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Poverty Identifying the problem is only half of the success. It does not change the situation. What should the world do to reduce poverty? The first thing that comes to your mind is that we can donate. But we need to be aware that you can also help without giving money. The real change is made by individuals by raising awareness and being aware of the problem. Knowledge and broad thinking are the first steps towards change. Education for the poor,but for the rich as well.At the end of the last century there was this great trend of sending food to the poorest regions in Africa and Asia. The deliveries took a long time, transportation costs were high, some of the food became expired, some didn’t reach the places where help was most needed. Nowadays humanitarian aid organisations learn from these mistakes and try to buy supplies from the local markets and teach sustainable farming and development. In addition to the direct help through humanitarian organizations, we can also educate western societies how every individual can influence the global situation. First of all we need to see what this problem looks like. When I asked my Polish friends: in which position are we on the welfare level list of 192 countries? Most of them said: 90100. We are in the 41st position. There are many more that do not do well.

We might think that there is no better solution to poverty than donation. This is not true. You can give away the items that you are no longer using - clothes, books, furniture, toys, equipment. You can share your skills and knowledge. Here are just a few examples how well it can work: Doctors Without Borders, Refugees International, Amnesty International and other organisations that deal with non-material help. The world is around you. If you cannot support the poorest living in the other half of the globe don’t worry. There are people in need around you. Find an orphanage, a hospital, a retirement center, a women’s shelter, a kids’ center in a poor district and offer your help. There is a saying: “Poorest are those who do not have enough time”. Our support for the others is not just about giving money. It is about our attention and our awareness of the issues. There is always room for improvement, and it’s good to start from ourselves. Magda Wyszynska