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Florida’s Top Metal Roofing Contractor Metal roofing could be particularly compatible matched to resist the ultimate conditions present in Florida. The range of profiles, colors, and finishes allow it to be great for both residential and commercial programs. Like a Florida roofing contractor with twenty five years of expertise, Rainbow Roofing has turned into a leader in metal roof installations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and also the surrounding areas. Our experienced specialists can tackle projects varying from large commercial building to more compact houses and are generally skilled at repairing most types of metal roofing in Florida. Our Company Specializes in Metal Roofing Metal roofing is definitely an excellent option for re-roofing many older houses and structures without taking on the cost charge and time frequently needed to get rid of the present roofing materials. New metal can frequently be installed over old metal roofing which has started to rust or leak, aged shingles, as well as some flat roofing items if framework is put into provide sufficient pitch towards the structure. In lots of situations additional insulation could be added between your existing roofing material and also the new metal as the story goes into position. However, all structures aren’t candidates for roofing - the knowledge and understanding we provide any project like a premier Florida roofing contractor let us make a check mark and see the very best solution for the structure. While installing metal roofing in Florida can be quite economical, we might have recommendations for other energy-efficient roofing systems that may better fit your application. Energy-efficient Metal Roofing Systems for Florida Metal roofing producers happen to be leaders within the effort to produce energy-efficient roofing systems that may greatly benefit home and office proprietors in places that air-conditioning costs could be a major concern. Structures with metal “cool roofing” materials may have the ability to lower their annual

energy costs by 20%-70% percent with respect to the building size and usage. Like a leading installer of eco-friendly metal roofing in Florida, Rainbow Roofing can function along with you to find out which product might provide your structure most abundant in energy savings with time and finest match your roofing budget. We take great pride in becoming a complete service Florida roofing contractor. Give us a call today to have an estimate.

Florida’s Top Metal Roofing Contractor