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I, Chirag Gandhi(130110003) , have nominated myself for the post of class representative for the academic year 2014-15. If elected, I undertake to do the following.  Communication:


My basic job as a class representative would be to be the linking bridge between students and professors/concerned authorities. For this I propose to make facebook and google groups including all the students so that I can have a group response to various issues and polling if found necessary.  Rapport-Building:

A strong rapport would be built and sustained by me with the tutorial assistants (TAs), Department Academic Mentors(DAMs) (that is if they are appointed) and the Metals and Materials Association (MMA) Council to have students' view on the trip destinations. Also repeated feedbacks would be taken from the students regarding the topics of academic doubts wherever found necessary.

 Study Material: Adequate reference material taken from seniors and professors would be shared on google drive for ease of access.  Attendance:

On issues of clashes in attendance I would ensure justice to the student and take steps to prevent the same.  Requests:

I would request professors for extended holidays and extra makeup quizzes after collecting the required data.  Miscellaneous:

I would carry out the polling for selection of department t-shirt. Crib issues on any quiz will be taken care of and done well in time.  Initiatives:

Awareness sessions on courses to be taken, summer projects, internship opportunities and resume-making will be conducted.

Chirag gandhi 2nd year  
Chirag gandhi 2nd year