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BREAKFAST MENU Good Morning and welcome to Rainer's at the Ramada





Coffee or Tea

› Regular or Decaf

Apple, Orange or Cranberry Juice Milk

› local and farm fresh (small or large glass)

Chocolate Milk

Hot Breakfast

all served with home fries and choice of toast

c Two Eggs Any Style Steak & Eggs

› Two Eggs & Sirloin Steak

Egg Sandwich

› 2 Eggs & cheese with choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage on a toasted hard roll or english muffin (bagel $.75)

Corned Beef Skillet

› home fries and corned beef hash topped with two eggs

§ Breakfast Wrap

› eggs, cheese, sausage rolled in flour tortillas & grilled

Waffles and Pancakes

our toppings include apple, banana, cherry, strawberry & blueberry

Texas French Toast

› thick bread slices infused with vanilla & cinnamon (short stack or full stack)

Raisin French Toast

› cinnamon raisin bread garnished with raisins, craisins and pecans.


› 4 mini Belgium style waffles

§ Buttermilk Pancakes

› full stack or short stack

French Toast Combo

› short stack, two eggs, bacon & sausage with home fries

Big Breakfast

› short stack pancakes, two eggs, home fries, sausage & bacon served with toast

all prices are subject to 7% NY State Sales Tax


3 egg omelets served with home fries and choice toast choice of cheese: swiss, cheddar, american, mozzarella, or feta

Three Egg Omelet § Two Egg Cheese Omelet Greek Omelet

› feta, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes

Western Omelet

› ham, peppers, onions, cheddar

Veggie Omelet


c Healthy Start

› yogurt or cottage cheese served with fruit - choice of toast, muffin or bagel

c Cold Breakfast

› choice of cereal served with fruit - choice of muffin, toast or bagel

c Fruity Granola Plate

› yogurt topped with house made granola served with sliced melons

Extras Fruit Toppers

Greek Yogurt

Sliced Melons

Cottage Cheese

English Muffin

NY Style Bagel

› add banana, apple, strawberry, cherry or blueberry topping › seasonal fresh melons › toasted or grilled

› vanilla - blueberry - strawberry add granola $1.00 or fruit $1.50 › add fresh fruit $1.50 › toasted or grilled Add plain or chive cream cheese $.50

Blueberry Muffin

› toasted & served with butter


› wheat - white - rye - raisin

Sides Oatmeal

Corned Beef Hash

› add fruit $1.50

Crispy Bacon

Breakfast Sausage Home Fried Potatoes Breakfast Cereal

Sausage & Smoked Bacon Loaded Home Fries

› Sausage, Bacon & Cheddar

› Raisin Bran - Cheerios - Fruit Loop

* indicates options for group packages & include choice of coffee or juice! all prices are subject to 7% NY State Sales Tax

Ramada breakfast menu  
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