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Home Office Contacts & Resources New Account Service Center They provide support to salespeople setting up news accounts including help with welcome calls, risk classification and new account information. PH: 800.438.6423 (Option 2, then 2) FX: 800.543.8573

Home Office 1200 Colonial Life Blvd W Columbia, SC 29210

On-Boarding Services New to Colonial Life? They'll help you get started. PH: 800.438.6423 (Option 2, then 7, then 2) FX: 803.678.6662 Underwriting Support Center They assist the field with underwriting questions and inquiries including product rates, plan codes, and product service requests. PH: 800.438.6423 (Option 2, then 4) PH: 888.668.7967 Account Services Support Center They help with questions about existing accounts such as group billing questions, coverage and premium effective dates, in-force coverage and premiums, and payor discrepancies. PH: 800.438.6423 (Option 2, then 1) FX: 800.543.8573 Enrollment Solutions Support Center This support center provides assistance with the navigation of Propr, software and hardware support, and laptop lease information, as well as support for agent email and enrollment systems, including Harmony. PH: 800.438.6423 (Option 2, then 5) FX: 803.678.5036 Field Supply Support Field supply can help you with assistance in using our Online Ordering system for product information and marketing materials PH: 800.438.6423 (Option 5)

Rainmakers News - Week 36  
Rainmakers News - Week 36