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(Plot no.37-39/I, Shraddha Park, Near Facor steel, off Hingna Wadi link road, Nagpur-440028


“MOTIVATING SIR” – Dr. S. L. HARIDAS Professor, Dean Academics & Vice Principal.

“DEAREST HOD SIR” Dr. Pankaj Agrawal. Professor, HOD, E&C Dept. FAMOUS DIALOG –“Classes To Attend Kiya Karo!!”


Prof. Amol Boke PEACE forum Faculty In-charge

“MOTIVATING & CARING MAM”Prof. Shubhangini Ugale Final Year Class In-charge

“Most Helping Sir” Prof. Vipin Bhure IETE Student Forum In-charge Famous Dialog “Form Submit nahi kiya toh practical dene nahi dunga”

“MOTHER LIKE TEACHER” Prof. Pragati Kene Famous Dialog-“BETA”.

Prof. Abhijeet Maidamwar

Prof. Devashree Marotkar

Very few have fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a student. Electronics and Communication department of GHRAET is an excellent example where everyone strives indefatigably for this. This institution has been nurturing young Minds of the town for past 7 years with the belief that “The heart of education is the education of the heart”. Enjoy every moment you have because in life there aren’t rewinds, only flashback. For you “R-TOES” team has worked hard to bring up an exhilarating flash back of the Inception of the department, its history, events and achievement during the session 2017-18. I congratulate to all students of department who contributed with a wide range of poetry, riddles, fun things and some in formative and inspirational articles in this magazine. Happy Reading!



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MADE BY- Nidhi Newalkar

Made by – Tanushree Khojre

Advice to my dearest friends (in EC engineering style) Amplitude – Always be honest Bias – Be there when they need you Cathode – Cheer them and give them encouragement Diode – Don‘t look for their mistakes, go ahead Electronics – Encourage their dreams, what would be without them? Field – Forgive them though they are wrong sometimes Gate – Get together to make any discussion Harmonic – Have faith in them Inductance – Ignore all their mistakes JFET – Join together and give support Kmap – Keep in touch till they live Latch – Love them always Microprocessor – Make them feel special Nyquist – Never forget them Op-amp – Open free to offer help Potentiometer – Praise them honestly and openly Resistor – Really listen to their words; make your ears free to them.


VO SITARE KAUN (DEDICATED TO ALL MY DEAR FRIEND) Pata hai vo sitaare kaun hain, Jo chamakte hain andhere mein? Vo dost hain, Jo bhunte-bhunaate hain ek doosre ko. Vo dost hain, Jo jalte-jalaate hain ek doosre ko Muskuraahat rakh rukh par sab bhool Jo sunte-sunaate hain ek doosre ko Fir dooriyaan chaahe kitni bhi ho lekin, Ye roshni de jaate hain ek doosre ko. Pata hai vo sitaare kaun hain, Jo chamakte hain andhere mein? Vo dost hain, Jo jeena seekhaate hain ek doosre ko.




DEAD people and hexadecimal If only DEAD people understand hexadecimal, how many people understand hexadecimal? ANS: 57,005 people understand hexadecimal… Now think …how?????  Anuj Telrandhe,4TH YEAR  Electronics Brightly lit screens, in the midst of my clutter and chaos. I’m half man half machine, my soul pours itself through these electronic windows. Other streams reflect back at me, from other souls raging on their own seas. No wisdom only knowledge, I still sit and study in a follower’s college. A constant balance of quantity and quality, Measuring the weight of those who follow me. and await the words of my interpreted prophecy.

 Anuj Telrandhe,4TH YEAR

MY THOUGHTS ABOUT MY COLLEGE The world of the school is narrow and limited. But the college world is huge. There is difference between school teachers and college teachers. School teachers were strict but college teacher are like elders brothers and sisters. My entry into a college was an important event in my life. I felt very much excited on the very first day when I was in front of giant building of college and a large campus. I murmured the song “आज मैं ऊपर, आसम ाँ नीचे आज मैं आगे, ज़म न है पीछे ” There are several reasons why a college education is important to me. A college education will provide me with the tools and knowledge to succeed in field of Electronics and Communication. Yes I got to get knowledge, confidence, and better view to see my life ahead here in this college. So many struggles I come across with, but I tried my level best is sometime with teachers and sometime with my best friend. I am a home sick. I always miss my parents my brother. But college and college task may be of assignment or may be of practical in this hectic schedule. I get less time to remember my home. First time I participated in drama. But I realise encouragement plays a very important role in my life so as in my life. My teachers always encourage and my friends help and support me. With them I am winner in college event. I missed all teachers and friends and want to say “चलते चलते मेरे ये गीत य द रखन कभी अलविद न कहन ”




KEY OF LIFE Education, The key to unlock the golden door of Freedom And stage out rise to stardom Education, A life sustaining material Without it we can’t lead a life which is Congenial Education, Not all about bookish knowledge But it is also about practical knowledge Education, Makes a person stand upon his on toes And helps a person to fight with all his foes Education, A fundamental foundation For any country state or nation Education, A thick line between right and wrong A ladder that takes us to height where we belong Education, Mother for all profession That helps to acquire all our profession Education is our right For in it our future is bright. ďƒ˜ AKASH SIRSIKAR, 4TH YEAR.

Life can't be sold or shopped by money, It is something that you get by destiny. Be happy for what you have got, Running for much more is a bad thought. You never know when it's your last day, Do all the odds going out of the way. Everything looks beautiful from the far sight, Never you go & see the darkness of night. Better and bad are the two phases, Better is the phase at the end life traces. Live your life with all the emotions, Because Life is God's best ever creation. ďƒ˜ Akash Sirsikar, 4th year.

BOMB SQUAD ROBOT Vaishnav Lavatre1, Bhagyada Hirde2, Apurva Chaware3, Kanchan Paunikar4 Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Nagpur University, G.H.R.A.E.T, Nagpur.

ABSTRACT The main aim of conducting this project is to control a bomb squad robot which is able to diffuse the bomb without harming any of militian or bomb squad member while diffusing any type of bomb. Using such robot we can save precious life of bomb diffuser with the help of any type of android phone/tab. In this robot, we interfaced one app controlled robot with the one robotic arm gripper which can be controlled by the cellphone with the help of Bluetooth module HC-05 and a microcontroller called Arduino which runs on ATMEGA-32.HC-05 used for the interaction between the android phone and robot. It receives the signal from android application and transmits to the Arduino microcontroller. A working system will ultimately be demonstrated to validate the design. This wireless bomb disposal robot will help to improve defense of our nation from terrorist, suicide bombers and other such activities. The bomb detectors and disposal system works only with the presence of experts. But this way of analyzing takes more time and make risk to life of experts. The Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot uses a control application, at the user end to control the robot remotely using Wireless technology. The bomb technician controls the robot using this application at control site. Input from the user is transmitted to the Receiver, where it is received, identified and given to the appropriate module (Robot) to act. The Robot consists of a Base, a robotic Arm and a wireless camera on it. We have used DC motors for the gripper of the robotic arm. As we are not risking the life of a bomb expert or any other commando. Hence introducing the safest way for disposing the explosive to save life of common people. Keywords—Wireless technology; robotic arm; bomb disposal.

INTRODUCTIONThe word robot was derived from Czech word robota which means “a forced laborer� then later a wellknown Russian science fiction writer Isaac Asimov coined the word robotics. From there on various different developments are being successfully done till date in the field of robotics in the form of manipulators, humanoids, micro robots etc. As the trend of the industry is moving from the current state of automation to robotization. Thus the robot technology is advancing rapidly. The robot that we have made is a command and control robot. This robot takes commands from the user in the form of control signal sand performs the required action. The central idea behind this robot is to provide a line of defense to a bomb disposal squad against the life threatening risk, faced by them in the event of an explosion. It provides the squad a safe distance to dispose off a bomb, which he normally has to do with his bare hands. The project has been designed keeping in view the current law and order situation in India and throughout the world. Everyday hundreds of trained personnel are either injured or lose their lives while defusing bombs. This can be reviewed by the countless number of news items appearing daily in newspapers around the world. Although the idea of our project is original, a number of projects with similar functionalities can be found. For Example the British Police have a bomb disposal robot, the Israeli Army has it and it is also being used by bomb disposal squads and a number of states of USA. The main idea of this robot is to provide the bomb disposal squad with safety and security from the risks that they face every day. The bomb disposal squads of

Pune have metal detectors and other equipment for bomb detection and disposal, but they have to risk their lives by approaching the bomb or the suspicious packet without any safety and precautions. Our robot provides an extra layer of protection to the bomb disposal squad by allowing them to check and analyze a suspicious packet before actually approaching it for disposal. Mobile robots reduce or eliminate a bomb technician’s time-on-target. A robot takes risk out of potentially deadly scenarios and lets the bomb technician focus on what to do to an explosive device rather than on the immediate danger to life and limb. Even if a robot cannot reach an item for disruption, it can still be used to relay information to aid in tool and procedure selection to moving down range. In addition, events recorded by a robot’s camera can provide evidence for further analysis. Explosives remain the weapon of choice for terrorists around the world. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are a threat from international terrorist organizations and local, home-grown terrorists as well. Sadly, Home Made Explosives (HMEs) and IEDs have become a fact of modern life. When a bomb or explosive material is suspected, bomb squads or Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams get called to the site to render safe the explosive threat. To stop all this system is very beneficial in areas where there is high risk for humans to enter. This system makes use of robotic arm as well as robotic vehicle which helps not only to enter an area involving high risk. HC�05 module is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) module, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. The HC-05 Bluetooth Module can be used in a Master or Slave configuration, making it a great solution for wireless communication. This serial port Bluetooth module is fully qualified Bluetooth V2.0+EDR. This innovative system is made for operations which involve high risk for humans to enter, especially for some criminal case and may prove very beneficial for military area for spying purposes. Robots have become an indispensable tool for EOD teams and bomb squads. These EOD robots or bomb disposal robots are controlled by a bomb technician, who can maintain a safe distance from a threat. These robots have many uses, with a primary purpose of diffusing or disabling bombs, unexploded ordnance, and landmines. Given their usefulness, most EOD teams and bomb squads now have access to a robot. As robots have become more common in military and law enforcement applications, their uses have expanded. Robots, also called unmanned ground vehicles or UGVs, can operate in environments which are incompatible or unsafe for humans.


APPLICATION            

The main application of this project is to diffuse the bomb without losing the precious life of any life of the member of bomb squad and military member. Provide a remote monitoring and controlling application for analysis of a suspicious packet (or bomb). Allow the user to manipulate the packet using the robotic arm. To provide a very user-friendly control application. We have designed it as an assistant robot to the bomb Disposal squad but there are a number of other applications of this robot. It can be used by: Police: In hostage situations Military: For reconnaissance missions Fire: To provide video feedback of the site for analysis Nuclear: For handling hazardous or radioactive materials. It can be used in various industries where human intervention is not desired. Robot is used placed the things in correct order and this can be used in homes and industry to place things. Robot is used in libraries to place the books in correct order. With tremendous smart phone in markets, it is bound to have many more applications in near future.

CONCLUSIONIn this project, the model of robot can be described to build a robot using wireless camera run by android application and the people can learn about developing android application in order to control the robot through wireless application using the platform of Arduino RC app. The robot can be made more enhanced by adding features like gas sensors and bomb defuse kit. The Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot has been designed in such a way that it can cater to the needs of the bomb disposal squad, the military, the police and also for the Personnel who handle radioactive materials. It has countless applications and can be used in different environments and scenarios. For instance, at one place it can be used by the bomb disposal squad, while at another instance it can be used for handling mines. While another application can be to provide up to date information in a hostage situation.

REFERENCES[1]Brian Day; Cindy Bethel; Robin Murphy; Jennifer Burke “Bomb Disposal Robots”2008 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics. [2] Bandala, AA; Dadios, E.P., "Development and design of mobile robot with IP-based vision system," TENCON 2012 - 2012 IEEE Region 10 Conference, vol., no., pp.1, 6, 19-22 Nov. 2012. [3]. Rocco DiVerdi “Miniature Robotic Hand for Bomb Disposal”, Feb-2011. [4]. Gurdas, Karan, (svkm’Nmim University Vile Parle, Mumbai) “Bomb Detection Robotics using Embedded Controller”.volume 1 Issue 1, Jan-Feb 2015. [5]. Shide Pushpa.D., Davane Rahul.D., Patil Poonam B. “Wireless Bomb Disposal”. Volume: 03 Issue: 04, Apr-2016.

[6]. Muhammed Jabir.N.K , Neetha John , Muhammed Fayas , Midhun Mohan , Mithun Safwan.C.N “Wireless Control of Pick and Place Robotic Arm Using an Application” Vol. 4, Issue 4, April 2015. [7]. R.A. Kadu, Prof. V.A. More, P.P. Chitte, J.G. Rana, M.R. Bendre Wireless Control & Monitoring of Robotic Arm Volume 2, Issue1, 2015. [8] Mr. Ranjeet P. Rajmane1, Miss.Yogita Y. Patil2, Miss. Shital K. Supugade3 Android Based Bomb Disposal Robot Using Arm Controller Volume 5, Issue 3,March 2016. [9] Shamyl bin mansoor [1] Department Of Computer Engineering, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, IEEE conference on “Wireless bomb disposal robot” volume: 11. [10] Harada.K.Intell. Syst. Res. Inst., Nat. Inst. of Adv. Ind. Sci. & Technol. (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan Tsuji.T. Nagata,k,Yamanobe, N.Onda, H. ; Yoshimi, T. ; Kawai, Y. IEEE conference on “Object placement planner for robotic pick and place tasks” volume: 4

Modified Coin Sorting and Counting Machine Ravi Kumar Singh1, Karishma Mahetkar2, Ashwini Wagh3, Ashish Kumbhare4, Shraddha Bade5 Abstract The design was entitled Coin Sorting and Counting Machine for it is to sort and count Indian coin denomination. This was done to be able to help different institutions that deal with large number of coins in their daily operation. Some of these are banks, churches, charitable institutions and the transport sector. The sorting part of the design is basically sensor based as it sorts the coins then counts them as they pass through the detector. After performing some tests with the Coin Sorting and Counting Machine, the group could say that an almost accurate and reliable machine was created as manifested by the results it made. Keywords: Denomination, coin slot, sensor, AVR Microcontroller.

1. INTRODUCTION In this modern year most of the coin counting machine in India is incapable to differentiate between the old and new Indian Coins accurately. The systems of the machine that are available in the market are not good enough because sometimes it makes mistake when detect the value of coin and cause the error calculation in the result. In this project, a coin operated machine which can differentiate old and new coin accurately and implemented. An automatic coin counting and sorting machine prototype is developed by using AVR328 microcontrollers as the main controller. This work included design the simple display panel to show total quantity of each coin and total amount of coin value as the Crystal Display (LCD) has been implemented to display the result. The coin acceptor sensor has been used as it acts as coin selector to determines the denomination of coin and forbid any invalid or unwanted coins. The coin sorting system is designed by using two servo motor to hold and distributes coin to the corresponding slot.

2. HARDWARE REQUIREMENT The hardware used in this project includes AURDINO UNO R3 Development Board, AVR 328 Microcontroller, CH-926 Coin Detector Sensor ,LCD Display(Common Cathode), Servo Motor whose descriptions are given below. 2.1 CH_926 Coin Sensor CH-926 is a multi-coin selector, can accept up to 6 kinds of different coins at the same time. This type of coin selector is widely used in Vending machine, Arcade Game, Message chair, and other self–management system. CH-926 is mainly based on material, weight and size to identify coins. We use the most up to date algorithm to design software. Therefore, CH-926 is very stable and accurate even when environment changes such as temperature, and humidity etc‌ In order to increase the accuracy, we suggest different version of coins use different channel to set up.

Coin diameter: 15mm~32mm Coin thickness:1.2mm~3.8mm Working humidity:≤95% Working voltage: DC +12V ±10% Speed:≤0.6s Working current: 65mA ±5% Accuracy rate of identification:99.5% Signal output:pulse

Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa—106Kpa

Fig.1 multi coin selector CH-926 Features a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Capable of accepting all worldwide Coins and Tokens. Intelligent CPU software control, and high accuracy . Self-programming without PC. Accept 1~6 different kinds of coins at the same time. Free to set up pulses' output. Prevent not only electric shock but also electromagnetic interference. Automatic self-test for problems.

2.4 Servo Motor A servomotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a relatively sophisticated controller, often a dedicated module designed specifically for use with servo motor. Servomotors are not a specific class of motor although the term servomotor is often used to refer to a motor suitable for use in a closed-loop control system.

2.5 Voltage regulator (7805) 7805 is a voltage regulator integrated circuit. It is a member of 78xx series of fixed linear voltage regulator ICs. The voltage source in a circuit may have fluctuations and would not give the fixed voltage output. The voltage regulator IC maintains the output voltage at a constant value. The xx in 78xx indicates the fixed output voltage it is designed to provide. 7805 provides +5V regulated power supply. Capacitors of suitable values can be connected at input and output pins depending upon the respective voltage levels. Pin Diagram:

Pin No




Input voltage (5V-18V)



Ground (0V)



Regulated output; 5V (4.8V-5.2V)


Table1.2 Pin Description 2.6 Liquid Crystal Display A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat display device made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. Each pixel consists of a column of liquid crystal molecules suspended between two transparent electrodes, and two polarizing filters, the axes of polarity of which are perpendicular to each other. Without the liquid crystals between them, light passing through one would be blocked by the other. The liquid crystal twists the polarization of light entering one filter to allow it to pass through the other. Many microcontroller devices use 'smart LCD' displays to output visual information. LCD displays designed around Hitachi's LCD HD44780 module, are inexpensive, easy to use, and it is even possible to produce a readout using the 8x80 pixels of the display. They have a standard ASCII set of characters and mathematical symbols. For an 8-bit data bus, the display requires a +5V supply plus 11 I/O lines. For a 4-bit data bus it only requires the supply lines plus seven extra lines. When the LCD display is not enabled, data lines are tri- state and they do not interfere with the operation of the microcontroller. Data can be placed at any location on the LCD. For 16Ă—2 LCD, the address locations are:

First line

80 81 82 83 84 85 86 through 8F

Second line C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 through CF

Fig 3 showing pin diagram of LCD

Table 1.3 Pin Description 3. RESULT The Modified Coin Sorting And Counting Machine developed by our group is detecting a single coin in a 6 milli sec with an accuracy of 99.9%.The counting and sorting done by our machine takes total time of 1 second to give the total count and total number of sorted coin on LCD.

4. CONCLUSION & FUTURE SCOPE The Modified Coin Sorting And Counting Machine offers counting of coins in various fields. This Modified Coin Sorting And Counting Machine Coin offers time saving feature ,people can use coin sorter for counting coins which is a tedious task .This product is portable, affordable consumes less power and can be made easily available. The future scope of the designed device

can be made to sort and count different countries coins all together at a same time. The modified version can have solar panel as a secondary source for power supply for the device. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am thankful to assistant professor Shubhangini Ugale and HOD sir for their guidance and support. I would also thank our Department of Dept of Electronics & Communication Engineering , G.H. Raisoni Academy Of Engg. And Technology Nagpur for their guidance and encouragement. 6. Prototype Image of the Modified Coin Sorting And Counting Machine

7. REFERENCES [1] “Design and implementation of an automatic coin sorting and counting machine,goh chin guan [2] “CURRENCY, WEIGHT AND MEASURES”, The Statesman’s Year book 133,Macmillan &

1947,page co.



MADE BY- Bhagyada Hirde







Shivam Foods Co. , Nagpur A PARLE –G Buiscuits Manufacutring Unit

High-Tech Resisters ,MIDC Hingna, Nagpur


By-Vaishnav Lavatre

By-Karishma Mahetkar & Shraddha Bade & Ashwini Wagh


BY – Karishma Mehatkar













Kanchan paunikar, pankaj kumar, Anuj Telrandhe, Arvind More, Chetan Gulghane, Karishma Jivtode and more.


MESSAGE Stepping into a new life where One faces oneself Some consider everything a race and chase after them all, While others find it difficult To even tie their shoe lace. Many here care for you, but you care for a select few Lots of leisure, lots of pressure In the midst of which, some search for treasure. The greatest invention being the headset without


which no one's heads are fit More sleep, less work, but still feeling tired every other minute. Sudden decisions rare output, even don't care for taking next More dance, more wishes, Many exams and test. Suddenly, when you look back The poster says 'The End’, The 35040 hours of these four years Are just like the three hours of a movie Passing by in the snap of your fingers Leaving behind many a memory that lingers. THANKYOU everyone and thank you GHRAET

College Memories!! No more lectures, No more studies No more sleeping behind the book No more searching for the last bench No more asking questions completely off the hook At last the college days are gone, Leaving their APURVA

memories behind


Some good and some awful But of the very good days they remind And now when I sit to work I don’t know why but I tend to compare Those memories with the present But alas nothing in common they share Best philosophy in life is to keep the mind happy..


“We don’t know whether success gives happiness or not, but a happy mind can always lead to success.”




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