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Why CBSE Is The Best Choice For School? The CBSE was given its present name ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’s in the year 1952. The Board was reconstituted in the year 1962 .The CBSE is the main apex board which is not only having a pan Indian jurisdiction but also has global presence with nearly 141 plus affiliated schools across 21 countries. CBSE is the only board, has been engaged in the in-service training of teachers and Principals as a part of its mandate for the last decade also conduct capacity building programs for academic staff to support Continuous Professional Development of the teachers and the Principals. Regularly updates the pedagogical skills of teachers and administrators by conducting in service training programs, workshops, etc…. Let us see why CBSE tops of all the boards in India:

Curriculum and Assessment: 1. Subjects taught during the years include English, Mathematics, Science and Languages. It

focuses on conceptual learning and creates independence and confidence to be self dependent. 2. Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), a new system of education implemented by CBSE for students of sixth to tenth grades. It removes the marking system and introduces grading system based on a series of curricular and extracurricular activities. 3. It comprises formative and summative assessment of the student to be done over two terms – first and second -during the year-long academic calendar. 4. Curriculum development and curriculum innovation have been the pursuit of the Board over the years to make the curriculum more meaningful, relevant and life-oriented.

Life Skills, Value Education, National Ethos Motivational inputs for aural, visual and kinesthetic learning Promotes social awareness and commitment. Trains children in citizenship and leads environment awareness Guides children to enjoy, leisure constructively who nurtures equanimity and grit in the face of challenges. 5. Develops logical thinking and scientific aptitude , 6. Develops holistic individuals 7. Strengthens value based approach to life to meet emerging global challenges. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Latest Salient Features of CBSE: CBSE has recently introduced CBSE - an international curriculum tested abroad  Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student

centered paradigms.  Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices,  Skilled learning by adding job oriented and job linked in  Better Adaptable to numerous talent search examinations, entrance exams and scholarship exams in India as the content is based on CBSE syllabus.

Why Rainbow International School Thane? Rainbow International School is an educational institute of repute amongst CBSE Schools in Thane. Nestled in the natural environs, Rainbow International School stands par excellence in terms of ambience. Besides an impressive building the school presents an unusual setting of rural life comprising of a hut, well, a pair of bullock cart & vegetable garden for farming activities. In addition to this the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji stands tall and adds to the panoramic view of the school. We are the pioneers amongst CBSE Schools in Thane to adopt innovative ways in education that have helped redefine classrooms. In pursuit of excellence, we extend learning beyond physical boundaries of a classroom, ICT enabled delivery of lessons with the help of Smart Boards and Software installed laptops have made teaching & learning an interesting phenomenon. In terms of infrastructural facilities Rainbow International School has made a mark of its own amidst renowned CBSE Schools in Thane. Besides a well-equipped Science, Mathematics & ICT Laboratory, a well-stocked Library, Recreational Room are an asset. The broad spectrum of education prevalent today calls for an opportunity for each student to adequate experience & space for dialogue and removal of stage fear hence we have one indoor auditorium & two outdoor stages. The state of the art classrooms include colorful benches with inbuilt lockers to reduce bag weight. Amidst CBSE Schools in Thane, the quality initiatives taken by Rainbow International School are not restricted scholastic areas alone. In both Co-Scholastic & Life Skills domain, the school has initiated various programs like Heritage club, Culinary Club, Interactive Club, School trips & Overnight tours where students learn problem solving, coping with stress, spirit of tolerance, team management etc. Rainbow International School is synonymous to an amalgamation of modernity & tradition, Technology & values. In fact we are one amongst the finest CBSE Schools

in Thane to include Value education, Gender Sensitivity & Personality Development in the formative years of a child in the school. As a prime CBSE School in Thane, Rainbow International School caters to the demographic projections of national & global world demands of ever evolving times to ensure competent, knowledgeable, transformed, socially productive & accountable global citizens. These quality initiatives have helped us meet international standards and make students from abroad feel at home. A team of qualified & experienced facilitators make learning a joyful experience for the students. They are motivated to unlearn what is redundant, learn what is desired and relearn if required on an ongoing basis. Games & Sports are important means of recreation, self-discipline and are useful in maintaining good health. Rigorous sports training in different sports disciplines is given by experts. Exclusive sports grounds for specific sports & exceptional sports like Horse riding & Adventure sports make us stand out among CBSE Schools in Thane. Being one of the best CBSE Schools in Thane, we have students from across the globe. Hence we take the onus of providing a suitable platform to enhance their skills, enrich their knowledge & build their confidence. The perfect blend of skill & competence will transform the society and build a strong nation.

Marks Vs Grades System Marks: 1. In the marks system it measures intelligence of students based on marks and ranks. 2. Students in this system are aim to get only one thing - good scores in each subject. 3. Students in the system are always encouraged to outperform each other which may not give fruitful result. 4. Many times it puts students as well as parents under a lot of pressure for the different reasons like low score in academic, rewrite mistaken task etc. 5. Always note that the passion to outperform makes students ready to take pressure in Higher classes. In this marks system you will notice pressure over students’ increases only.

Grades: 1. In the grade system one of the best thing that measures students intelligence based on their performance instead of marks and ranks. 2. Grade system believes to encourage overall development of students rather than only academic such as personality development, social development etc. 3. There is very poor competitiveness among students whether students are encouraged to focus on their aim for own success. 4. The system relieves students and parents from unnecessary pressure, it believes to set them free so that students will achieve their aim and parents will know what our kids like or love to do in their lives. In the long run School life become so easy for everyone. 5. It makes students to face difficulty in coping up with the pressure during higher studies.

Contact: Rainbow International School Thane, Chestnut Naka, Manpada, Thane(W). Website:

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Amidst CBSE Schools in Thane, the quality initiatives taken by Rainbow International School are not restricted scholastic areas alone. In bo...

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