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New Salesperson As a new salesperson, it's hard to learn all the information you need and still retain what you've learned. The best approach is to take the training before you use it. That way the material is fresh in your mind and you're able to apply what you've learned. Check out the Just-In-Time training courses setup for a new salesperson. View Courses

Manager It's important to make sure your sales representatives have all the facts they need to know about selling our products. Download our Just-In-Time training lessons and present them during team meetings to your representatives. View Courses

Account Opener Openings and/or maintaining a relationship with an account is important for an Account Opener. With our Just-In-Time training, you can learn how we match up against our competition, ways to sell to the employer and, of course, how to generate leads to close a sale. View Courses

Benefits Counselor When enrolling employees in Colonial Life or Paul Revere products it’s important that you understand our flexible benefits services, our value proposition, the benefits landscape and how to enroll with our enrollment options. With our Just-In-Time training lessons, we have organized special courses to help enhance your skills as a Benefits Counselor and ways you can increase your sales. View Courses *Skip the ‘(NY)’ links. This is for Paul Revere products that are specific to New York State.

Rainmakers News - Week 36