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patented Bridge Stabilizer System, which can work with wood or steel span bridges, a tie structured bridge can be rebuilt with new ties, including removing the existing tie bridge deck, re-drilling and reinstalling J-bolts, continuously replacing the bridge deck ties and side rails, and then refastening the rail in place. The system keeps exposed workers off the bridge and safe while delivering real production results.”

Harsco’s Drone Anchor Adjuster is designed to travel on rail while adjusting the position of the rail anchors to the ties.

Continuous Improvement

Harsco Rail says its customers pay attention to total cost of ownership and look for tie replacement equipment that offers significantly more in terms of increased productivity. “That is why Harsco Rail is dedicated to continuous improvement,” says the company. “Adapting new technology to help a machine work more efficiently and reduce safety hazards is one of our highest priorities.” Harsco Rail has been busy the past few years developing new offerings to meet customer needs and expectations. The Drone Anchor Adjuster is designed to travel on rail while continuously adjusting the positional relationship of rail anchors to the ties. “Our high production continuous action equipment has the capability to squeeze all four anchors on each tie at a rate of up to 25 ties per minute. This machine uses Jupiter, Tie Finder and Drone Safety features to help reduce manpower,” says Harsco Rail. The company is also developing multiple-function machines, which are true to their name and offer multiple functions in a single machine. “Having a machine that can perform additional work reduces operating costs because it requires fewer engines, drive assemblies, hydraulic pumps, etc. It also allows for faster gang start-up (fewer machines to space out),” the company explains. “The small modular tie exchanger executes efficiency in tie removal or insertion on the track. The modular base chassis has been designed for use across a series of machines. This common platform improves serviceability, ease of training and spare parts commonality. The operator’s cab is equipped with heating and A/C to provide a safe and pleasant work environment.”

BTE 308 bridge excavator replacing ties in Laurel, Miss.

BTE 329 excavator with a BTE Tie Dragon attachment.

Customized Solutions

Knox Kershaw Inc. offers two types of machines that are used in the tie changeout process: A low production tie exchanger, the KTR 400 Tie Replacer, and several models of tie handlers, the KTC 1200 and KTC 2000 tie cranes, and the KBC 1100 and 2100 model bridge cranes. The company’s bridge crane comes in a standard and heavy-duty version. The heavy-duty unit incorporates an independent boom swing, larger axles and wheels and multiple grapple options including brush-cutter heads. The company says both machines incorporate rail clamps for safety while working on bridges and elevated sections and a winch to assistant in the handling of both wood and concrete ties and bridge caps. “Customers consider our KTR400 tie replacer as a simple, easy to maintain, cost-efficient solution to spot tie replacement, low volume tie gangs and narrow clearance envelopes, mainly transits, where traditional production machinery will

not fit. Customers prefer our cranes for their reliability and customization options,” says George Pugh, Vice President of Operations. “Large spacious cab designs with optional additional seating, multiple grapple and brush-cutter options and independent boom swing models available in both tie crane and bridge crane models make the Knox Kershaw Inc. crane a very strong candidate when purchasing new equipment.” Two-Minute Exchange

Mitchell Rail Gear says its customers are asking for multipurpose machines with higher productivity capabilities and cost effectiveness. Estel Lovitt, President of Mitchel Rail Gear, says the company’s solution, the Mitchell Tie Switcher System, transforms a customer’s choice of backhoe into a Backhoe Tie May 2016 Railway Age 23

May 2016 Railway Age  
May 2016 Railway Age