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Andrea Uliana Digital designer

Beauty Charm

Beauty Charm

Project: Printed brochure Year: 2010 Client: Beauty Charm Estetica Agency: Interlaced Srl Used software: Illustrator, photoshop and Indesign


Beauty Charme Estetica is a little spa in the north east of Italy. I’ve created a feminine design and used a Verlag type and a Bodoni creating a mix of modern and vintage.




Colloredo di Prato

PASIAN DI PRATO Bressa Basaldella




COME RAGGIUNGERCI Via Colloredo - N° 128/3; Pasian di Prato - CAP 33037; UD - Italy

ORARI: Lunedì: 13:00 - 19:00 Martedì: 08:30 - 19:00 (orario continuato) Venerdì : 08:30 - 19:00 (orario continuato) Telefono: +39 0432 690109 Cellulare: +39 333 6911734

Presso il nostro centro si possono fare trattamenti viso-corpo personalizzati, bagno turco, fanghi termali, solarium, ricostruzione unghie, trucco semipermanente ed allungamento ciglia.





• Idratante Aqua • Nutriente Progressive • Liftante Nutrilift • Pelli sensibili Nautral, Pelli delicate Natural • Riequilibrante lenitivo Natural • Pulizia viso

• Thalassa benessere / Ritual • Ceretta Gambe belle

• Anticell Silhouette Anticell • Tonificante Thalassa bell’essere, Resolution Rass • Drenante Thalassa bell’essere, Silhouette Rass • Idratante, Ossigenante Thalassa • Pedicure, Manicure Coccole

• Beauty manager emozionale e motivazionale • Formazione professional viso • Anatomo-fitoceutica funzionale • Linfodrenaggio metodo Vodder

Tutti i nostri corsi professionali sono promossi da DSB Italiana

Ruby Darlings

Ruby Darling Cabaret show

The Ruby Darling — Logo

Project: Logo and poster design Year: 2013 Client: Ruby Darling Agency: Self-employe Used software: Illustrator and Photoshop

The Ruby Darlings is a young and funny cabaret show. I’ve designed the logo starting from the Lavanderia Sturdy font and then modifing it with the use of Illustrator. The inspiration was the vintage cabaret posters with an updated clean design.

The Ruby Darlings — A3 Posters

With live music from KUSHTI RGH EDINBU


GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY TAVERN — 67 HIGH STREET N8 7QB THE RUBY DARLINGS on stage at 21:00 — KUSHTI 22:30 til late TICKETS £7.50 ON THE DOOR Turnpike Lane Hornsey Rail Station —


Project: Digital icons for website Year: 2012 Client: Legnolandia Srl Agency: Interlaced Srl Used software: Illustrator and Photoshop

Garden furniture company

Legnolandia — Payments icon

Legnolandia — Deliveries

Legnolandia — Transport

Legnolandia — Complain

Legnolandia is a company specialized in wooden furniture products. They needed to update their website icons and I created four user-friendly images.

Trexom Electronic devices

Project: Electronic device GUI interface Year: 2012 Client: Trexom Agency: Interlaced Srl Used software: Illustrator and Photoshop

I have designed this raster icons for an electronic device. The icons are clear and modern and based on the custom Opreating System rules. There are mainly tree dimensions: 128x128px; 64x64px; 32x32px.

Snaidero Kitchen company

Project: Web layput and advert Year: 2012 Client: Snaidero Agency: Interlaced Srl Used software: Photoshop and Indesign

Snaidero is one the largest italian group operating on the international scene, the group have based its path of expansion on a clearly specialized vocation for its design. The Snaidero group is a international federation of companies focusing on excellence for the production and distribution of modular kitchens.

This layouts are a revision of the actual Snaidero’s website. I’ve used a clear navigation and a central banner featuring the last promotions. The website is divided in four main areas: Kitchens, Outlet, News and Blog.

The layout is based on the 960 grid system dividing the site width in 16 equal parts. I’ve also done a proposal for a printed advert, using the same fonts as the main website banner.

Various Clients Web layouts

Project: Web layouts Years: 2012—2013 Client: Various Agency: Self-employed and Interlaced Srl Used software: Illustrator and Photoshop

1. Sirio real estate agency — Layout proposal Landing page Agency: Interlaced Srl 2. Sanitaria Igea — Layout proposal Snow rackets productors Agency: Interlaced Srl Music compilation

Project: Web layout and artistic director Year: 2012 Client: Indipendent Agency: Self-employed Used software: Dreamweaver and Photoshop URL:

BEAT.IT is a compilation focusing on a musical movement featuring tracks from a number of Italian underground producers. I’ve curated the website with a simple one page slider website and all the comunication of the project. — Artist slider gallery page — Info page

Ciò che rimane Film documentary

Project: Website and logotype Year: 2012 Client: Agherose Srl Agency: Self-employed Used software: Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator

Ciò Che Rimane is a project focusing on a documentary that talk about the experiences of some slovenian war refugees during the balcanian war. I’ve designed the logo, curated the web-design and developed the website based on Wordpress.

Ciò Che Rimane — logo

Ciò Che Rimane — Info page

Atelier Sart’è

Atelier Sart’è Tailors

Project: Atelier Sart’è website Year: 2012 Client: Atelier Sart’è Agency: Self-employe Used software: Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop Url:

Atelier Sart’è is a tailor shop based in my hometown, they doing also dress renting and reparations. I designed the web-layout based on a one page sliding structure. The shop furniture is based on a grey and magenta colours and i decided to use the same colour palette for the website.

The website is divided in five parts: Home page, the tailory, renting gallery, news and contacts. Following their vintage style i’ve selected a proper font type called Carrosserie, using it also in the printed catalogue. The website is still online for a consultation and is based on Wordpress CMS.

Atelier Sart’è Tailors

Project: Atelier Sart’è Catalogue Year: 2012 Client: Atelier Sart’è Agency: Self-employe Used software: Indesign and Photoshop Link:

I’ve designed the Carnival catalogue for their renting activity. The design is based on a three block grid system and is printed in a limited number of copy for internal use.

In this page there are some pages extracted from the Indesign project and some photos of the printed version.

Urbn Smpl

Urbn Smpls Music event

Project: Urbn Smpls Year: 2012 Client: Tetris Bar Agency: Self-employe Used software: Illustrator and Photoshop

Urbn Smpl — Poster

Urbn Smpl — Logotype

Urbn Smpl — Facebook promotion

Urbn Smpls is the name of a event i’ve organized in my hometown. With a small budget I’ve designed a Logo, the poster, the social networking and mainly the event identity.

The show have featured different type of art: warming up with a dj-set, to a dance show and ending with an electronic performance.

Bar Visionario Music events

Project: Printed and digital flyers for music events Year: 2009 Client: Visionario Bar Agency: Self-employed Used software: Illustrator and Photoshop

This is an example of my first work as a freelancer using a simple design. I’ve made this poster for internal use and promotion on the internet.

Double Trouble was a series of music events. I created a simple logo and mantained the same grid while playing around with geometric elements.

©2013 — Andrea Uliana — All rights reserved — Private use only Contact: — Mobile: 07851 080 760

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