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Steps to Follow for Recycling of Copper Wire Copper wire is the most extensively used product in several industries in various forms. The best part about this valuable metal wire is that it is recyclable. Old copper wire products have either replaced or are resting on your garage shelf that can be sold off for recycling purpose. In this way, you will be able to help in saving your environment and earning a little extra money out of nowhere. However, before getting indulged in recycling process of copper wire, it is always good to know about few mandate steps to be followed in this particular type of task.

Following are the few steps to recycle copper that you have in your home:

 It is essential to evaluate the copper wire that you are looking forward to sell. Copper products such as Bunched Tinned Wire, Tinsel copper Wire, flat copper wire; Copper Flexible Connectors, etc. often have some inscription on plastic insulation. One should read the same and then segregate those wire products as per their types.

 Secondly, you can take out the attachments that may reduce the value of the metal. Usually, the attachments include the brass connectors or solder. For this, you need to use a screw driver carefully to remove attachments.

 Then, you can easily cut the wire into the 24 to 36-inch sections with a wire cutter. With this method, the wire will become manageable for transportation as per the requirements.

 You also need to strip plastic insulation for which, a basic hand-held wire stripper comes in handy. Though, there are some facilities that do not want the wire to be stripped at all. So, it is advisable to consult for local recycling or the metal salvage yard before you proceed with the process.

 You need to segregate each of the different types of copper wires. All you need to do is to load them in boxes for recycling the scrap metal.

Wide range of copper wire products including stranded copper wire, tinsel copper wire, copper flexible connectors, etc. are extensively used for several processes in various segments of industries. However, when it’s time for replacement of such products, copper metal just gets wasted by not exploring the option of recycling. Recycling is so very convenient option, eco-friendly and profit making process for everyone.

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Steps to Follow for Recycling of Copper Wire  

You can look forward to avail the best in class copper wire products with  Since its inception, it has served nothing...

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