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Volume 6 - Issue 4 - December 2011

Photography by INDU BANDARA

EDITORIAL As 2011 comes to a close, we can reflect on the year that passed with feelings of accomplishment and joy. Yes, we had our downs as well, but by and large, we all felt collectively that we had accomplished a great deal this year. In 2010 Women Defining Peace (WDP) approached us to coordinate and facilitate a project addressing violence against Lesbian and Bisexual women in the rural areas. This project culminated in August this year, ending on a very positive note with the publishing of a report on violence against LB women in the rural areas. We learned a lot during the 14 plus months of the project. We are grateful to our 10 Satellite officers from the 4 districts we worked in. Without them this project would not have been possible. I would like to mention here that our team at EQUAL GROUND who handled this project from start to finish did an amazing job and they need to be congratulated for it. Of course we are also indebted to WDP (a project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and implemented by a consortium of World University Service of Canada, Cowater International and Match International) for having the confidence to entrust us with this project and having the vision of what we could and would achieve with the resources they gave us. In early 2010 we had a discussion with the International Center for Ethnic Studies and came to an understanding to hold a series of dialogues/forums on a variety of topics such as the law and homosexuality, religion and homosexuality, stigma and homophobia and so on. In early 2012 we plan yet another forum which will include a screening of the EQUAL GROUND advocacy documentary “Repeal Section 365A” and a discussion with a panel comprising of LGBT activists, lawyers and doctors. Our Campaign for IDAHO this year was stymied by the reluctance of the media to publish our ads for the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Although we did manage to publish our adverts eventually, it did take a lot of digging to find gay friendly media who would publish our advertisements without prejudice. Ironically our Media and Communications Unit also hit a snag when negotiations with the Press Institute to hold a series of sensitizing workshops for the media fell apart due to the pathetic attitudes of those at the PI who were reluctant to take on such a ‘controversial’ issue! Colombo PRIDE 2011 was an extremely successful 11 days this year. The foreign missions of the UK, USA, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands came forward to support PRIDE this year and the 11 day festival was filled with educational and entertainment events which drew unprecedented crowds. The culmination of PRIDE this year was the Colombo PRIDE Business Forum hosted by the British High Commission and the management of LBR and LBO along with Etv. For the first time in Sri Lanka top businessmen and women attended a PRIDE event which addressed Diversity in the Workplace! In the wake of this event, we have been approached by several multinational companies to hold sensitizing workshops for their staff and management on sexual orientation and gender identity. Our thanks to all our sponsors (as mentioned earlier) and including the Colombo Spirit, FPA, Etv and the Goethe Institute as well all our volunteers and of course the staff and trustees of EQUAL GROUND who made PRIDE memorable for everyone! In the past few months there has been unsavoury news emanating from our community which makes us all cringe. It is a pity that individuals perpetrating to be working for the betterment of the LGBT community choose to ignore the precincts of decorum and ethical principles and behave in a fashion that puts everyone in jeopardy. Panic was spread to cover up certain financial discrepancies and behavioural irregularities perpetrated by characters who have managed to hoodwink donors, community members and the like for several years now. It seems that in the rush to grab donor funds, people tend to forget why they got into activism in the first place. Activism is not about individuals and their agendas. It is about making a difference for the thousands and hundreds of thousands of LGBTIQ persons in this country making this country a better place for all of us. Those who use the LGBTIQ community for their own gains, such as this, must be severely punished. We

cannot and should not excuse bad behavior from anyone, especially the so called ‘leaders’ of our community, just because they are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Trans. They especially, must set an example, must be role models. It is indeed a shame that the reputation of the entire community was sullied by the acts of a few. Shame on them! In a ground breaking exercise, EQUAL GROUND launched the LGBTIQ Stigma Index project in January to document stigma and discrimination faced by the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka. With the assistance of the Grassrooted Trust, EQUAL GROUND managed to secure over 120 interviews which will lead to several statistics and a report that will be presented in January of 2012. We are particularly happy and proud of this project, the brainchild of one of our fearless Human Rights Defenders, Nigel de Silva. Nigel’s work lives on through every single member of the EQUAL GROUND Team. I believe he would be very proud of our efforts! Counseling services, extracurricular activities and other events take place at the LGBTIQ safe space regularly. The safe space has also hosted several capacity building exercises for the staff and satellite officers. In late 2011 EQUAL GROUND once again hosted the 2nd South Asian Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Conference & Training, which was an enormous success. The outcome of the conference was the establishment of a South Asian Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s network with representatives of Nepal taking the lead to host and facilitate the next conference and training in Nepal. There was good news from the international front as well with some of the highlights being - the UN passing a resolution to bring specific focus to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity and New York becoming the 6th State in the US to legalize same sex marriages. Additionally, David Cameron (The British Prime Minister) made a historical announcement following the CHOGM held in Perth, that the UK considered LGBTIQ rights to be Human Rights and the UK would withhold certain aid packages from those countries that continued to criminalize and violate the rights of LGBTIQ persons. And in a hard hitting speech to the UN in December, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton urged countries to uphold the Human Rights of LGBTIQ persons the world over. Saying that this is “one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time” she asserted that “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, human beings born free and given bestowed equality and dignity,” must be able to claim their human rights. She further stated that “…back in Washington, President Obama put into place the first U.S. Government strategy dedicated to combatting human rights abuses against LGBT persons abroad.” This is indeed good news for LGBTIQ persons in countries such as ours where funding for LGBTIQ issues is scarce and where HRD working on these issues, dodge ‘bullets’ daily. She concluded with the words “We are called once more to make real the words of the Universal Declaration. Let us answer that call. Let us be on the right side of history, for our people, our nations, and future generations, whose lives will be shaped by the work we do today.” We hope our country, which has a long tradition of embracing diversity and encouraging multiculturalism, will embrace the Secretary of State’s words and move forward to give all of the citizens of Sri Lanka the freedom to live in dignity and peace. We are sad to announce that Dilshan Hettiarachchi, one of our beloved Projects Officers, will be leaving us at the end of this year. Dilshan has been exemplary in his dedication to his work and EQUAL GROUND. He has gone above and beyond to make sure the work we took on was done professionally and well. We will all miss him a great deal and wish him every success in his new endeavours. Our MCU officer Damith Chandimal too, leaves us to continue his studies and we wish him well for his future. Our wishes for a happy festive season and all good wishes for the New Year!

Rosanna Flamer-Caldera

Rainbow News Interviews

Shaun Perera Artiste / Volunteer

Describe yourself for us… A definite socialite, an attention seeker, I’m passionate, emotional and ambitious, I’m a dreamer. Without my dreams I am nothing. I’m determined to make my dreams come true. Tell us a bit about how you got involved with EQUAL GROUND and why… Well honestly, I had no idea what EQUAL GROUND really was until my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to model for this show called 'Rainbow Runway' and told me it’s a gay pride event. I'll be honest I was a little skeptical at first, but getting involved was one of the best decisions I made for a lot of reasons. What was your reason to volunteer at Colombo pride? Volunteer? I don’t consider my involvement 'volunteering' at all. I mean to me volunteer means 'help' or 'assist' I don't think I did any of that. If at all I may have been more of a burden with my late arrival to rehearsals and not knowing how to walk on a runway in my underwear. All I did was model and sing a song and those are things I enjoy merely because I’m an attention seeker and both those things involved me being the centre of attention. So why would I say no?

from the LGBTIQ community? At first I felt uneasy but as time went on I enjoyed it so much and I would definitely do it again. Which I did, at Colombo Pride this year. I didn't know there was such a 'community', cause no matter what I don't see the reason to separate them from all other communities just because they are 'gay' or 'homosexual', whatever people want to call it. We are all people, people! Tell us about your personal goals and experience as a solo artist/member of a band/songwriter/music producer/personal trainer …and if there’s more … You guys really want me to write an essay here don't you? Ok as a solo artist I wanna release an album here and abroad. I’m currently working on a few covers and originals which I release one at a time almost on a weekly basis. When it comes to the band, I've always always ALWAYS enjoyed being the front man of the band, and after getting back into the whole ‘band scene' as we in Lanka love to call it I must admit I feel my way forward is here. But let’s see, you never know when and where I’ll catch the break I've been waiting for.

How do you feel about volunteerism and why do you feel it is important for young people like yourself to get more involved? Volunteerism is something I've always commended and felt more people should get involved in. We look around and complain about the little things we DON’T have in life and forget to appreciate what we HAVE. This all boils down to how spoiled we are every day and I’m guilty of the same thing. But having volunteered just ONCE in my life during the time of the tsunami I realized how much WE as people, just at least for that moment realize how much we have and it just makes you think twice before complaining the next time you miss one meal or your mum refuses to let you take her BMW out for a spin with your friends. In my opinion, our youth need to get more involved and so do I.

What did you gain as a volunteer and supporter of our organization? Was the experience a beneficial? Like I mentioned before, I was very skeptical and honestly coming from a very strong Christian back ground it’s almost etched into your head that homosexuality should not happen and that it is WRONG and UNNATURAL. Obviously when you grow up you realize that people have the right to make their own choices. Is falling in love unnatural? Is the fact that you’re physically attracted to another human being unnatural? Hasn’t God given us the freedom of choice? In my opinion the answer to the above is 'no' 'no' and ‘yes’ This is how I answer now. Yes, I am guilty of feeling a little uneasy before getting involved. But having been around people just like me (only difference being the fact that they are attracted to people of the same gender) opened my eyes. Most of them are still my friends. I had the opportunity to sit and talk to some of them and ask them questions that lingered in my head. As a result,I grew as a person. So yeah, to me, on a personal level this experience was very beneficial. Did you have any issues with the concept of working with people


Music producer? Hmmm let’s put it this way, I’m a qualified audio engineer. When it comes to producing music and putting a few chords together (although I try) I SUCK! But give me a song and I’ll definitely be able to help you come up with something good and what not but right now I'll just stick to the singing part more than anything else. As a song writer, I think the best piece I wrote was my song 'solitude' I will continue to write for myself and others if they want and if I write something I really think is worth developing into a record I’ll definitely get it done in a matter of time at my studio, which by the way is called ‘mixALOT’ studio We do commercials, voice overs, sound effects for videos and much more. Personal Training is another thing I love doing and I’m just about to launch, 'Shaun P's Training Room'. I make house calls throughout the week and have clients for the whole month. It’s tiring but it’s such a fun job. Again if anyone is interested in being personally trained by me please contact me, look for Shaun P on facebook…Hope you don’t mind, I took the opportunity to do a bit of advertising. What are your thoughts on homophobia in general, and within the art and media industry? “It's bad I don't like it, everybody whose homosexual has AIDS and I don't want to be near them”. To be completely honest and open if you asked me that question few years back I may have given you that answer. But now, I have no negative thoughts or opinions on it, but I feel that those people who have such 'thoughts' need to be a little more open minded. Think of it this way, every straight man out there whether they like to admit it or not love, I mean LOVE to watch a bit of lesbian porn. With NO DOUBT in my mind, I can say that in that moment they accept lesbians. It only becomes wrong when its two men. Not that I wanna see two men making love (I hope whoever reads this gets my point here. And I think I’ll end my answer to this question here). 02

How can Sri Lankan artists like yourself be used to educate, empower and sensitize people on LGBTIQ related issues? You can’t really use anyone to change minds or sensitize people on this subject. Like it or not as artists we will be judged. Name calling, banishing and everything bad under the sun will be done to stop us from making it if we try too hard to change people’s minds, especially in such a money driven, power hungry society like Sri Lanka. All we can do is try to get them involved (like I was) in certain things 'EQUAL GROUND' organizes. That may enlighten them and work better than any other method; it sure as hell worked on me. All people have to see is that we (homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or transsexual)are all PEOPLE from the same community, and in my opinion, I'm sorry but the homosexuals in our country need to stop calling themselves part of this 'LGBTIQ community' too. Do you have a message for your fans/peers/potential volunteers? Support my music! Come Record at my studio! umm and Come buy personal training sessions from me... ok ok in all seriousness, when it comes to this subject I have only one message. Have an open mind; always welcome new things into your life. Know that you have the freedom of choice to make whatever decision YOU want. Can we count on you to make more appearances at our future events? No. hahahah Of course you can. Anytime. But, this time around I’ve got a manager that you’ll have to contact. Trying to be professional haha The opinions stated are solely those of the interviewee and in no way reflects or represents the opinions or policies of EQUAL GROUND. EQUAL GROUND bears no responsibility or liability for the content of this interview.

Rainbow News Interviews

Mystica Flamer-Caldera If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be? I’m very loving. I’m very easy to make friends with and I like a lot of fun stuff. I’m always there for my family and children. Most of all I think I’m compassionate. That sums it up. What inspires you the most? My family. They inspire me to do things the way I do and live the way I like to. Each of them are different. Tami is fun in one way, and Rosanna is a little serious but can be very fun. My son is the serious one of the three but he does have a little fun side to him as well, and of course I’m very, very fond of my daughters in law too. I love my grandchildren. I just love them! What are your hobbies and future goals? Well Darling, I have a LOT of hobbies! When I am at home it doesn’t mean I sit and read and watch TV the whole day. Right now I’m making bon-bons and I make a lot of my simple clothes for the house. I’m always doing something. When I was in the States I learned a lot of crafts like macramé and crotchet…I’m never bored. I keep myself occupied. As for future goals, I just want to live a little longer and stay healthy with my family around me.

In Wilpattu circa 1961

Lion Cubs and Mysty approx 1964

What were the roles you took on instead of staying at home to cook & clean and how did you manage to break away from the conventional roles of women from your time? I worked as a nurse before I got married and then I had a beauty clinic. I was the first one to start that sort of thing, At the time my sister joined me as well. Then I went to the States and I worked there as well. I had a lot of fun staying in San Francisco. I thought if there was one place I would have to stay at apart from Sri Lanka that would be it. I was never tied down and had all the freedom I wanted. I could work or not work and my husband was very liberal and understanding. So I did what I wanted to do…within reason of course!

What were the challenges you had to face because of it? I didn’t have to face any challenges I mean I was helping women to stay slim and beautiful! There’s nothing wrong with that. How did you learn that your daughters were lesbians? And what was your first reaction? Well actually, they lived with me in USA, they didn’t really have to tell me. They didn’t come out straight and say, “ma I’m gay”. Gradually, I saw the signs. In my case, I thought to myself this is their life. It was their choice. I didn’t have a reaction, I could see how they interacted and I understood them so it never shocked me. I want them to be happy. Always be happy. Did your concerns/doubts/fears as a mother grow once you learned this? Not at all. I gave them their freedom and my concerns were the same as any other mother. What was the most difficult thing about having two daughters who were lesbians? And how did you deal with it? I didn’t really think about it. I didn’t think about any difficulties. They are two separate people. I mean I felt happy when they were happy and I felt sad if they were sad. Nothing unusual. Having stayed abroad I saw so many different people and they were all happy. They were happy, so happy with who they were!

Mysty & Douglas-‘60’s A little nurse at Durdans

Some parents, unable to deal with their children being of different sexual orientations, blame themselves and question their parenting skills. Did you ever find yourself doing that? Why should I blame myself? I am a separate individual. They are separate people it’s just that they were born to us. They have their own reasons to being the way they are. I mean can you see how well they are? Rosanna is doing a fantastic job and so is Tami. So you see, they are successful and happy. 03 01

10. Culture & religion usually encourage homophobia…do you come from a devout Christian background and if so, how did it affect you or your family? I am a devout Christian, but I don’t come from a devout Christian background. My background was not really in one place. My mom died when I was very young and my dad was in the police and so my three sibling and I were looked after by a very strict aunt. But, my background didn’t matter. I am happy here, with who I am here with. I have a wonderful family. What more could a mother ask for? 11. Did you have to face any sort of rejection or animosity from your peers/family because you supported your children? Not all, strangely enough. Not one person asked me, “Are your children like this? Really?” I think the friends I have respect me and know that it’s not nice to just confront me and question me though they had the right to ask. Even if they did question me it wouldn’t matter to me. They knew what my attitude would be I would just tell them straight up, “so what?” 12. Did you ever secretly wish that they were any different at any point in time?

No never. I always think in terms of happiness. It doesn’t matter that they are not married and what not, so many married couples have so many problems they look happy on the surface but they have so many problems. 13. What’s the one piece of advice you would give parents who are struggling to cope/accept children who are not heterosexuals? Communication is very important. Understand the Child’s feelings. Talk to them nicely; Love them as much as you can! Be there for them if they need advice and please don’t turn your back on them, they need your love. Children need support and at the end of the day would you rather have your child walk away or would you rather try to understand them and help them? It’s not something a child would just give up in a minute. Try to understand especially as mothers. Fathers are more inclined to be less understanding but as mothers we are compassionate and have to be understanding. The opinions stated are solely those of the interviewee and in no way reflects or represents the opinions or policies of EQUAL GROUND. EQUAL GROUND bears no responsibility or liability for the content of this interview.

Rainbow News

MICHAEL KIRBY Michael Kirby (born March 18, 1939) is the world’s first openly gay justice of a national supreme court. He is a former justice of the High Court of Australia and on his retirement was Australia’s longest-serving judge. In 1975, he was named deputy director of the Australian Conciliation & Arbitration Commission. Subsequently, he served as judge of the Federal Court of Australia, chairman of the Australian Law Reform Commission and as president of the New South Wales Court. In 1996, he was appointed to the High Court. Michael Kirby is a pioneering AIDS activist and has served on the World Health Organization’s Global Commission on AIDS and the United Nations Global Commission on HIV and the Law. In 1991, he received the Companion of the Order of Australia, the nation’s highest civil honor, and the Australian Human Rights Medal. EQUAL GROUND interviewed Michael Kirby for Rainbow News. Tell us bit about your coming out and how it acted as a personal benefit to you and your country? My openness about my sexuality arose initially from the HIV epidemic. I was involved in many activities in response. This made me realise the importance of helping to get rid of the laws that put a barrier between affected communities and knowledge. Shame and stigma are such a barrier. Accordingly, I became involved in HIV work. In 1999, I listed in Australian, ‘Who’s Who’ my partner, Johan van Vloten. We have now been together 42 years.


In 1974, you visited Sri Lanka and returned in 2003 thirty years later. How did you feel about the changes that had taken place over such a period of time? Sri Lanka went through a terrible period of conflict since 1974. This tends to damage human rights respect. The law on LGBT minorities has not

been repealed but actually strengthened to extend it to women. This is a step in the wrong direction. The foreign relations between Australia and Sri Lanka have been long continuing and peaceful. You were a part of the judicial group that visited Sri Lanka in 2003, before the war. What is Australia’s role to support peace and human rights in Sri Lanka in the post war context? I am not sure of the role of Australia and have no authority to speak for my country. There is a sizeable population of Sri Lankans in Australia. We share many links and have done so since the ships coming to and from Australia passed through Colombo and the Suez Canal in days gone by. I believe there is a good friendship between our two countries, reinforced by historical, cultural and sporting links. The LGBT community in Sri Lanka had high expectations and hoped the commonwealth countries would be able to come to a collective decision in order to decriminalize homosexuality; however this attempt failed yet again. What do you feel were the challenges that acted as barriers to work against this? I do not regard the attempt to have reformed the law on sexuality in many Commonwealth countries as having failed. The EPG report dealt with this subject in the context of the struggle against HIV. Statistics show that HIV is far more prevalent (between 2 and 4 times more prevalent) in Commonwealth countries than in other lands. This is therefore an urgent priority issue for the Commonwealth of Nations. The report proposals in this respect have been referred to consideration by officials. They are to report to Foreign Ministers who will resume consideration of the report in September 2012 in New York. Remember Winston Churchill’s motto:

‘Never Give Up’. There is opposition. Much of this is based on religious (especially Christian and Islamic) objections to homosexuality. However, these objections are difficult or impossible to reconcile with modern scientific knowledge about the realities of sexual orientation. We are still fighting to repeal the section 365 and 365 A of the penal code which criminalizes homosexuality in Sri Lanka. On the conferral of the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws at University of Colombo, the Convocation Address you mentioned, “You in Sri Lanka still have the relic of the same section, long after the instigators have themselves repealed it. By legislative or judicial decision, it should be abolished as quickly as possible” Could you briefly explain how this law affects the human rights of the country as well as the development of a country? The provisions of sections 365 and 365A of the Penal Code are identical to similar provisions still operating in 41 of the 54 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. Other European empires did not have these laws and so have not inherited such provisions. The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, established under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in its decision in Toonan v Australia(1994), concluded that such laws are contrary to fundamental human rights: the right to equality; to personal privacy; and to removal of discrimination on the ground of sex. It is time that Sri Lanka and other countries with this unlovely baggage of Empire got rid of the offensive provisions. As the Secretary-General of the United Nations (Ban Ki-moon) has said to the Human Rights Council, it is contrary to universal human rights and makes no sense from a public health point of view. What were the challenges that arose when Australia decided to accept LGBT rights? Australia has not yet accepted all claims by LGBT minorities. However, the old criminal laws have been abolished in every jurisdiction. There are anti-discrimination protections; and pension and similar rights have been equalised. Generally speaking, these moves, which have been made by Parliament, have been well received. When ordinary citizens meet members of the LGBT community, they realise how irrational the hatred of this minority is. People who have suffered discrimination on the grounds of their race or skin colour should know better than to discriminate against others on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation or sexual identity.

How did accepting LGBT rights help Australia in the process of its development? Removing discrimination against LGBT citizens affirms their full citizenship; it removes distracting discrimination and stigma; and brings all people, whatever their sexual orientation, into full partnership in the business of nation-building. The discrimination is an inantile disorder. It has been long abolished in the United Kingdom (where it came from) and in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mauritius and other countries. Do you have a message for the LGBT community of Sri Lanka? Especially to the young people who identify themselves as LGBTs? I would encourage members of the LGBT community in Sri Lanka to secure and maintain support and co-operation from heterosexual friends. What is needed is leadership and scientific rationality. Honesty about sexual orientation is itself a contribution to improvement. We overcame “White Australia” when we began to know fellow citizens from Asian and other continents. It is the same with GLBT people. Getting to know their ordinariness is an antidote to irrational hatred. The opinions stated are solely those of the interviewee and in no way reflects or represents the opinions or policies of EQUAL GROUND. EQUAL GROUND bears no responsibility or liability for the content of this interview.

05 01

The Stigma Index Project Many people live in fear due to their sexual orientation. It’s a universal fact that we live in a corrupt world with an equally corrupt system of governance and that sometimes the ‘good’ get’s stamped on and ‘bad’ prevails. But, this is why we create laws to abide by and rights to protect, in order to eradicate injustice. Basically, it’s an attempt to live and let live. Therefore, when a law that promotes injustice and targets a minority group is passed and strictly observed it is, with no doubt, a severe violation of our human rights. Sexual rights are human rights! Homosexuality is a crime punishable by law in our country and is maintained under section 365 A of the Penal Code. To this date, no account has been made to assess the level of stigma and discrimination faced by the LGBTIQ community. EQUAL GROUND has taken the initiative and is contributing towards the LGBTIQ Stigma Index Project. Trained individuals have gathered information by interviewing over 100 people who belong to this community with a high standard of consent and confidentiality. The stigma index project was put into action with much hope that it would get us a step closer to decriminalizing homosexuality.

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07 01

EQUAL GROUND WEBSITE GOES TRILINGUAL EQUAL GROUND has launched its new website complete with a host of new features and functionalities. Visit our website for news, views, publications and events, all available new in English, Sinhala & Tamil You can also sign up as a member, read our quarterly newsletter online, and access our many publications all with just a click!

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The Second South Asian LB Women’s Conference The 2nd South Asian LB Women’s Conference and Training was organized by EQUAL GROUND for the 2nd consecutive year in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The aim of the conference and training was to build the capacity and skills of up and coming LB Activists, and to address the challenging issues faced by LB Women in South Asia. The conference was attended by LB activists from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka and consisted of trainings on Yogiyakarta Gender & Leadership, Homophobic violence & Hate Crimes and Research Methodologies which were facilitated by Pramada Menon and Kemone Brown. The participants and hosts concluded this successful event with a strategic plan to build a South Asian LB Network in order to strengthen LB Women’s organizations and individuals in the South Asian region and build potential LB leaders within the regional LGBTIQ movement.

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India celebrates second annual Pride events since decriminalization Two of India’s largest cities held Pride events this weekend, with organisers saying it was a chance to “rejoice that we are here and will always be here”. The organisers of Bangalore Pride also said they hoped the country’s Supreme Court would uphold the 2009 ruling which determined that laws against homosexuality violated the constitution. In a statement, they called for the state to provide public services to the LGBTIG community without discrimination, especially to the transgender community with regard to voter IDs, driving licenses, pensions and old-age homes.

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Sean Maher on coming out in Hollywood Sean Maher made headlines last week when he became the latest Hollywood actor to come out. With a film and TV career spanning 14 years, he is perhaps best known for his role in Firefly and its movie sequel, Serenity. He currently stars in NBC’s The Playboy Club.

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Internet giant Google Inc. has confirmed that its US transgendered staff will now be able to access improved corporate healthcare Updated benefits, announced internally by company officials cover gender transitioning procedures and treatments in accordance with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care. Google spokesman Jordan Newman told The Advocate that: “As the WPATH Standards of Care are considered the highest standards of care for transgender individuals, we agreed to cover the full range of procedures under WPATH” .The company has also doubled the maximum dollar amount for transgender health care benefits from $35,000 to $75,000.Last year, Google executives announced they would start paying gay and lesbian workers at a higher rate, in order to compensate them from unequal tax laws. Federal laws that do not recognise gay relationships mean same-sex couples must pay an additional tax when their partners receive domestic healthcare benefits.

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A lesbian couple from Iowa have said they are unsure whether or not to pursue a civil rights complaint over the refusal of a Christian baker to make their wedding cake! Victoria Childress had told Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sievers she would not be able to provide the ceremonial dessert. In an interview with Iowan TV station KCCI, Childress said: “They came in, and she introduced herself, I shook her hand and I said, ‘Is this your sister?’” On hearing that it was a lesbian couple she was being asked to provide a cake for, Childress explained that she was a Christian and did not want to continue. She continued: “I didn’t do the cake because of my convictions for their lifestyle. “It is my right as a business-owner. And it’s not to discriminate against them. “It’s not so much to do with them as it’s to do with me and my walk with God, what I will answer to him for.” Childress added that the couple were “very pleasant”.Vodraska, one half of the engaged couple, said: “I appreciated her being honest.” But she added: “I know Jesus loves me, I didn’t need her to tell me that. I didn’t go there for that, I went there for a cake.”

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Fashion Closets are for clothes At just 19 years old Serbian-Australian model Andrej Pejic emerged as the face and physique for androgynous fashion. His long platinum blonde hair and really gorgeous feminine features caught the attention of many design gurus. Two design tycoons decided to go down ‘guess-the-gender’ road last year when they used Andrej to walk the ramp clad in women’s attire; Jean Paul Gaultier placed him alongside the famous Czech model Karolina Kurkova and was followed by Marc Jacobs who used him in his ‘Marc’ by Marc Jacobs campaign

Alexander McQueen. Calvin Klein. Christian Dior. Cristóbal Balenciaga. Domenico Dolce. Stefano Gabbana Giancarlo Giammetti. Giorgio Armani. Norman Hartnell. Rudi Gernreich. Valentino Garavani. Yves Saint Laurent. Marc Jacobs… If you don’t recognize any of these names, you need to come out of your closet just like they did…The world of fashion has transformed itself into a platform for creative geniuses like the people mentioned above and has proven to be a very popular form of art amongst the LGBTIQ community. These names in fashion have evolved into much more than just a group of fabulous designers. They’ve become house hold names of success & stardom, all of that whilst been public about their sexual orientations…that shouldn’t even be taken into account of - ones sexual orientation shouldn’t determine his/her level of success. Unfortunately, that only happens in Utopia. At a Parisian fashion show in 2011, the fashion industry could not stop asking “who’s the blonde girl?”

Andrej strutted the ramp in a semi see-through wedding gown by J.P.G, his flat chest wasn’t surprising, and I’m sure no one would have guessed if he was in a puffy skirt, but the bulge that was visible through the tight gown unfolded quite a bit of drama. Whilst some considered it to be the androgynous look at its peak, others felt it was leaning more towards misogynist ways that were stealing female models of their femininity. Although this is a debatable topic in terms of the unhealthy female have models and the impact it has on women, one must look for a silver lining in such instances. So in my own unbiased opinion it is good to see people from the LGBTIQ community stand up for what they want and have such an influence over so many. Thanks to the skills of such designers and the power they so rightfully have bestowed upon them to set trends, there’s a lot more opportunities to express yourself through clothes these days. Whether you’re queer or straight, you can pick how you want to look and still look stylish whether it’s your girlfriends’ jeans or your boyfriends’ shirt. The androgynous look is quite popular and is back in style, and it’s bigger and bolder than ever before. So the next time you decide to sport a sassy unisex haircut, carry an Indiana Jones satchel or put on a floral shirt …You may not know it yet, but you’ve just been fashionably equipped for change - so Cheers to gay pride! Deeandra Bulner

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She was born within him


Narthaki is a groundbreaking Indian film, based on true events and is produced by Punnagai Poo Geetha. The movie focuses on the hardships of life that transgendered individuals deal with. Set in rural India, the story revolves around the main character ‘kalki’ a young transgendered individual who later transforms into the heroine of the movie.It captivates the audience with its harsh realism and takes them on a journey into the mind and life of the main character. zk¾;dlsZ Ñ;%mgh i;H l;kaorhla miqìï jQjls' bkaoshdfõ ixl%dka;s iudcNdù mqoa.,hka úiska f.k hk cSjk wr.,h fuu Ñ;%mgfhka ksrEmKh fõ' bkaoshdfõ .%dóh mrsirhla miqìï lrf.k os. yefrk fï Ñ;%mgh zl,alsZ kue;s ;reK ixl%dka;s iudcNdù ;reKshf.a <ud ld,h;a" wef.a ixl%dka;sh isÿ jk wdldrh;a" ta yd ne÷Kq úúO w;aoelSï o bosrsm;a lrhs' cSú;fha r¿ h:d¾:hkag uqyqK foñka wNS; .ukl fhfok fï ;reKshf.a l;dj mdGl Tnf.a o is;a ji. lr .kakjdg ielhla fkdue;' tp[agj;kh ,af;fj;jpy; tsu;e;JtUk; glkhd eu;j;jfpapy; jpUeq;if xUtu; `PNuhapdhf ebf;fpwhu;. ,J Fwpj;J glf;FOtpduplk; Nfl;lNghJ....jpUeq;iffspd; tho;f;if Kd;Ndw;wj;Jf;F Nrit nra;jjw;fhf mnkupf;f murpdhy; fTutg;gLj;jg;gl;ltu; fy;fp vd;w jpUeq;if mtu;jhd; eu;j;jfpapd; `PNuhapd;. tptpd; `PNuhthf ebf;fpwhu;. rpd;d rpd;d tp\aq;fis kfpo;r;rpahf vLj;Jf;nfhz;L tho;e;J tUk; jpUeq;iffspd; tho;f;if nfhz;lhl;lNk glj;jpd; fij. glj;jpy; jpUeq;iffs; NgRk; `fTb` nkhopAk; Ngrg;gLk;." vd;wdu;. r%fj;jpy; kl;Lky;yhJ jkpo;j; jpiug; glq;fspYk; jpUeq;fis mtyq;fshf fhl;LtJk;> Nfypf;Fs;shf;FtJk; njhlu;fijahfptUk; Roypy; ,e;j mlf;FKiwfisAk; eifahly;fisAk; jhz;b yptpq;];iky;(LIVING SMILE); tpj;ah> fy;fp Nghd;wtu;fs; cjtp ,af;Fdu;fshTk;> fjhehafpfshfTk; jpiuAyfj;jpy; mq;fk; tfpf;fpwhu;fs;. jpUeq;if fy;fp ebj;j eu;j;jfp vd;w glj;ij [[agj;kh ,af;fpapUf;fpwhu;. Gd;difg;G+ fPjh jahupj;jpUf;fpwhu;. ,g;glj;ij ghu;j;j jzpf;if FOtpdu;> "jpUeq;iffspd; typiaAk;> me;j r%fj;jpd; xl;Lnkhj;j Nrhfj;ijAk; fku;\payhf nrhy;ypapUf;fpwPu;fs;. mJNt ngupa rhjid" vd;W ghuhl;bdhu;fshk;.

Why “coming out” is so important… I wanna tell you one thing before you start reading this. If you have already come out, I am sure you have felt the same consolation of being truthful and honest to your friends and loved ones. I’m still 19. I’ve faced some difficulties and also had some great memories because I’m gay. I’m going to share my own experience and beliefs of what it means to be free. The freedom of living your own life as you are, and as you wish. For me, it was not that easy to believe my sexual orientation when I first had feelings of love towards a guy but after a few years, I am now openly gay. Some find this obscene and queer. I was in the 7th Grade when I first found out that I was attracted to guys. I didn’t wanna be ill-treated or be isolated by telling my family or anyone else as I had a sound knowledge of what society has to say about this. I knew my family would never tolerate this. Things changed a bit after I learned that homosexuality is natural and no longer considered a mental disorder or something abnormal. Knowing this led me to take a few steps forward and I started surfing the internet, logging into medical sites and some other interesting sites as well. I needed to have a clear idea of what I was going through and I was just finding ways of informing my parents about it. Finally, I met a very good friend who was openly gay and was spending his life happily with his family. He inspired me in many ways by telling me his own story, how he was treated when he came out and how he was accepted by his family and friends.


I can’t remember the date and time, but I was only 17 when I decided to tell my parents. I told my uncle first because he was always like a dad to me and was always there every time I needed help. He played a major role in my life; I would often confide in him about things I could not share with my own parents.

He was shocked after he heard what I had to say and was really disappointed. However, he was not upset with me. He wanted me to go to a psychiatrist and thought this could be fixed. I didn’t break away.I was taken to a doctor and I decided to listen to what he had to say. Instinctively, the doctor could understand I was nervous at the time. He explained what sexual orientation and gender identity meant and he repeated this to my parents as well. As he explained I could see my mum’s face fill up with gloom. I was helpless. I didn’t choose for this to happen. I thought to myself, what kind of life I will I lead? Will it always be disturbed? Will it be a shameful one? I slipped away to cry. I expected a different response from my family. The doctor was much more successful than I thought. My parents didn’t want me to see another doctor or go through any kind of therapy. I knew they loved me. Eventhough, I’m their only child, they understood it now. Sometimes they may have thought that I might change as I grow older. However, they have accepted me. I know they don’t like it but it was my dad who let me go to the EQUAL GROUND Kite festival and it was my mum who bought some gay themed novels for me when I asked her. Sometimes I tell my mum about the guys I’m interested in. I see that it makes her feel awkward. I just want to make all of this familiar to them. I know it hurts them. But I tell myself that someday they not feel like their hopes for me have crumbled; hopes of a daughter in law and hopes of grandchildren. I know they don’t feel comfortable talking about my orientation. It’s been 2 years since I came out.

I think they have enough knowledge and love to see that I am normal. I have achieved one of my goals in life. I’m cheerful because I have been courageous and I sometimes sense that my lifestyle has always been a blessing for me. I am proud of it. Even in this 3rd world country most people are educated enough and are really supportive. When I posted, ‘I’m Gay’ as my Facebook status I received over 50 messages in one day. Most of my friends who I didn’t think would be supportive were and responded positively. There were those who asked if I was crazy as well. I’ve written this because I want people to come out and enjoy the freedom of being a respectable human. We need more people to do this in order to bring about change. Just like in an election, we must have votes.



I am openly gay and I am proud. What is the point of hiding who I really am and suffering? I know that if you come out to the people you love, they will accept you.Perhaps, not instantly but in due course they will. Give them time, provide them with information, make it a topic that you can discuss as a family maybe even find a few pro-gay movies and watch it with them. Finally, this land needs you whether you are gay or straight. There are many people just like you everywhere in the world. Try to make a difference by accepting yourself first then tell your loved ones. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Your courage may help others to come out as well. Do your part right now. I am sure if you do, your life will be happier and our community will be stronger. Maybe years from now, you may remember it as the moment when you see our people having their freedom and you will know that your story contributed to that. Saranga Anjana Wijerathna

This is disappointing -- but the fight is far from over. All Out is working on a new ‘We are not illegal’ blog, which will bed use to draw the world media's attention to the impacts on millions of us of these backward laws. “Right now, almost 80 countries around the world make it a crime to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. In 10 of those nations, you can be sentenced to death or life behind bars” “Criminalizing me for who i am is appalling and pathetic. Repeal 365 and 365 A” Niluka “We are stigmatised, discriminated and violated every day. Criminalisation kills us daily - our spirit, our hopes, and our will to live. Its time we decriminalised homosexuality in ALL countries” EQUAL GROUND “This is an era of humanity, where human rights, human dignity and social justice is respected by law and order. Give us dignity and justice, treat us like humans. No privileges needed, just Equality” Damith

“I applaud your courageous statement pushing for an end to laws across the Commonwealth that make it a crime to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Please push the Commonwealth Heads of Government to address the issue this week in Perth, Australia and send a strong message to the world: no nation should make it a crime to be who you are and love who you choose.” “We are not illegal” is an online campaign ( launched in parellel with Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM) which was held in Perth Añtrlia, on 1st of November 2011 asking Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary General of the Commonwealth to push the heads of governments in Commonwelath countries to decriminalize homosexuality. 31,000 people supported this online campaign by making supportive comments on the online petition. However, the CHOGM could not come to a decision to decriminalize homosexuality in Commonwealth Countries. Despite pressure from the Secretary General, and courageous activism from LGBT activists across the commonwealth, leaders of member nations in Perth ruled out supporting a Commonwealth-wide decriminalisation of homosexuality.

“Working in the field of HIV prevention, criminalization prevents us from reaching men who have sex with men effectively, AND, more importantly, we value the right to express ourselves, and be who we are!” Hans “When I have to look over my shoulder constantly, not be able to have a normal relationship because of the stigma and discrimination I face daily - how is this living?” Rosanna “Laws must be changed. For too long we have been punished for being ourselves. Governments are elected to lead. WE ASK YOU TO DO YOUR JOB AND LEAD!” Malcolm “Love and Friendship come in very different forms! Gay, lesbian or transgender does not change the fact that they are human beings with emotions, the same as us all. Who are WE to judge or condemn?” Krishan Noel “It affects me so profoundly that i can’t even use my real name.” Froggie

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“I'm lucky enough to have the option of living free in another country, but I really shouldn't have to” Shawn “It prevents me from enjoying the things everyone else enjoys. Like holding hands with my boyfriend in public, having a wedding, entering into contracts, taking care of each other…” Dinesh

To Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary General of the Commonwealth

“This is the way we were born, we can’t change this. This is not a sin. We are just like you. It’s just that our sexual desires are different. Every person has the right to live freely.” Rana

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Equal Treatment? ‘Sex’ is not only a controversial issue; it is also a controversial word in a country that is severely bound by religious & cultural ties. So one can only imagine the myriad of issues and alternate opinions that arise in relation to sexual orientation in a society such as ours. The Universal Periodic Report is a process, under the patronage of the human rights council, which allows the declaration of measures that have been taken towards the betterment of human rights in any given situation. This method was introduced in 2006 to ensure equal treatment for all. In recent times a much needed action came into play when the UN declared that the international human rights law prohibits discrimination and criminalization on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. This was a positive boost not only for LGBTIQ persons worldwide, but also for those of us who strive to bring about change and long to replace a dogmatic system with a liberal one. We depend on our ‘elected’ leaders to adapt to these changes, to develop the value of our communities, to be impartial and uphold the rights of each and every citizen, to take maximum advantage of The UPR mechanism in order to improve the quality of all our lives, to set an example for the next generation of leaders, and mainly to address and resolve the violation of human rights whenever & wherever they occur, not just

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occasionally. Of course, this is merely the belief system of those of us who have a general conscience that discards discrimination and unjust treatment… so obviously our government is not on the same page. Yes, it was rejected because how in god’s name could they get on with their lives whilst standing up for something that was contemporarily correct? In my opinion, when individuals are abused, mentally or physically, not for their actions but simply for who they naturally are it affects not only them but all of us. While as cliché as this may sound, it is true, that we all belong to one society. Unfair treatment based on such a trivial thing as one’s sexual orientation tears this apart, paving the way for an even further divided community. It’s baffling. As if the gap between the rich & poor issue that we’ve been combating every single day since the dawn of humanity isn’t enough to deal with! Why is it that heterosexuals are easier to accept than those who aren’t? Is it because they don’t waver from the sexual norms of society? Are the others guilty of a crime for being born the way they are and not conforming to the system? Isn’t it a universal fact that respect and dignity should be earned based on our day to day actions and not on who we are attracted to? Isn’t it better to make love than to make war? I think it’s demented and rather queer (pun intended) that some of us have no problem with men holding guns but go berserk when we see them holding hands. It’s time we all get a lot of new perspective. Deeandra Bulner

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Remembering Nigel December 5, 2011 It’s been a year since the EQUAL GROUND family lost Charles Nigel De Silva ,better known as ‘Nigey’ or ‘Queen Nigella’. Nigel was a passionate activist, a mentor and an inspiration to many. A memorial on his behalf has become an annual event organized by EQUAL GROUND. His loved ones gathered to celebrate his vivacious life with heartfelt prayers, Christmas carols, choreographed dances and lots of sparkling décor! Nigel will always live on at EQUAL GROUND. Through the many projects, the many events, and the many extracurricular activities we plan each month…..Nigel lives! Rock on Queen Nigella!

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Just want to say that after living here for 8 years as a UK Citizen with a Sri Lankan partner (we have a UK Civil Partnership) I ADMIRE and RESPECT everything you do. If you ever need any help or support please let me know. Best wishes and THANKS for all you are doing! Simon I am also a person part of your community, years and years, I have struggled my life in-between my true life and the life which I am showing to the outside world. Once I saw your web site, and comes to know that I am not alone. I have wasted my life for the last 35 years with all my talents, now I want to show it to the world because you encouraged me. Thank you Roshan


December 2011 Edition


December 2011 Edition