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Volume 9 Issue 3 Number 24 Fall 2013-2014

Academy News Summer Camp You can now catch a short film of the twoday Summer Camp adventure in Yame on our YouTube channel.

USA Trips Our school made two small-group trips to the United States, one for children and one for adults. Students had the opportunity to experience a very wide range of things, from big city adventures in Chicago to countryside homestays, neighborhood parties, camping, and one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. Volunteer at the Expo Rainbow Bridges helps coordinate the Kyushu ELT (English Language Teaching) Expo each year in Fukuoka, the largest professional development event for English teachers in western Japan. Student volunteers (elementary school students and older) get the opportunity

Look for a flyer or check the website for details and how to sign up for the December 8 event. Halloween Trick-or-Treat Students from all over the city and beyond traveled to Hiikawa in Jounan Ward for our annual Trick-or-Treat. We were happy to see an increase in effort and imagination in costumes this year, with more participants dressing up as famous characters or people, experimenting with occupations or monsters, and dressing up in scary or cute outfits. Although the trick-ortreaters were able to practice their English, meet new people, and explore the neighborhood, they probably had the most fun getting candy and bobbing for apples!

Christmas Party Our annual downtown Christmas dinner will be at El Borracho in Akasaka on December 14. Space is limited to 40 people

We will match your donations to the Philippines

and last year was sold out, so please notify a staff member early if you’d like to make a reservation. Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Relief In solidarity with the people of the Philippines as they struggle against the catastrophic effects of Typhoon Haiyan, Rainbow Bridges is launching an aid program. For all donations made by Rainbow Bridges students and families to this program, the school will contribute a donation matching that amount to Save the Children. We will also donate 25% of all sales in the EFL Materials Store. Please donate by November 30.

What are they?


to interact in English with teachers from all over the world while helping out at the café, the Rainbow Bridges EFL Materials display table, at reception, and throughout the Expo.

Abraham Lincoln meets some friendly witches

At the Bean in Chicago





When Homework is Challenging Let’s focus here on times your child can’t seem to complete their homework. Giving your child the answer may seem like a simple solution when they

are frustrated, but it can be counterproductive. Our curriculum sees spelling words, for example, as a skilled process of putting together English sounds rather

than memorizing how the words are spelled. Let’s emphasize the process of finding each answer over the answer itself. Look at the task together and ask them

questions about it to help them think it through. What is the homework asking them to do? Are there any clues on the page? Often they will piece together what they need to do on their own. When they struggle, try giving them encouragement or a clue or a resource reminder that helps them find the answer on their own.

long-term course of language learning and a more satisfying accomplishment for the student. Finally, if for whatever reason, they can’t finish the homework, their teacher is always a friendly resource that can help them find the answer! Try coming a few minutes early and asking the teacher before class time.

Tales of Language Learning Confusion and Wonder in Venezuela Article: David Borgeson

When I was 8 years old, my parents told me that we would be living for one year in Venezuela starting in the fall. My first question was, what’s David and his sister Venezuela? After a Jen in Venezuela brief geography lesson I learned that I would be spending my third grade year in Caracas, the capital of the country at the very north end of South America. I would be attending a Venezuelan public school and living in a city approximately 30 times the size of my small hometown. But the biggest challenge would be language—Spanish is spoken in Venezuela and I spoke none. It turned out that at the school I attended no one spoke English, no classmates, not the teacher, and no school administrators. In the first few days of school I would come home and ask my parents how to say things like “Where’s the bathroom?” “Stop hitting me,” and “I don’t understand.” My parents gave me a crash course in the basics. I

remember sitting in our apartment learning the Spanish alphabet, being taken through homemade verb conjugation charts, and watching Disney movies that had been dubbed into Spanish. It was a struggle, and there were many moments of frustration— being confused most of the time isn’t easy. As I came to accept this state of confusion I began to be able to identify things I wanted to know and focus on trying to learn them. Gradually moments of glorious comprehension started to come. These were the moments when something finally made sense, or when I could make myself understood by my classmates and teacher, or when I could understand them. As time went on these moments came more frequently, and my feeling of confusion changed into a deep sense of wonder at what I was discovering every day. It was as if the world was revealing itself right before my eyes. This sense of confusion and wonder is exactly what we try to create in our classes at Rainbow Bridges. Some of the leading thinkers in education say that when we experience confusion and wonder we learn

STEVE JOBS (1955-2011) American entrepeneur and inventor

entrepeneur: a person who starts businesses inventor: a person who creates new things


Venezuela is in the northEUROPE of South America

My advice to our students is to come to class with an open mind and embrace the confusion you feel when there’s something new or something you want to say but can’t quite say it. Your teachers and your materials (textbooks, homework, our YouTube channel, etc.) are there to help you. The reward for embracing confusion and experiencing wonder is learning in its highest form. And this is something that is truly wonderful.

World Quiz

Famous Quotations The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.

more effectively. My experience in Venezuela proves that on an anecdotal level. I accepted my confusion and even came to enjoy it, and my days were filled with wonder and learning.


Easy 1. What’s the capital of China? It’s _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 2. Where is Egypt? It’s in the north of _ _ _ _ _ _. Medium 3. Nelson Mandela is from _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 4. This country is on the Mediterranean Sea. It has a lot of islands. What country is it? It’s _ _ _ _ _ _. 5. Where is Angkor Wat? It’s in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Advanced 6. Angel Falls, the Orinoco River delta, and tepuis are all located in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 7. The tallest building in the world is in the city of _ _ _ _ _. 8. Petra is an ancient, beautiful, and famous place in the country of _ _ _ _ _ _.

World Quiz: 1. Beijing. 2. Africa. 3. South Africa. 4. Greece. 5. Cambodia. 6. Venezuela. 7. Dubai. 8. Jordan. What are they? 1. They are nuts. 2. They are peaches. 3. They are camels. 4. They are tents.

Resources you can remind your child of include their Class Book as well as previously stamped homework, the My CD that comes with textbooks, and our YouTube channel. If they are frustrated, suggest taking a break then trying again. Taking the time to search for the answer and think is more productive in the

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The Bridge: Fall 2013 English  
The Bridge: Fall 2013 English  

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