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Practice to avoid workplace hazards • When considering the workplace accidents most

of the accidents are associated with high-risk industries such as chemical industry, construction and manufacturing industry. • It is necessary for the organization to provide the safe working environment. • The best way to prevent accidents is to be proactive with prevention. •

Practice to avoid workplace hazards • From

the record of National Council for Occupational safety and health, there are more than 4,000 people get injuries due to an accident in the workplace.

Shortcuts • Normally people think to complete the task within

a deadline. • So it is common that the workers in the industry have the habit of complete the work early. • The workers use shortcut methods to complete the work before the time. • It is recommended for the workers to don’t use shortcuts to complete the work.

Wear required safety equipment • Personal protection equipment is important to

save the people in case of accidents. • The organization need to provide the safety equipment like gloves, fire extinguisher and other garments to the worker. • NEBOSH course in Chennai gives the awareness to the students who want to work in a health and safety departments.

Proper signage in Workplace • The industry needs to fix proper signage in the

workplace. • If you working without fixing the signboard then people may think that there is no problem when they met with accidents. • Fixing the correct signage gives the awareness to the people who newly visited the industry.

Having enough staffs • Some of the industry have inadequate workers

and rush them to complete the task quickly. It is good practice to have enough workers to do the task. • The workers are expected to provide with the break. So they feel refreshed and fully concentrated on their works. • Without break, the workers feel tired which leads to making mistakes in their works.

Monitoring safety • There is a number of audits available for the

organization to measure the standard and the safety of the industry such as Electrical safety audit, general audit and so on. • The audit helps the organization to know the safety standards and the steps need to improve the safety of the organization.

Providing training • The organization may provide enough training for

the employee who works in the organization. • With the proper training given by the safety institute Chennai, the worker can avoid the careless mistakes and know how to manage the equipment. • The industry may conduct a training program for the employees.

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Best practices to avoid workplace hazards  
Best practices to avoid workplace hazards  

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