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Parent’s Handbook Cheder Menachem - Elementary School Kingston, PA

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‫ב”ה‬ Summer 5777 Dear Parents, The staff at Cheder Menachem looks at each student as a special person with a unique blend of needs and strengths. Our goal is to provide each student with a meaningful educational experience, aimed at developing all aspects of the child; social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Achieving this goal means treating students as important and treasured members of the Cheder family. It also means engaging their parents as partners in this endeavor. Therefore, we ask you to turn to us with any concerns, questions, or comments. The appropriate administrator will be happy to assist you. We developed this handbook to facilitate communication and cooperation between parents, school staff members and students. Enclosed is important information for you to use as a reference throughout the school year. On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, we wish all of our students much success and personal growth through the upcoming year, and the ultimate blessing with the coming of Moshiach. Thank you for your cooperation and support, and welcome to Cheder Menachem Family!

Mrs Dini Aizenman Educational Director

Mrs Rachel Lea Perlman Learning Director


Attendance & Punctuality

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Parent & School Communication

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Cheder Standards

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The School Day

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Monday – Thursday 8:45 - 4:00

Friday 8:45 - 1:00

Good attendance is a key to successful learning. Reasons for absence should be limited to illness, simchas for close family members, and medical or dental appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours. Please keep the school calendar and use it to help plan vacations, so that your child’s learning is not disrupted. If you need to take your child out of school early, please send a note with your child. When picking up early, please proceed directly to the Cheder Office. Please make sure to fill out the “Early Pickup Sign Out” sheet in the Cheder Office. If bringing your child back to school, please escort your child to the office and sign him/her back in.


Please communicate in advance with each of your child’s teachers when you know your child will be absent, so that the teacher can provide you with the material that he will be missing. Students are expected to complete the assigned work.

Teachers are concerned when a child is absent unexplained. Please communicate when a child is absent for ANY REASON (e.g., illness, travel, family simcha, etc.).

Punctuality is of utmost importance. Classes will begin and end punctually. Students who arrive late disturb the routine of the class and are deprived of important morning rituals, including social interactions with classmates. A student who is late must bring a signed note from parents with the reason for lateness.


As soon as school begins, our teachers will give their undivided attention to the children. All conversations with teachers should be reserved for after-school hours, except in cases of emergency. Parents should not enter any of the classrooms at any time, unless they receive permission from the Cheder Office.

If there is unusually inclement weather necessitating the closing or delayed opening of Cheder an announcement will be sent out via WhatsApp and email by 7:00 am.

Snow Days

If there is a mid-day emergency that necessitates the early closing of school, parents will be contacted by the Cheder office. 5


1. We ask for the cooperation of all the parents. Please keep your child at home if he/she has any signs of illness. If your child becomes sick during school hours, we will notify a parent to take the child home from school. Once you receive a call from the office, we urge you to pick up your child immediately or make alternate arrangements. 2. A contagious diseases (i.e. chicken pox) should be reported to the school office as a courtesy to other parents of the school. A doctor’s note is required for re-admission to class. 3. A child with a fever, diarrhea or vomiting should be kept home. Children need to be symptoms free for 24 hours before they can return to school. 4. A child that is taking antibiotics can return to school after 24 hours on medication. 5. The office staff is not permitted to administer or dispense any medication without parental permission.


COMMUNICATION PARENT/SCHOOL The school administration and faculty share a common goal with the parents -- the desire to have the child succeed and excel to the best of his/her abilities. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to keep the lines of communication open between parents and faculty. To facilitate our common goal and to keep open communication clear -- the following procedures have been established: 1. Students from first grade and up will have planners; the teachers will use them to notify you about homework and more. Please make sure to check your child’s planner every day and to sign as needed. 2. A weekly class newsletter will be sent home with your child on Friday. It will include the material the class learned throughout the week, as well as other class news. 3. Student report cards will be sent to parents three times a year. They represent the teacher’s best efforts to evaluate a student’s progress based upon on-going assessments of the students’ work. 4. Updates on the progress in a particular subject 7

area will be issued between reports as necessary. 5. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled three times during the year. Please refer to the School Calendar for the dates and times. Parent-Teacher Conferences are recognized as the best method for advancing mutual understanding between school and home. 6. There is a parent orientation / back to school night at the beginning of the school year. It is imperative that all parents attend so that they are familiar with the classroom structure and they will know what is expected of the student and parent. This is not a time to discuss an individual child’s needs.


Keep in touch with your child’s teacher. Contact the teacher immediately when you see a problem developing. Discussing it with other parents will not improve the situation and is not encouraged.

Please do not use text as a means of communication with faculty members, other than setting a good time to talk.

Please call the office if you need to contact a teacher or director during school hours.

Monday – Thursday 8:15 - 4:00

Friday 8:15 - 1:00

Office Hours

During school hours, messages can be left for faculty and students via the office staff. Students are not permitted to use the office telephone without special permission granted by a teacher or office staff for a valid reason. If you ask your child to call you during the day, please send along a note.


Changes of address, telephone numbers, employment details, medical conditions, allergies or any other important information should be given to the school, as soon as possible. Parents going on vacation, moving to a new home, illness of a family member, birth of a sibling or any other changes in the household can impact your child’s behavior and ability to concentrate in class. Please inform the teacher or the office of any changes at home.

Vital Information

Teachers and the office should be notified if your child needs to take any form of medication on a constant basis, or if they have any allergies. The appropriate medication form needs to be filled out.

Medication Medical Forms



Shirts Light blue or light Grey polo shirt with Cheder’s logo. On Rosh Chodesh and Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, boys should wear white polo or button down shirts. Pants Blue or black slacks (no jeans.) Shoes Blue or black slacks (no jeans.) Sweaters Conservative colors and styles. & Jackets Starting from Hanachas Teffilin boys should wear White button-down shirt. The boys should bring hat and a dark colored suit jacket or blazer for davening and Bentching, even when not davening in Cheder.


Shirts Light blue or maroon long sleeve polo shirt with Cheder’s logo.

Girl’s Uniform

On Rosh Chodesh and Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, girls should wear white polo shirts. Skirts Pleated navy skirt that covers the knees (Kindergarten & 1st grade can wear navy blue jumper.) Shoes Closed shoes or sneakers, no crocs. Sweaters Conservative colors and styles. & Jackets If a child is not wearing proper dress code, parents will be called to bring a change of clothing.

A birthday is a perfect time to put into practice many positive values. The Rebbe has stressed that a birthday is a day for making Hachlatos , giving extra Tzdakah, and adding extra learning. •

Birthday parties should be held in school.

Please notify the teacher a week in advance.

A cake or cupcakes, one nosh and a drink are appropriate. Please make sure all food is Bishul

Birthday Parties


yisroel, Pas yisroel and Cholov yisroel. •

Cell Phones & Electronics

Please send along enough coins for the entire class. Your child should have a short Dvar Torah to say.

No electronic equipment is allowed in Cheder including cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPads, DSIs, MP3 Players and the like. When entertaining friends, parents should be sensitive to the guidelines of other families regarding modern technology. Therefore, before allowing a child to use the internet or view any video, parents should obtain permission directly from the parent of the child.



The school grounds are private property. The Cheder exercises full authority in addition to full responsibility for all students. Leaving the premises, without written permission from the office or a teacher, is a serious infraction resulting in suspension from school. The school is not responsible for any children on or off campus grounds after school hours.

THE SCHOOL DAY Parents should provide a sturdy and durable book bag, so that their children may take books necessary for homework to and from school. It is advisable for parents to look through the bag daily to see that it is kept neat, in an orderly fashion and to retrieve any notes that may have been sent home from school.

Book Bags

Books and textbooks are issued by the school. They are the property of the school, and are on loan to the students for use during the school year. The books should be returned in good condition at the end of the school year.

Books, Workbooks & Supplies

Please make sure that your child has all the supplies listed for school.

Cheder has a bus service for students of elementary school, beginning in Kindergarten. Parents are responsible to bring their child to the bus in the morning and from the bus in the afternoon. Make sure that your child is ready to behave and listen to the bus driver.



Field Trips

To enhance children’s understanding of academic subjects and to promote learning through experience, the school will arrange field trips to various places of interest. Before any projected trip, a notice will be sent home with the student. In an effort to minimize the trip expenses, we may call for volunteers to assist with transportation. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Home Work

Homework is an important link between school and home. It helps our children recognize the interrelationship between teachers and parents. Homework reinforces materials learned in class. Limudei Kodesh homework emphasizes the importance of Limud HaTorah throughout the day, at school and at home. It also is an opportunity for parents to become involved in their children’s learning, as well as a vehicle for communication with the classroom teacher. Your child should be encouraged to do homework in a designated place and time each day. Please make sure that homework is begun early, so that your child’s bedtime is not delayed. He/she should work independently, as this allows the teacher to evaluate the child’s true progress. The parent should be available for occasional support; however, too much parental involvement defeats the purpose of homework. Homework should be supervised by the parent, not completed by the parent.


Homework assignments will be kept to a maximum of 10 minutes for kindergarten; 15 minutes for 1st & 2nd grades; 20 minutes for 3rd & 4th grades; 30 min for 5th & 6th grades and 40 minutes for 7th & 8th grades. If you see that your child needs additional help in completing his/her assignments, please write a note to their teacher(s). The planner should be signed each night by the parent, after ascertaining that the assignments were completed by the child. Unsigned homework will be marked “incomplete.� The homework book/sheets may be used to record any comments or questions you may have for the teacher. If your child was unable to complete the homework, please explain the reason on the homework sheet.

Cheder serves breakfast and lunch every day. Make sure to fill the lunch forms to be eligible for the reduced price. The menu will be in the office before the beginning of the year. If your child doesn’t like some of the food, please send an alternate lunch. Children are not allowed to use hot water for instant soup or tea etc.

Breakfast & Lunch

Please send 2 snacks each day for your child. Snacks should be Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel and nutritious (such as a fruit, vegetable, or protein). No candies or sweets will be allowed.



IN CONCLUSION Remember... Cheder Menachem is an extension of your home. Your child will be in the hands of experienced staff, who work to create a warm, Chassidishe atmosphere and are in touch with the needs of young children growing up in today’s world. We at Cheder Menachem, care very much about the happiness of your child. Therefore, cooperation and communication between parents and staff is vital. Feel free to arrange an appointment to speak with your child’s Rebbi, teacher or the directors, at any given time. Please call the Cheder office to arrange an appointment.

Parent's handbook  
Parent's handbook