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Cob was a little robot who had never left home. He lived with his parents and above all wished to travel around the world.

Until Cob won a very special birthday gift from his parents. A time machine. With this present Cob could now realize his dream, and visit all the places that long ceased to exist. - And what is more fun than travel through time Wonder Cob.

All he has to do is decide what place he’ll visit first.

He decided to visit the ancient Egypt, and saw the pyramids.

And the Sphinx.

Going back further in time Cob saw The Dinosaurs.

And jump directly to the Wild West.

Then he decided to visit the Ancient Japan.

Joined the pirates in the open sea.

And watched the honorable Knights of middle age.

After a long day of exciting adventures, Cob go to bed thinking which place he’ll visit tomorrow.

Raíssa Reis é nascida em Natal-RN e mora há 1 ano no Rio de Janeiro. É estudante de Design Gráfico no Instituto Infnet e esse é o seu primero livro infantil escrito.

Alexandre Abreu é natural do Rio de Janeiro-RJ. É formado em Direito pela FAA e em Teologia pela PUC e atualmente cursa Design Gráfico no Instituto Infnet. Esse é seu primeiro livro infantil.

Sinopse Cob is a little robot who can travel through time. Join Cob’s Adventure and visit all the fun places around the world.

Cob's Adventure  

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