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Volume 9 Issue 1 Number 22 Spring 2013-2014

Academy News Coming soon: Education News From Around the World The rate of change in the world today is increasing with unprecedented and alarming speed. We are also seeing greater and greater interconnectedness. First,

Language is still a factor that inhibits the exchange of ideas at an international level. The majority of information being exchanged among people in diverse locations around the world is in English. And the amount of information available far surpasses the rate of translation of

Education News Coming soon!

Thank you to Kimiko, who has studied with us for 11 years

between fields that were once thought separate, like psychology, education, and engineering. But also, people separated by physical distance are now connected though faster, more frequent, and affordable travel options, the growth of printed media, and of course most immediately, the Internet and its instantly accessible library of the world. Will we be able to handle this massive amount of change, information, and interconnectedness?

this information into Japanese. To help promote the exchange of ideas, especially in the field of childhood education for parents and teachers, we will soon be launching a Japanese-language blog that both offers translated summaries of English-language articles and provides a forum for discussion. We will also add commentary, explaining how they relate to the Academy’s goals and methods, to provide insight into how we view education.

The blog is part of our ongoing commitment to community service. We hope that parents and students will assist us in sharing this blog with anyone interested in the exchange of ideas for learning and growing.

Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets

Hanami and Easter Egg Hunt Photos Photographs from the Hanami on March 31 are now available. Please email or see your (or your child’s) teacher for the contact sheet (picture thumbnails) and an order form. Photo Service pictures are all individually selected and processed. We offer high-quality digital photographs, prints, and photo stickers.

What is it? 1




4 Linkup Academy Managing Partner Tristan has taken an additional position of Fukuoka Regional Partner for, an English-language travel website for Japan. In line with the goals of Rainbow Bridges, he’s taken this position to

further international appreciation and exchange that will promote intercultural and interpersonal understanding. Unlike other currently available tourist information sites, English speakers and

English-speaking Japanese who live in Japan and are familiar with the local areas produce JapanTourist content. There are representatives throughout the country and hundreds of writers that know great sightseeing spots, hotels, restaurants,

bars, onsens, parks, cafes, activities, tours, shopping, transportation, and more.

Unlike a guidebook, the content is free, entirely online, has far more information, and is constantly updated. There are already 3,500 articles and photo stories

Please visit the site at

trip for kids on July 21-22, we are also considering two trips to the USA: one for children and one for adults. The USA trips would be about a week long each and take place in August. If a minimum of 10

interested people for each of the two trips notify us, we will create the programs and put forth a travel package. So if you might be interested in going overseas, please contact us very soon.

360 Rainbow Feedback System Announcing 360 Rainbow

and move toward a greater level of mutual understanding.

This spring, for all 50-minute children’s classes, we are starting a new 360-degree feedback system called 360 Rainbow. We hope it will facilitate student progress toward becoming more active learners with greater self-management. Working with the system’s introspective and diagnostic documents should help to clarify the students’ purpose of study, goals, and progress and improve communication between teachers, staff, students, and students’ families. Working together and thinking deeply about goals, attitudes, and the learning process, we can create an even better learning environment

The system will cycle four times a year beginning this month and is composed of 3 main documents: 1) An evaluation from the previous quarter (January to March) 2) A signature form that, one, asserts that a family member has read the evaluation and discussed it with the student, and two, offers space for feedback for the teacher, staff, and academy 3) A Rainbow Book, kept in the student’s binder, which will keep track of attendance/ homework, personal goals, and personal reflections

HELLEN KELLER (1880-1968) American author, speaker, and activist alone: by one’s self; not with others

Student Evaluation Name: Rainbow Junior

Evaluation Date: 4/23/2013

Class: Super Rainbows

Academic Year: 2012-2013

Progress: 1-6-1


Quarter: 4

Period: January-Marc h 2013

クラスでの様子 (Behavior) 4.0






講師からの評価 (Evaluation) 今回がんばった点:Strong

points this quarter were:




ユーモアのセンスがある 最も成長した点:We

have noticed the most improvement in:




for the upcoming quarter are to:


間違いをおそれない 自分なりの方法で、知りたいことの


The Rainbow Book and Evaluation

Famous Quotations Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

These documents, along with an introductory explanation handout entitled “360 Rainbow” are being distributed in classes over a period of a few weeks this month. Please ask your child about them and take the time to go through them carefully. We are looking forward to being in better communication and learning together!

Kids’ Corner

Learning is fun. Every day we all learn something new. And with each new thing we learn, we grow. Ichiro, Hikaru Utada, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ken Watanabe, Keisuke Honda, and Masayoshi Son. What do all of these people have in common? Besides being successful and famous, they all speak English very well!

1. It’s an album. 2. It’s a gorilla. 3. It’s a hawk. (It’s a bird.) 4. It’s a camel.

Also, if you own a business or work for a government office that wants to attract tourism or might be interested multilingual services such as ad creation, website development, print services, language services, and software development services, please contact us.

2013 Summer Camps As part of our plan to expand chances for students to interact meaningfully with others in English outside of the classroom, we are looking to expand our summer camp programs. In addition to a local overnight

Are you interested in getting published? In addition to English content, JapanTourist is expanding to include Japanese, Chinese, and Korean articles. If you are interested in being part of the project by commenting on the site or writing or translating travel articles—in any of these languages—about places you know well and introducing the Japan to the world, contact us. Through deals with major corporate sponsors, writing and translating articles, and even just

commenting on them, earns reward points that can be exchanged for things like household items, hotel stays, and even airline tickets.

What is it?

about places both famous and off-thebeaten-path, and the site is only in its second year.

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The Bridge: Spring 2013 English  

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