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Le Féminin Divin: Oublié P h o t o g ra p h e r & S t y l i s t : R ai n a S h a n n o n Model: Ainsley Daschofsky

Gaia: the sleeping mother of all. Of Titans. The Earth goddess. Of Greek tradition. wakefully she dreams, always watching. Always patient. She hovers on the brink of the Sky. Mother Nature. Gaia.

Sophia: Wisdom. Of the Beginning. Feminine of Espiritu Sancti. Of Gnostic tradition – Heretical. Queen of Cups. What is and what is yet to be had. Spilt-milk tears. The wisdom to Realize. Sophia. Wisdom of God.

Justitia: Seer of hearts, piercing through fate. Measuring the soul of man. Of Roman, Greek, Egyptian tradition. Truth in feathers. Balance. The blind see much. The wicked shan’t pass. Gatekeeper of Truth and Fairness. Justitia.

Beira: Queen of ice, cold, of winter. Ancient giantess. the first. Of Scottish tradition. Builder. Mother. She, of frozen youth and frozen time. Immobile, she rests. Awaiting the Longest Night, upon frosted throne in mountain hall. Winter comes, strength at last. Beira. Queen of Winter’s Court.

Persephone: Beloved by Death. Majestic and pure. Powerful and venerable. Keeper of Shades. Of Greek tradition. Her choice was love – Her mother’s lament. Seeds of springtime, by her. Seeds of autumn, to darkness once more. Underworld Queen, Springtime Princess. Persephone.

Le Féminine Divin: Oublié The Divine Feminine: Forgotten This series has been an exploration of what is forgotten. The honoring of feminity as divinity. Going beyond religion; beyond faith, this is homage to modern feminism. The ideal, unfettered by fear, of female strength and leadership. When a woman’s rights to motherhood, to pleasure, to combat and to love were not questions. Inequalities have existed and continue still, but in many “old-world” religions, before the advent of the Church, women were honored as lifegivers – life being the strongest force of all. Much was taken from women when goddesses were “killed” in favor of a strict regime that dictated all, including worship. This is not a commentary on Christianity. This is not a pro-pagan, pro-wicca, pro-any religion pamplet. This is agnostic. This is a commentary on women, and the mythic feminine that resides in us all – male and female – a balance. And it has been forgotten. Almost. Each “goddess” is represented by the same model, to give the idea of the ever-changing, ever-growing woman. No one stays the same. Just as goddesses were adapted by other cultures, and became what the times demanded of them. Each portrait is accompanied by a curio photo, to illustrate that we see our dieties from a personal view. Who I believe in and what personality and physical form I have given to that may not match your view of the same diety. We give form to what we worship, just as we give the divine to what we need. These objects of curio are just objects, but, given significance, they are our gods. Our goddesses. Raina Shannon December 5, 2012

Raina Shannon Š2012

The Forgotten  
The Forgotten  

The Devine Feminine: Forgotten. An exploration of feminism via near-forgotten goddesses.