bdst:Øm:Øl::ð|B:v:t:Î .. 1-13.. t:t:H Ã:ðt:òhüy:òy:ØüVt:ð m:het: sy:ndn:ð esT:t::ò . m:aD:v:H p:aNRv:Á:òv: edvy::ò S:£:ò )dDm:t:ØH .. 1-14.. p:aWc:j:ny:ö Æ\:ikñS::ð dðv:d¶:ö D:n:Wj:y:H . p::òNRÕö dDm::ò m:haS:£ö B:im:km:aü v:àk:ðdrH .. 1-15.. An:nt:ev:j:y:ö raj:a kÙnt:ip:Ø*::ð y:ØeD:eÅrH . n:kÙl:H s:hdðv:Á: s:ØG::ð\:m:eN:p:Ø\p:k:ò .. 1-16.. kaSy:Á: p:rm:ð\v:as:H eS:K:NRi c: m:harT:H . 7

D:àĽØmn::ð ev:raXÁ: s:aty:ekÁ:ap:raej:t:H .. 1-17.. dÓÚp:d:ð dÓ:òp:dðy:aÁ: s:v:üS:H p:àeT:v:ip:t:ð . s::òB:dÓÁ: m:hab:ahÚH S:£andDm:ØH p:àT:Vp:àT:kÏ .. 1-18.. s: G::ð\::ð D:at:üra\XÕaN:aö Ædy:aen: vy:dary:t:Î . n:B:Á: p:àeT:v:iö c:òv: t:Øm:Øl::ð vy:n:Øn:ady:n:Î .. 1-19.. 1.12 -19 Blowing of conches, also the names of the conches

AT: vy:v:esT:t:andáÄÏv:a D:at:üra\XÕan:Î kep:Dv:j:H . )v:à¶:ð S:s*:s:mp:at:ð D:n:Ø,½my: p:aNRv:H .. 1-20.. Æ\:ikñS:ö t:da v:aVy:em:dm:ah m:hip:t:ð . Aj:Øün: uv:ac: . s:ðn:y::ð,B:y::ðm:üDy:ð rT:ö sT:ap:y: m:ð|cy:Øt: .. 1-21.. y:av:dðt:aeÀrix:ð|hö y::ð¹Úkam:an:v:esT:t:an:Î . kóm:üy:a s:h y::ð¹vy:m:esm:n:Î rN:s:m:ؽm:ð .. 1-22.. y::ðtsy:m:an:an:v:ðx:ð|hö y: Ot:ð|*: s:m:ag:t:aH . D:at:üra\XÕsy: dÙb:Øü¹ðy:Øü¹ð e)y:ec:ki\:üv:H .. 1-23.. s:Wj:y: uv:ac: . 8

Ov:m:ØVt::ð Æ\:ikñS::ð g:ØRakñS:ðn: B:art: . s:ðn:y::ð,B:y::ðm:üDy:ð sT:ap:ey:tv:a rT::ð¶:m:m:Î .. 1-24.. B:i\m:dÓ:ðN:)m:ØK:t:H s:v:ðü\:aö c: m:hiex:t:am:Î . uv:ac: p:aT:ü p:Sy:òt:ans:m:v:ðt:ankÙ-en:et: .. 1-25.. t:*:ap:Sy:etsT:t:anp:aT:üH ep:t:än:T: ep:t:am:han:Î . A:c:ay:aünm:at:Øl:anB:Òat:änp:Ø*:anp::ò*:ans:K:iöst:T:a .. 1-26.. Ã:S:Ørans:ØÆdÁ:òv: s:ðn:y::ð,B:y::ðrep: . t:ans:m:ixy: s: k:ònt:ðy:H s:v:aünb:nD:Ün:v:esT:t:an:Î .. 1-27.. 1.20- 27 Arjuna full of confidence inspects the warriors ready for battle. Purport Arjuna saw in both armies, fathers, grandfather, gurus, uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, all ready to fight in war. He was overwhelmed with pity. Arjuna instead of seeing enemies in battlefield sees his relatives. He does not also realize, those enemyrelatives are not having any sympathy or attachment for him and are all eager to fight and kill him..

káp:y:a p:ry:aev:Ä:ð ev:\:ideÀdm:b:Òv:it:Î . Aj:Øün: uv:ac: . dáÄÏv:ðm:ö sv:j:n:ö ká\N: y:Øy:Øts:Øö s:m:Øp:esT:t:m:Î .. 1-28.. 9

s:ident: m:m: g:a*:aeN: m:ØK:ö c: p:erS:Ø\y:et: . v:ðp:T:ØÁ: S:rirð m:ð r:ðm:h\:üÁ: j:ay:t:ð .. 1-29.. g:aNRiv:ö +ös:t:ð hst:a¶v:Vc:òv: p:erdÊt:ð . n: c: S:Vn::ðmy:v:sT:at:Øö B:Òm:t:iv: c: m:ð m:n:H .. 1-30.. 1.28-30 Arjuna overpowered by attachment to his relatives, sweats, with parched mouth. With his limbs giving away, horripilations on body, and his bow slipping, becomes nervous. 1.31-47 Arjuna's reasons for refusing to fight. Arjuna now comes up with seemingly good reasons for refusing to fight. He forgets that he has a duty as a soldier, and as protector of his land. He prefers to be either a mendicant or even a beggar.

en:em:¶:aen: c: p:Sy:aem: ev:p:rit:aen: kñS:v: . n: c: Â:ðy::ð|n:Øp:Sy:aem: htv:a sv:j:n:m:ahv:ð .. 1-31.. 1.31 ‘No good will come by killing one’s kinsmen in the battle’ PURPORT 1.

The above is generally true; but if after all deliberations, war has been considered and one is in the battle field, that is no time or place to run away.


Can we avoid wars? Can we avoid Jails? Can we avoid traffic cops? Can we have a society or


country with zero crime? (Some egoistic pseudo intellectuals think it is possible.) 3.

Has it ever been there? Why it cannot be? Because all wickedness and crime springs from mind.


Mind has enemies called greed, anger, pride (haughtiness), jealousy, hypocrisy, delusion. These are there in every human being including all those who profess love of God and even the psuedo intellectuals too.


Wow! What they do not realize is, these crimes are there in our own house - between man and wife, brother, father, all close relatives.


Once these enemies inside are conquered, no outside enemies remain.


Arjuna’s unwillingness is like the professional course student saying this course is too tough to appear for exam. Lakhs of sudents appear, have appeared in the past and will appear in future too.

n: ka{Ïx:ð ev:j:y:ö ká\N: n: c: rajy:ö s:ØK:aen: c: . ekö n::ð rajy:ðn: g::ðev:nd ekö B::ðg:òj:iüev:t:ðn: v:a .. 1-32.. 1.32 ‘I do not want victory, kingdom, or enjoyments. Of what use even life?’

PURPORT: As a child you never said such words when you started learning to walk, eat, drink, wear


dress, and learn alphabets. Each took 5000-1Mn attempts to learn.

y:ð\:am:T:ðü kae{Ïx:t:ö n::ð rajy:ö B::ðg:aH s:ØK:aen: c: . t: Em:ð|v:esT:t:a y:عð )aN:aösty:Vtv:a D:n:aen: c: .. 1-33.. A:c:ay:aüH ep:t:rH p:Ø*:ast:T:òv: c: ep:t:am:haH . m:at:Øl:aH Ã:S:ØraH p::ò*:aH Sy:al:aH s:mb:enD:n:st:T:a .. 1-34.. 1.33-34 ‘For whose sake we desire kingdom, they are all here ready to give up their life’ PURPORT: A soldier has to sacrifice his life when called for. That is his profession and duty. In times of peace you enjoyed comforts and when war comes, you suddenly become peace lover?”

Ot:aÀ hnt:Øem:cCaem: Gn:t::ð|ep: m:D:Øs:Üdn: . Aep: *:òl::ðVy:rajy:sy: hðt::ðH ekö n:Ø m:hikát:ð .. 1-35.. 1.35 ‘Even for rulership of heavens, I do not want to kill them, much less for earthly kingdom’ PURPORT: Forget heavens, think of earth. Why are you running away. You even came in battle dress...

en:hty: D:at:üra\XÕaÀH ka )iet:H sy:ajj:n:adün: . p:ap:m:ðv:aÂ:y:ðdsm:anhtv:òt:an:at:t:aey:n:H .. 1-36.. 1.36 ’Though Dritharashtra’s sons are murderous villains, only sin will accrue to us by killing them’. PURPORT: What logic is this? Does that mean rulers, judges, executioners, police, soldiers, who are doing


their duty must be sinning? No. It is their duty. If an attacker kills people recklessly, is it a sin to kill him? No, it is ruler’s duty to do that to protect citizens.

t:sm:aÀahaü v:y:ö hnt:Øö D:at:üra\XÕansv:b:anD:v:an:Î . sv:j:n:ö eh kT:ö htv:a s:ØeK:n:H sy:am: m:aD:v: .. 1-37.. 1.37 ‘It is not befitting that we kill our relations. How could anyone be happy by the slaughter of one’s own kinsmen?’

y:½py:ðt:ð n: p:Sy:ent: l::ðB::ðp:ht:c:ðt:s:H . kÙl:x:y:kát:ö d:ð\:ö em:*:dÓ:ðhð c: p:at:km:Î .. 1-38.. kT:ö n: wðy:m:sm:aeB:H p:ap:adsm:aeÀv:et:üt:Øm:Î . kÙl:x:y:kát:ö d:ð\:ö )p:Sy:e»j:ün:adün: .. 1-39.. 1.38-39 ‘Even if these people with greed cannot see any sin in killing friends, we who know the evil of decay of families, should learn to desist from such sin. PURPORT: 1. When two opposing parties are playing a game, or sports, or love or war, the rules are always same for both sides and are equally applicable. 2. One takes an AK 47 weapon and another wooden stick? . 3. Those who are using unfair means need to be punished.


4. We can’t talk of peace, tolerance and forgiveness at that time. We need to talk all this before we begin the battle . 5. Peace can be dictated only by strong, not by weak. 6. So having superior weapon power is a must when you are surrounded by enemies who wish you ill.

kÙl:x:y:ð )N:Sy:ent: kÙl:D:m:aüH s:n:at:n:aH . D:m:ðü n:Äð kÙl:ö kátsn:m:D:m::ðü|eB:B:v:ty:Øt: .. 1-40.. 1.40 ‘When a clan becomes decadent, its ancient traditions perish. Then the entire clan becomes lawless.’

AD:m:aüeB:B:v:atká\N: )dÙ\y:ent: kÙl:es*:y:H . s*:i\:Ø dÙÄas:Ø v:a\N:ðüy: j:ay:t:ð v:N:üs:¢rH .. 1-41.. 1.41 ‘When lawlessness prevails, women become corrupt, resulting in mixure of classes’. PURPORT:. 1. May be… 2. However, it is also true, from chaos comes order, from poverty comes wealth, from dirt rises beautiful clean lotus. 3. Dale Carnegie writes in ‘Lincoln the Unknown’ that Lincoln was illegitimate son of his parents who were also illegitimate children themselves. Yet Lincoln passed the law of equal rights to all


citizens and became one of the greatest president of United States. 4. Our Vyasa was himself an illegitimate son and so also Vidhura as well as Pandu, the father of Pandavas.

s:¢r:ð n:rkay:òv: kÙl:Gn:an:aö kÙl:sy: c: . p:t:ent: ep:t:r:ð Êð\:aö l:Øpt:ep:NR:ðdke#y:aH .. 1-42.. 1.42 ‘Immorality takes them to hell, and the spirit of the ancestors falls down from heavens deprived of offerings by their children.’ PURPORT: 1. Lord says in ch 6.5-6 For Realization you yourself is responsible and no one else. 2. Just like before taking sanyas, one perform’s one’s after-death rituals

d:ð\:òrðt:òH kÙl:Gn:an:aö v:N:üs:¢rkarkóH . uts:a½nt:ð j:aet:D:m:aüH kÙl:D:m:aüÁ: S:aÃ:t:aH .. 1-43.. 1.43 ‘Thus the traditons of communities and clans get uprooted.’ PURPORT: 1. This happens all the time in the universe. 2. When Dwaraka went into the ocean it happened to yadava ladies. 3. With the death of great empires or when marauders attack communities get destroyed.


uts:ÀkÙl:D:m:aüN:aö m:n:Ø\y:aN:aö j:n:adün: . n:rkñ en:y:t:ö v:as::ð B:v:t:ity:n:ØS:ØÂ:Øm: .. 1-44.. 1.44 ‘ Hell awaits for such people’

Ah:ð b:t: m:htp:ap:ö kt:Øüö vy:v:es:t:a v:y:m:Î . y:dÓajy:s:ØK:l::ðB:ðn: hnt:Øö sv:j:n:m:ؽt:aH .. 1-45.. 1.45 ‘What great sin we have resolved to commit when we prepare ourselves to destroy, our kinsmen out of greed, for pleasures of kingdom. PURPORT: 1. Arjuna forgets here that greed and sin was from Kaurava side 2. His own side was fighting for justice. 3. Pleasures of the Kingdom were not the issue, they were incidental gains.

y:ed m:am:)t:ikarm:S:s*:ö S:s*:p:aN:y:H . D:at:üra\XÕa rN:ð hny:Øst:nm:ð x:ðm:t:rö B:v:ðt:Î .. 1-46.. 1.46 ‘For better it would be if sons of Dhritharashtra, kill me in battle with their weapons, when I am unarmed and unresisting’. PURPORT: When we become desperate, and lose reasoning power we do not know what we say.

s:Wj:y: uv:ac: . 16

Ov:m:ØVtv:aj:Øün:H s:£Ñy:ð rT::ðp:sT: up:aev:S:t:Î . ev:s:àjy: s:S:rö c:ap:ö S::ðks:öev:gn:m:an:s:H .. 1-47.. 1.47 So saying, Arjuna, his mind overwhelmed with sorrow, abandoned his bow and arrow, and sat down on the chariot seat. PURPORT: 1. Like a student saying ‘I don’t want to appear for exam’, Or a girl saying to her mother ‘I dont want to get married and leave you’, Or the person who got the job abroad, does not want to leave his family and go! 2. Too much attachment weakens the mind, and takes away the reason. 3. MOHA (DELUSION) shows the attachment to people, things, to world in general MORAL: ATTACHMENT WRECKS DUTY





1. Surgeon who cannot operate on his little child. 2. Police IG avoids bringing rape case against his son 3. Teacher gives good grades to her daughter who has not done well. 4. School Governor tries to get a good role for his son in a drama


5. Mother, the fond one, fails to discipline her little daughter when she misbehaves. 6. Father gives car keys to his 5yr old son to open the car door (soon the good son at 10 yrs will start driving). 7. Giving latest car to 20yr old and he drinks and drives killing people 8. Making minor children aware that you have kept funds for their future 9. Executive who refuses to sack his friend who proves a liability. 10. Nepotism galore among influential people in grooming their undeserving children to take over leadership positions 11. As guests, when we allow or forgive our children messing with others’ furniture, books, properties infinitum In short whenever there is attachment, there is a failure of duty. This failure is not recognized by the performer of duty. If recognized, it is brushed aside saying 'I need to do at least this much as a help to my son'.

NOTES ON TYPES OF GITA VERSES 1. Shlokas categorised into statements: eg Dritharashtra's question to Sanjaya in need to spend time on these...


2. Narratives: e.g. narrating the war scene, blowing of the different conches and their names. Take them as they are. No need to research. 3. Shlokas that have relevance for day to Ch2.47 karmanye ..need to get deeper and deeper into these and try and understand....and apply the principles to day to day living. These are the verses which are the essence of Gita 4. Another category is interpreted in line with current times: eg. Ch4.7,8 yada yada hi, 10.41 Yad yad vibhuti.

! t:ts:edet: Â:im:»g:v:·it:as:Üp:en:\:ts:Ø b:ÒÉev:½ay:aö y::ðg:S:as*:ð Â:iká\N:aj:Øün:s:öv:adð Aj:Øün:ev:\:ady::ðg::ð n:am: )T:m::ð|Dy:ay:H .. 1..


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