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Raising Teens

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Helping To Raise Happy Healthy Teens In A Chaotic World.

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hank you, for considering advertising with Raising Teens Magazine. We are a magazine giving support and guidance to millions of people in the Sandwich Generation. That space in life when you have teen children and aging parents who in many situations need to be parented as well. The challenges to this generation are unique and parents of teens can use whatever help we can give. Our readership will be parents, grandparents of teenagers and any adult ages 35 to 60 who have teens in their lives. We will offer articles about how to effectilvey communicate and guide your teen, as well as different ideas about how to connect with your children. We are excited to bring this publication to you and we look forward to having a relationship with you for a long time to come. Please visit us on the web at : Please leave your comments and thoughts and you may even see them published in the magazine!


The Raising Teens Team

Print distribution: 10,000 monthly print magazines Digital magazine distribution: Total estimated readership: approximately 18,000 people Litchfield, Fairfield and New Haven counties.

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Demographics and Readership

Print magazine distributes online and through local storefront locations where people mix and shop. Issues are distrubuted every 2 months giving the public plenty of time to view your ad.

Our editoral content includes up to date parenting articles and tips about raising teens as well as puzzles, cartoons, and advice columns. It is our goal to give what help we can to the parents struggling to balance their family, aging parents work and personal life successfully. Our Demographic includes Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers of Teenagers. We are targeted marketing to the Sandwich Generation, thousands of parents ages 38 to 60.

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ach Ad comes with a complimentary business listing online with a link to your website for the duration of your ad run. There is a 15% discount off the price for 6 month contracts and a 25% discout for 12 month contracts. Prices are displayed above with appropriate discounts. Issues are distrubuted every 2 months.

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Connecticut’s Resource for raising teens in today’s world.

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Contact Us Connecticut Edition

Corporate Office

Suzanne Lovig

Superstition Media Group, Inc. 70 S Val Vista Dr Suite A3-188 Gilbet AZ 85296 623.850.3507 Fax 860.631.1043

Cell 203.206.0203 Ofc/Fax 203.266.4060

Media Packet  

Media Packet for Raising Teens Magazine

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