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backgrounds. It’s a very interesting sort of t school to work in and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

every school I’ve worked in the students have always been the best bit.

What are your first impressions of the college students?

Why did you want the job at Rainford High? It was a long-term ambition to be a head teacher and I found out about the job from a parent and it sounded like a very interesting challenge and it sounded like a fun school to work in. It sounded like a school that my CV wouldn’t necessarily be expected to get. But when I looked at it more closely it seemed like a very interesting challenge and a place were I can make a difference to the young people and the community.

Facts about the head.. • He has 5 cats: Gabby,Gabby, Lucy, Millie, Arthur and Ruben. • He enjoys being with his girlfriend and playing golf, in that order. • He supports Liverpool but only because he saw Kevin Keegan fall off his bike on superstars when he was six years old. • His favourite film is ‘Mississippi Burnings’ and His favourite TV show is ‘Strictly come Dancing’. • His talent if he was to go on Britain s Got Talent would be juggling .

Where did you previously work? I worked at a school called Shawfields Technology College in Dingle. It’s a very different school; it’s an inner city community with 33 different languages spoken by the students. It’s multi cultural 40 -45% of students are from a range of different

Sixth form students are very bright, good sense of humour and I always seem to come into the college through the wrong door which gives the year 12 students a good laugh. I think there is some interesting fashion choices being made and I’m looking forward to presentation evening were you all seem to put on the glitz and the business wear to show off the another side of your personalities. You all seem very friendly people and offer me chewing gum when I ask for it on parents evening. Is part of coming to school part of practising for work? When you have presentation days and EPQ it’s good practice to wear business wear and for the future. How does this school compare to your old one? It didn’t have much of a building site, Rainford’s a lot bigger; my old school was half the size. The young people are fabulous, students at Rainford are some of the most delightful I’ve met in my 20 year career. In

How do you feel about GCSE’s being scrapped? I think Michael Gove is right in some ways that it should be a level playing field. I think that we have students that should go on to become leaders of industry, future prime minister and rule the country and have aspirations that are massively high cause we all have the right stuff to go and achieve things like that. If were going to be sent out with schools like Eaton there has to be a level playing field. He’s right in that sense but also in the sense that all children should leave school being well versed and have good reading and writing skills and using maths effectively, but I do think that there is a danger in changing everything. But as a school we need to cater for everybody. What subject do you specialise in? What do you enjoy about the subject?

I was a History teacher as it allows you to look at things from the past, which I find enjoyable Contents and inspirational. I think 1. Meet the head!we can learn a lot 2. Interviews fromwith people currentand Y12 students 3. Quiz -experiences Who am I? we can 4. Film reviews share. Technology has 5. Recommendations changed, but things that 6. Games drive us haven’t.

Meet the crew

Dates to Remember Y12 Choices Evening - 8th November Y12 Self Development Day 16th November Y13 Reading Day - 16th November

Interviews with current Y12 students Making that jump from High school to College can be daunting. Teachers aren’t there to spoon-feed you everything, they don’t hand everything on a plate for you. The pressure has increased so therefore your work ethic has to as well. This year’s crop of year 12’s are just the same. I interviewed a couple of the new year 12’s and asked them questions on their college experience so far.

Interview with Richard Adams: How are you finding the college experience so far?

Sixth Form Open Evening 14th November

Pretty good, works taking up a lot of time though!

Sixth Form reports published - 3rd December

Have you noticed any changes in your work ethic already?

Sixth Form Consultation Evening - 6th December

Do you find that the college environment is more relaxed than lower school?

Fear of teachers tends to make me do my work

Yeah, I think it is so much better than high school; it’s great to be given some independence! What do you think of the new college? The new college has a few minor things wrong, but overall it is great! I like that there is lots of room to study independently. I also interviewed another year 12 students:

Interview with Gemma Brown:


How are you finding the college experience so far? Great, I really enjoy it!

Earth worms can grow up to three meters long. 95% of people hate the sound of their own voice on video. A Hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4ft tall child inside. 111,111,111x111,111, 111=12,345,678,987,65 4,321

Have you noticed any changes in your work ethic already? I have been getting a lot more work than I got in GCSE. I prefer the workload though! Do you find that the college environment is more relaxed than lower school? It is a lot more relaxed and I have a lot more free time to do work. I much prefer college to lower school. What do you think of the new college? The new college is ok, but new equipment could be used to make things easier to work.

It seems as though the year 12’s are settling in well in the crazy world of college, with more free time to do more work, they seem to be coping (so far!).

By Connor Hardie

• I am a teacher at Rainford High. • I have been to Camp America. • I went to Edge Hill University.

• I am a teacher at Rainford High. • I have an automatic hoover. • I have 3 young children

• I am a teacher at Rainford High. • My fiance chooses my clothes I buy and tells me what to wear each day. • My family all wear matching jumpers at Christmas.

• I am an international singersongwriter and actor. • “dead and gone” • I was the lead singer in the boy band „N Sync‟.

• I am a famous actress. • I am 43 years old. • I was married for 6 to a famous actor.

• I am an American actor. • I used to be married to Tom Cruise. • I am aged 33

Resident evil Resident Evil: Retribution Plot: Alice returns in another action packed film, yet again she is still fighting against the Umbrella Corporations twisted games. With quite a few recognisable faces returning it promises a high stakes film, as once again the bar is raised and Alice has to step up. Review: The plot is exceptional, with a whole new Umbrella Corporation setting that rivals a video game; the laboratory like setting allows the twisted Red Queen to run riot with a variety of sick schemes sent to oppose Alice. Once again, we’re shown Milla Jovovichs version of the confused and rebellious Alice, as she tries to overcome her opposition and escape the lab. This time we’re treated to some old familiar faces, as the Red Queen digs up the factory versions of previous characters, such as Michelle Rodriguez, regardless of the fact she died in a previous film! Also, there’s the return of familiar creatures, such as the Axe Man and the Lickers; they’re now larger and have increased in number – but despite this, the improvements to the creatures are disappointing to say the least. There is also the return of the brainwashed Jill Valentine, who is the head of the mission to take down our heroine at all costs. A more emotional aspect is previewed in this film through the use of a deaf girl named Becky, who believes Alice is her mother and vice versa. The other characters who are sent in as reinforcement for Alice have little to do, and most of them are preyed on by zombies before they actually have a chance at any kind of dialogue. Similarly, the rest of the dialogue in the movie is quite empty and has no real impact. Verdict: There was a same-old feel throughout the movie and, sure enough, the end looks like there will be another film in the franchise; no surprises there. We have to ask however, has it gone too far? Judging from this movie, I would say it’s probably time for Anderson (the director) to leave it and move on.

Lady Gaga provided the M.E.N with an entrance that will never be forgotten. Not only did she Lady Gaga materialise from the dark and gothic castle setting, she rode a mythical black unicorn around. the stage: remarkable? Definitely! With a set list of familiar songs, such as ‘Bad Romance, Just Dance and Love Game’ it’s reminiscent of how far she has come in just four years. Gaga herself recognised this by talking about the first time she played her breakthrough song ‘Just Dance’ in Manchester, saying she’d never forget it. The Born this way ball, like her previous Monster’s Ball tour, has an insanely confusing, but good storyline, as it leads us through the event. In this case, the main theme was about Gaga being an alien and coming to Earth to get as much information as she could, which was a slightly strange theme. Of course, the outfits were as extravagant as ever, with a range of dresses and leather hot pants suited to Gaga’s weird and wonderful style – at one point Gaga became part of a giant motorcycle; she also sported a white cage dress in one of her acts. Gaga showed her appreciation for her fans support and loyalty by inviting one ecstatic fan onto the stage to sit with her while she sang ‘Princess Die’; she also accepted a customised jacket off another fan and wore it for some of her show – promising to return the jacket personally at the end of the concert. Gaga continually interacted with her fans and reminded them that no one on her stage was ‘pretending’. It was a highly entertaining, energetic show that featured Lady Gaga performing many different dance routines to some of our favourite hits. As the show ended, the crowd roared for Gaga to return and sing some more, she didn’t disappoint; returning to the stage to finish the night with ‘Edge of Glory’ and ‘Marry the Night’. With an acoustic version of the beginning of ‘Edge of Glory,’ it’s evident that no one could ever question her vocal skills, or her unique style of entertaining.


Music Quiz 1) What is the lead singer in Lawson called? 2) What was the last Swedish House Mafia song released? 3) What is Robbie William's song called, candy, sweets or chocolate? 4) When is Michael Buble touring in London? 5) What is Taylor Swifts brother called? 6) What was the Oscar winning song from the film Dirty Dancing? 7) Which artist sings the theme tune for the new James Bond film, Skyfall? 8) Which Carly Rae Jepsen song is currently the most popular in 2012? 9) Who left boy band „Take That‟ in July 1995? 10) Name 3 of the brothers from Jackson 5? 1)

Andy Brown

6) Time of my life


Don‟t you worry child

7) Adele



8) Good Time


30th June - 13th July




10) Michael, Tito, Jackie, Marlon,

Robbie Williams

Jermaine, Randy

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