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木天寮 互 動 雜 工 作 宅 MUTIENLIAO.TW



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Home Pub NCTU Feb, 2007 Taipei, Taiwan

Office Salon NCTU Feb, 2007 Taipei, Taiwan

Babble Bike NCTU Arch Interactive Team & Mao Sep, 2008 Deutzer Bridge, Köln, German

2008, 交大跨領域多媒體藝術團隊受邀赴德國 「S-Chatten」展覽成員

Connector is an interactive installation that by means of bikes, objects, images, and audience participation represents the many intrinsic forms of "connectors." The exhibition space itself is also a connector between the entrance and two exhibitions. Connector is an art work f ro m t h e a rc h i t e c t u r a l p e r s p e c t i ve . Architectural design is an activity of relationship manipulation by which a pattern of sophisticated relationships are proposed under the constraints of subjective and objective factors within the context of space, people, objects and events. When we try to realize a relationship, we inevitably notice the connectors that form that relationship.

Hardware Thinkering


ver.1 prototype in NCTU, Taiwan


Arduino plug PCB

Babble Box Module

Jelly Trick Mao x Mary Jan, 2009 Stock 20, TaiChun, Taiwan

2009, 台中20號倉庫第九屆駐站藝術家徵選作品-入選 2009, 404國際電子藝術節-入選

This installation combines kinetics with mechanical design to fabricate tubular structure and simulate the jellyfish movement. Moreover, transparent materials build up a visionary territory and make whole installation airier. In the scenario, “Jelly� is looked like its appearance to be a newborn baby without gorgeous shell. When viewers pay attention on Jelly, this behavior will shock Jelly out of movement. He is only listening at that time. However, if viewers move away their sight, Jelly will become a naughty kid and attempt to attract people's attention by dancing behind the crowd.

Bamboo Light Mao x Mary May, 2009 THU, TaiChun, Taiwan

2009, 東海大學表演藝術月靜態展邀約作品

Bamboo light represents the nature spirit by its shape, materials, and dynamics. We created a kind of Japanese rock garden or Zen garden, a karesansui, to break the artificial sense of space in the urban city. The natural elements such as wind and water are the trigger of Bamboo Light. And the output shows on the bamboos represents digital water. It has diverse light patterns with different inputs. Besides, in order to let people interact with Bamboo Light, we set the concept of wishing pool into the installation. The interaction design is based on communication. Through this behavior, people will commit their spirits to the natural. That is what people who live far from mountain or lake really need.

Simulating light timing in Processing

Bamboo light testing

( Experimental Work )

Mao x Mary Dec 2009 Stock 20, TaiChun, Taiwan

2009, 台中20號倉庫第九屆駐站藝術家期末展

The experimental work of in 2009. Of space, the relationship between behavior and viewing videos, combined with the late puppet master Huang Hai-Dai record videos, the exhibition space by promoting changes in the composition of boards, new and old media and time off in the back.


( Experimental Work )

Mao x Mary Dec 2009 Stock 20, TaiChun, Taiwan

The experimental work of in 2009. Changes in light and shadow through the noise to simulate the pulse of life. Light body hanging from the flowers to the sky, representing the evolution of life.

One Night Monster Mao x Mary Aug, 2010 ArtPark, Hshichu, Taiwan

( Experimental Work )

Summer madness, in a night of electronic LED matrix as a goblin into paintings. Only one night of monster show was forming.

Summer Beat Mao x Mary x Tiffannie Hou (Piao) Aug, 2010 ArtPark, Hsichun, Taiwan

2010, 國家藝術園區駐村期末個展

Summer Beat is an interactive installation that combines music playing, visual generation and physical space projection. With different exhibition space, there are different needs and different types of performances. The core of this artwork is real-time to read every key of keyboard while digital piano playing, and presenting signals immediately in the largescale keyboard which was set on the stage. Besides, the dynamic visual content of projection will be changed with the sounds change.

About MuTienLiao.TW MuTienLiao.TW was established in 2009 with two founders. One is MARY Chin, good at media design. And another is MAO Wu, responsible for mechanical and electrical integration. We have lots of interests. We make efforts in web design, animation production, sustainable energy design, furniture design, tectonics, multi-touch, electric music, and every field we touched. In past years, we proposed a great deal of innovative ideas and concepts with creativity. We make these futuristic designs transform into installations following psychological analysis and the principle of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). In 2007, we designed the intelligent space of tomorrow in the HCI exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In 2008, we successfully presented an emotional design on bicycle in Kรถln Exhibition in Germany. In 2009, we create a series of organic works with jellyfish to research on robotic interaction. And the final representation is selected into international festival of electronic art 404. We understand this world and knowledge through interaction art. In 2010, we attempted to create an immersive piano playing performance. It combined physical installation and the signal of piano keys. We want to make enjoyment more than listening. Audience could enjoy music depend on seeing and immersing themselves in the live atmosphere.


“Summer Beat”, Art Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan


The residential Artist of Yeh Rong Jai Culture & Art Foundation


“Push = Play”, Stock 20, Taichung, Taiwan


“Life”, Stock 24A, Taichung, Taiwan


“Mind Ear”, “Inner Hug”, Taiwan Designer’s Week, Huashan1914‧Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan


“JellyTrick”, International 404 Festival, Selected Artist


“Bamboo Light”, Dung Hai University, Taichung, Taiwan


The Residential Artist of Stock 20 Art Network of Taichung Railway Warehouse


“What’s up! Jelly!”, Stock 20, Taichung, Taiwan


“Babble Bike”, S-Chatten:Connector, Köln, Germany


“Office Salon”, “Home Pub”, The Tomorrow of Architecture, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

吳冠穎 Mao Wu

Male 1982. 09. 17 N a t i o n a l C h i a o - Tu n g U n i v e r s i t y , M a s t e r o f S c i e n c e

+886-919-283199 /

金啟平 Mary Chin

Female 1983. 01. 27 N a t i o n a l C h i a o - Tu n g U n i v e r s i t y , M a s t e r o f S c i e n c e

+886-919-049871 ~2010