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Environment Environment includes our surroundings, from our family and friends to our house and our city, to air, water, and nature. All our acts have an influence on our environment – the studies of the interaction between a living organism and the environment are called ecology. The unity of living organisms and the nonliving ones with which they interact is called an ecosystem. Media love strong headlines, and using eye-catching words like „crisis“. Currently two crises (caused by humans) are the favourite of media: the financial crisis – and the crisis of the environment. It‘s a capitalistic trend that people purchase goods in higher amounts than needed – because, after all, you can „just“ throw it away, if you don‘t need it. After you throw it away, you don‘t have to care anymore. Landfills are growing and we don‘t know where to put all our trash. Hazardous waste is waste that is a potential threat to health and the environment (for example motor oil, herbicides, computers, radioactive waste). Man is the most responsible for the destruction of the Earth – although, from time to time, Nature is also the cause of disasters: avalanches, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes and wildfires. What are the changes we need to make? The future of our energy supply is one of the biggest questions. The most effective and the cheapest way to produce energy we know is nuclear energy – but not the safest one. We don‘t know which are the long-term consequences of nuclear trash yet, we even don‘t know how to categorise it. The alternative solution is to invest in non-polluting, renewable energy sources whose efficiency also still needs to be improved. We may try to restrict the population growth as well. And last but not least, change the way we live, which leads us to the last point. Sustainable living or green living is a term which describes the lifestyle of people who are aware of the current environmental issues. They try to reduce their use of natural resources. The aim of this lifestyle is to reduce their own carbon footprint – by using public transportation, purchasing fewer goods, changing dietary habits and using less energy. This is the lifestyle that all of us should aim for. TessyTroes

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