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Manifesto I, V. Siva Chaitanya (110110057), if elected to the post of General Secretary, Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, promise to undertake the following: As a Students’ Representative to the authorities:   

Ensure effective representation of the student body at all meetings/events in the Department (DUGC) and inform the students about the important decisions made Create a department mailing list for sending out information regarding seminars and other academic activities in the department to all students Strive to address academic and non-academic issues through open house sessions

Key Initiatives and follow-up:      

Propose to purchase new books through feedback from students Make Materials Club more active with materials sciences oriented activities spread evenly throughout the year Will try to complete the redefining of council structure and drafting of a structured constitution Propose for a Department Honor Code to increase the faith of the students in the system and its working Propose to introduce ‘Research Person of the Year - UG’ to promote research in the department Ensure transparency in awarding the Departmental Awards

Academic Issues:     

Ensure that curriculum review is followed up for consideration in DUGC Will try to minimize slot clash issues in the Department Timetable and ensure it is prepared well before the start of the semester Will try to maximize the number of Department courses during summer semester Ensure at-least one work visit to provide industrial exposure to students Conduct General Awareness sessions on: o URA, Minor/Honor courses, electives etc. for freshmen o Semester exchange program and career opportunities for 2nd and 3rd year students in co-ordination with the GSAA o Apping and Placement fundae for senior students

D-AMP & Research:    

Initiate an effective channel for in-sem project allotment Help the D-AMP in centralizing the summer project allotment Support the D-AMP in setting up a course wiki to impart fundae about the course as well as to serve as a useful resource portal for courses in the department Will include the DAMP mentors list on the department website

Post Graduates:  

Provide full support to sports and cultural councils to conduct intra departmental activities Ensure smooth functioning of MR Symposium and TechConnect

Department Website:    

Ensure availability of e-forms required for various department procedures Ensure that the Department website is regularly updated Ensure that course description is put up on the website and is regularly updated Will try to maintain brief reports of completed projects undertaken in the department

PT/Placements:   

Compile App Database enlisting the selects, rejects, projects and internships of students with a provision for anonymity Organize information sessions on internships, applying abroad (apping) and placements Provide a common platform to UGs and PGs for placement preparation by organizing GD/PI sessions with the help of the DPC

Padarth:  

Would ensure smooth functioning of Padarth through-out the year Will propose to allocate a dedicated room for official activities

Dhatuki:   

Will ensure that Dhatuki is more continuous by prioritising the online blog Try to include articles by PGs about the topics related to their research areas Will push for at least one edition focusing on the research going on in the department

Metals and Materials Association:  

Ensure that activities such as Dept. Trip, informal days, Valedictory function are conducted timely and properly Will ensure a well-designed, good quality Department T-shirt

Infrastructure:   

Ensure proper maintenance of the Research Scholar room Ensure proper maintenance of water coolers and printing service Will keep a common trolley in the Department to transport cylinders; will dispose off expired ones to free up space

Credentials:  

Joint Secretary (UG), Metals and Materials Association (2012-13) Manager, Techfest (2013-14)

Siva m  
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