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Get Ready for Public Exchanges TRAINING AVAILABLE NOW FOR FEDERAL HEALTH EXCHANGE Health insurance enrollments through state and federal exchanges are scheduled to begin Oct. 1. You're encouraged to take the following steps to make sure you're ready and prepared for exchange enrollments: •Find out whether your state is creating its own exchange or participating in the federal exchange. Use the new State Exchanges page on Propr to learn more. •If you're in a state creating its own exchange, research and go through the training available to become certified on your state's exchange. •If you're in a state participating in the federal exchange, training is now available to get certified.

FEDERAL EXCHANGE TRAINING Agent/broker training for the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) is available online at If you don't have an account already set up, you'll need to create one.

WE WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU'RE CERTIFIED The home office will keep a database of Colonial Life and Paul Revere salespeople who've completed the state and federal exchange training. For the federal exchange, we're looking for the Certificate of Completion for the Individual and SHOP Marketplace Curriculum document. For state exchanges, you should receive a similar document when training is completed. Once you've completed the training, send in the certificate of completion along with your producer number and the state you're in by fax to (803) 678-6662, or by email to Once we receive this information, we'll add you to our home office database.

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