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Raining In Portland | Volume 3 | Issue 3

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Pacific Northwest District • Division 62 • June 10, 2012


Review • President’s Council Meeting • Club Visits • Officer Training • Installation Banquet • Senior Shout Outs

Prepare • President’s Council Meeting • PORTLAND RALLY • DCM • Volunteering Opportunities • Service Projects

What’s Hot This Month?


2012 RALLY Join us!


“Caring--- Our Way of Life”

The annual Portland Area Rally will be held at Lake Oswego High School on the 16th of June! It'll be a great chance to show off your Key Club spirit, meet people from all over the Portland area and guests from the entire Pacific Northwest District, and attend forums! Pacific Northwest District • Division 62 • June 10, 2012

WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW? @ Lake Oswego High School June 16, 2012 | 9am-4pm (It’s a Saturday!) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

HOW MUCH? Just $7

For registration and refreshments!


Treasurer Tina Vuong | Parkrose Key Club|

“Why is it so hard for the pirate to learn the alphabet…because he was stuck at C! “

Club Of The Month

BENSON High As May had end and summer coming soon, our newly established Key Club at Benson start out great with weekly meetings and special Key Club events. We had our first club meeting on the 15th and, surprisingly, about 4050 people showed up, which is incredible for a first meeting! The picture shows our president, Benjamin Bui having a discussion with our secretary, Sabrina Mohamed and Vice President, Jessica Nguyen about upcoming events and other important topics before the meeting starts.

For our second meeting on the 22nd, we have the Lieutenant Governor of Division 62, Rain Bartolo, as our guest speaker to inform the members about the Key club’s purpose and history. Rain taught the Division 62 chants to our members, which everyone had fun learning. He also talked about the Installation Banquet on the 26th and encouraged the members to go even if it’s mostly for the officers.


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The Club Board

Key Club At the Banquet held at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the 26th, a lot of our members including our officers showed up on time and dressing nicely in purple and black clothing to show the spirit of our club. There were all kinds of interesting things going on, such as the talent shows from each school clubs, the award ceremony to the outstanding Key-Clubbers, and entertainment from other school officers. We were introduced to the members of the division 62 Key club from the other schools, such as Franklin, Madison, Wilson, David Douglas, etc. and enjoyed ourselves to the delicious food of the restaurant. I and a few members were taught how to salsa by one of our lovely entertainers, Myra Vanquez, the lieutenant governor of division 70.

As for our third meeting of the month, we have our Kiwanis advisor Jim McAllister and his wife to talk with us about key club. Mr. McAllister was there to explain to us what key club is and to help us charter it !Our president then proceeds to update our members about the upcoming events in June, such as the Flash Mob and PNW Portland Area Rally. Our members paid full attention to our president as he speaks and asked questions to clear up the confusions. And finally, we got our club and executive photos taken to end the meeting! We had a great start guys, let’s rock it in the summer and next year! Regards,

Heng Chen BHS Key Club Editor


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What happened last month?

Presidents’ Council Meeting May 12, 2012 Fohrenbacher Hof

Division 62 Officer Training May 19, 2012 Columbia Christian High Scool Thanks to Jim McAllister, Robert Munger, Andy Jones, Alan King and Kiwanis Advisors who made this possible! In this training, the officers are equipped with great insight about their roles and duties in their club and to the community. With wise words and advises from the top leaders of the Kiwanis Organization, it is a very treasured experience for each individual who attended the workshop. Division 62 and I thank you very much for the enrichment, Kiwanis! We will definitely utilize this experience to continue and serve our community better and stronger!

Another successful and productive meeting initiated by the Presidents and Vice Presidents! There, we discussed how to continue service projects in summer season. Appointed new sister-clubs. Appointed the new Division 62 Secretary, Jenny Zhu from Franklin HS and Learned more about each other. I’m so proud to be titled Lieutenant Governor for my division, because working together with a group of diligent and insightful leaders is a true honor for me--- keep it up! We will have another great year of success, Division 62!

Club Visits BENSON KEY CLUB Three words. I am impressed. You guys are doing such a great job for a starting club! A great number of attentive and responsible participants is what I see in your club. Ben, Jessica, Princess, Sabrina, Kevin, Heng and Miss Wong, I would like to acknowledge your hard efforts for making this possible and giving your peers an opportunity to serve your community in a remarkable way. This will served as a learning opportunity for you as well. Keep it up! Be productive and make a difference! Because that’s what we do--- Key Clubbin’ all day everyday! DAVID DOUGLAS KEY CLUB I assume this are the only three words you remembered from my speech “OKAY. OKAY. OKAY.” It truly amazes me how Jenny Nguyen and her club board developed this strong and spirited key club! I was standing in front of at least 60 Key Clubbers, the biggest group of Key Clubbers I talked to in a club visit. By the new leadership of Roanna Lin, Amy Li, Mary Lui, Evan Tschuy and Mariam Ngoye, I believe DDHS Key Club will learn more about Key Club. do and crave for more service! As one Key Clubber once said “Service will never be out of season!” I’m looking forward to see you guys again next fall! FRANKLIN KEY CLUB

FHS Key Club has never failed to impress me ever since I started my term as Lieutenant Governor. Christina Chac, Elizabeth Moua, Candy Chau and Robin Liu, deserve a bigger recognition for building and leading FHS Key Club at its prime! Do not fear, for Sarah Phan, Jenny Zhu and the rest of the club board will not let you guys down! I admire all of you FHS Key Clubbers for the diligent work, each one of you are true leaders within your peers and community. Set a good example for others to follow you. Keep up the good effort and let’s all make a difference together! LINCOLN KEY CLUB

After my visit in LHS Key Club, one Key Clubber reminded me what Key Club is truly about---Service. Under the thoughtful leadership of Erika Nguyen, LHS Key Club stood out from their true dedication in our motto: “Caring--- Our Way of Life.” This gave me a true reflection of what I’ve been doing as Lieutenant Governor. It raised the question in my head: Why did I run for Lt.G in the first place: To have fun or to serve others? When I come back to visit your club, I will give you my answer. Thank you for this reflection MADISON KEY CLUB With my visit last month, I clearly realized that most of MHS Key Clubbers are graduating. Which will result to a decline of membership and throw a big challenge for the new club board! Danielle Mattfield, I got your back! I will help you and your officers build your club membership as Tony Huynh helped me. Tony Huynh is one of my biggest influence. He is a great leader and I know he appointed an amazing batch of officers to take and continue his role. Do not let him and Division 62 down. WE GOT THIS.

D62 Installation Pacific Northwest District • Division 62 • May 26, 2012



Reminders Presidents’ Council Meeting June 14 ,2012 | 3pm-6pm Multnomah Library- Hollywood

Portland Rally Decoration June 15, 2012 | 12pm-2pm Lake Oswego High School Portland Rally 2012 June 16, 2012 | 9am-4pm Lake Oswego High School


Thank you!

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to give special thanks to Wilson Key Club, David Douglas Key Club, Franklin Key Club, Montavilla Kiwanis Club, Peninsula Kiwanis Club, Erika Nguyen, Cory Martinez, Andres Garcia, Clare Belott and Jewell Bailley and for everyone who supported my trip to International Convention on the June 29th to July 8th at Orlando, Florida. As newly elected Lieutenant Governor of Pacific Northwest’s Division 62, I will represent Division 62 well and bring back new resources for our division to utilize! I will keep each one of you updated. Again, thank you very much for your support! This wouldn’t be made possible without you! Raegnar “Rain” Bartolo Division 62 Lieutenant Governor Pacific Northwest District Key Club International

Contact Information Find your local Key Club:

Division 62 Executive Team Lieutenant Governor Raegnar “Rain� Bartolo of Wilson HS

Benson HS President Bao Bui Email: Columbia Christian HS President Lance McCaughan Email:lancemccaughan

Division 62 Secretary Jenny Zhu of Franklin HS

David Douglas HS President Roanna Lin Email: Grant HS President Perry Yazzolino Email: Franklin HS President Sarah Phan Email: Lincoln HS President Erika Nguyen Email:

Division 62 Webmaster Andres Garcia of Wilson HS Madison HS President Danielle Mattfeld Email: Parkrose HS President Alyssa Landreth Email: Wilson HS President Cory Martinez Email:

Raining In Portland Volume 3 | Issue 3 | June 10, 2012  
Raining In Portland Volume 3 | Issue 3 | June 10, 2012  

Raining In Portland Volume 3 | Issue 3 | June 10, 2012