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Explore the Spectacular Culture and Lifestyle of Rajasthan Rajasthan is a golden land of Sand dunes with a bigger share in Indian history, hiding numerous secrets behind. The place had been invaded by many rulers, merchants and dynasties and had witnessed a lot of bloodsheds in the war fields. Famous for abundant forts, monuments and palaces, it has created its own identity in the pages of history. Among the copious marvelous destinations of Rajasthan, the place also provides magnificent culture, tradition and art which are very much indulging for the tourists. The place is well known for its creative tradition and culture, showcasing India’s primitive lifestyle and signifying the diverse folk cultures and richness derived from villages. Dance and Music Classical dance and music has a vital role in the tradition of Rajasthan which is performed in its unique style. The music used for the dance is very simple representing the daily tasks and relationships especially carrying water from wells and ponds. Some of the dances like Ghoomar of Udaipur and Kalbeliya from Jaisalmer are internationally well known. Being the crucial part of Rajasthan’s culture, the music of the place also contains various types of dances like Bhopa, Kathputli, Teratali, Parth, Tejaji, Chang, Kachchhighori and Ghindar among others. The folk music basically includes ballads related to heroism and romance. Religious music consists of banis, Bhajans which are sung with Sarangi, Dholak or Sitar like instruments. Art Culture The royal Rajasthan is well known for its colorful art, textiles, traditional handicrafts and precious stones. It presents beautifully sculpted furniture with complex designs and vibrant colors. Some of the exported arts of Rajasthan embrace the Zari embroidery, block prints, Sanganer engravings, tie and dye imprints and Bagaru designs along with the blue pottery of Jaipur. Apparel The costumes of Rajasthan are renowned for having a plenty of embroidery and mirror work. A typical Rajasthani dress of a female consist of a short top along with a knee length skirt which is also called Chaniya Choli or Lehenga with a bit of cloth for covering the head maintaining the humbleness and protection from heat. These basically have vibrant colors like orange, yellow and blue whereas the dresses of a male consist of Dhoti, Kurta and turban.

Architecture Rajasthan is popular for its grandiose forts, sophisticated temples and gigantic havelis built by ancient kings. Some of the well known forts of Rajasthan consist of Jaisalmer Havelis, Jantar Mantar, City Palaces, Dilwara Temples, Lake Palace Hotel and Chittorgarh Fort. In addition, the royal place also offers Pink city dipped in the crimson colore beauty in Jaipur, Bara-Deri situated on Anasagar Lake in Ajmer.

Explore the fabulous art, culture and tradition of land of sand dunes with to enjoy the folk Rajasthan tours dance and music and being a part of it taking back a heap of memories along with you.

Explore the spectacular culture and lifestyle of rajasthan  
Explore the spectacular culture and lifestyle of rajasthan  

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