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The Cross in Church


This picture is the cross setting in my church. The church I go is a Christian Church, so there is not have object of cross. Then the reason why I take this picture is because this cross meant a lot to me. When I first came to this church, I saw this cross and feel it is very creativity. It’s originally are four common fluorescent lamps .Besides, Just like this cross, it is a creativity church too. I went to this church two years ago, when I first came to this church, I was really shock and felt it's amazing in this church's decoration. Because church is old and have cross on the wall in my memory, this church is totally different. There is no cross and when stranger came here would think they enter some club. And people there wearing very fashion and filled with young people. At first, I even suspect if I went wrong way. This cross light is the decoration outside the church. The other reason I take this picture is because I become a stable member of this church. At first, tell the truth, I was attracted by the creativity in this church. I stayed at this church is because I learned the truth relationship here. Also I start to know myself based on an unchanged valuation. I tried and did a lot of things that I used to not to do. Just like this cross, it's originally a common fluorescent lamp, after decoration it's become a beautiful cross light.





Beauty Alice Walker and mine By Polly Beauty When The Other Dancer Is The Self

Beauty-Alice Walker and mine In when the Other Dancer Is the Self this story, I find out Alice was satisfied with her appearance but changed by an accident. When she was child, she usually use her dressing to show out how pretty she was. She also use chance to travel with her father to prove her beauty. She also was a talented girl. Then something bad happen while she was playing with her brothers who has a cowboy gun. Then she was shot by her brother by BBs. Her life start to change at that moment. The confident disappear as her eyes lost her eyesight. She start to realize everything become different when there is a different one among others. She began to afraid of facing people and staring at people. It's not only because of herself thinking, but also people around her talk about her difference. She try to jump out her bad thinking but in vain. Until her child said '' there's a world in her eye. What he said just free her and start to love her eyes. 170

Sometimes appearance affect us little but sometimes it affect us really a lot. Take an example, I have a mole on my face at the right side, I think it's very ugly when I was junior high school. But it's very strange that I didn't care about it when I was elementary school student. Although it's not like the scar of Alice Walker, it's still affect me a lot. When I take a picture, I hate to saw my mole showed up in the pictures. When I was walking, I couldn't bear I was stared at by someone. When I had a boyfriend, I even afraid he would not love me because of this mole. It's really make my life become busy, because I always cover somewhere in public, and scared it's will be find out. I found out that just a affect by advertising which describe how pretty is. I love to see beautiful women's pictures and movies very much. After I admire them, I start to think what I have and feel disappoint comparing with them. So I try to act like them, live like them and convince myself just the same as them. I almost lost my mind and couldn't tell who am really I.

Only true valuation can make us have a right confident. When I enter college, the same as I went to church and learned a lot there. At first I still use my originally eyesight to see people there. Little by little, I was taught that God create different human beings. Everyone is different and has distinctive point. Just like Alice Walker heard her child said to her, God talked to me that I am different than any others and only if I know this values I can find out the truly value.

La vie (edition b)  
La vie (edition b)