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Rajasthan tour with special interest tour Formerly known as rajputana , Rajasthan inherits the culture and heritage from the erstwhile Rajput rulers. Unlike any other state, Rajasthan holds the royal ambiance in every bit of it. Whether it’s the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur which was built for the ladies of royal family or the Mehrangarh Fort, which has been described as a palace made by titans and colored by morning sun by Rudyard Kipling, whether it’s the Junagarh Fort of Bikaner, the fort which remains unconquered over time despite of repeated invasions or the Jaisalmer fort which houses one fourth of the population unlike any other fort of Rajasthan and shows a subtle fusion of Islamic and Rajputana architectural styles. Apart from being the abode of the delights of art lovers and history buffs, Rajasthan offers something or other that will serve your special interest. Here is the list of the some of the special interest tours you can avail with Rajasthan tour packages to add a special twist to your Rajasthan tour.

Safaris tour Camel being called as the ship of the desert is not only used as a mode of transport in remote areas but for Camel safari too on the golden sands of Thar Desert. Camel Safaris are quite popular in Rajasthan and can be best experienced while Jaisalmer tour in Sam Sand dunes. A camel safari tour in Rajasthan on the sandy tracks is totally irresistible. While enjoying the camel Safari, tented accommodations add extra delight to safari tours. Along with the Camel Safari which is the best way to explore the remote areas and interact with the villagers the Rajasthani cusines, open sky, stars gazing towards you and the folk dance and music performance by the local artist is a life long memorable experience during the tour. The land of desert was also the land of kings and like the former rulers enjoys riding a horse. Horse Safari is quite an experience which should not be missed. Amber fort of Jaipur is famed for its best elephant Safari in Rajasthan. Horse Riding and Elephant safari were the means of transportation during the times of royal era.

Photography tour Rajasthan photography tour in itself is a remarkable thing. Witnessing the local lives and practiced that still holds the roots of rituals and traditions that are time-honored is an unparalleled experience which can be well captured via lenses. Often portrayed and illustrated in many art works, the land of Rajasthan is a perfect spot for Photography Tour. The desert state holds the beauty of oldest mountain Ranges, Aravali and the vast Thar Desert along with splendid edifices. The local life, the intricate carvings, the mirror work, the murals, the sculptures, the wall paintings, everything here is worth captured. Capture the spectacular views of the majestic Forts, mesmerizing sunset views on the sand dunes and the cultural heritage of

the “land of kings”. The exhibition in the tribal fairs, walls displaying the brilliant artistic skills of the bygone era are worth to be capture during the tour. Rajasthan Village tour Image source: India Untravelled A major population of Rajasthan houses in village areas. Carrying the essence of Rajasthan folk culture, various art forms are still practiced in these villages. Staying in Rajasthan villages away from the hustle bustle of metro life and urban cities is a perfect way to your senses as well as it serves as great leisure trip. The peaceful surroundings, the finely dressed women, the turban headed men adds a new charisma to your tour. India is notable for its hospitality and Rajasthan being the royal part is not far behind. Enjoying staying at mud houses which are both eco friendly and eye pleasing as they are decorated with beautiful facades and experiencing the hospitality of Natives while exploring the local lives and practices. The village tour gives a soothing experience to the visitors away from the hubbub of the city life. The peaceful environment, chirping of birds, hamlets, mountain range, sand dunes and the wildlife are the prime attraction of the village tour. Hot Air Ballooning The aero sport is the add on to Rajasthan tour packages and is a must to do activity. Imagine the vibrant and heavenly view of the mesmerizing edifices from the clear blue skies of Rajasthan. Enjoy being aloft in the air and enjoying the picturesque terrain. Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer organize the annual events for inhabitants and travelers.

Culinary tour What could be better than enjoying the exquisite cuisine of Rajasthan along with learning it from the experienced chef. Apart from the memories of the Rajasthan tour, age old recipes layered with the spice of modern cuisine can be learnt while Culinary Tour to Rajasthan. Along with mingling with experienced chefs and learning their special recipes, the culinary tour also adds a charm of bonding and learning off way style when accompanied with group tours. During the tour the cooking demonstration, restaurant visit, and other culinary experience will be given to the visitors throughout the tour.

Image Source: Scoop Whoop The land of Rajasthan has recreated the bygone era of vibrant and rich culture with its engaging activities. Indulge in Rajasthan tour with special interest tour and enjoy the unbeatable experience while in the “ Land Of Kings”.

Rajasthan vacation lets the visitors enjoy the real rustic beauty of India which lies in the desert and rural areas. The state is scattered with many alluring and fascinating cites like Jodhpur the Sun City or Blue city, Jaipur the Pink City, City of Lakes Udaipur, golden city Jaisalmer, Bikaner known for its Camel Safaris across the globe and many more cities. Holidays in Rajasthan will be the most memorable and cherish able where the visitors create so many memories that are lifelong remembered. The Rajasthan tour with special interest can be booked under the Best Rajasthan travel package and the best tour operators that leave no stone unturned to make the tour enjoyable. Rajasthan tour package 10 days of the special interest tour gives ample time to the visitors to explore the historical monuments, royal Palaces, grand Forts and temples. The tour soaks the visitors in the history, architecture of the ancient era and lets the visitors explore the forts, palaces, temples and more. Embark on the royal voyage of Rajasthan and enjoy the various experiences like shopping, culinary, and sightseeing during the tour.

Rajasthan tour with special interest tour  
Rajasthan tour with special interest tour