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T WITH Having all the detail about the candidate I need with me on the iPad is great when I’m out doing an assessment.

The formal grading process and consistent feedback that apps provide helps to raise the bar of competency. It is a well known fact that the more competent a driver, the less likely they are to have an operating incident. As well as the obvious safety benefits, it also means better train performance and better Public Performance Measure (PPM). As these apps are fully integrated, they involve everyone within the business and as a result, it improves employee understanding of their role in delivering a safer railway. Some train operators are already experiencing the benefits of our RailSmart software, which helps to reduce assessment planning time and lowers the amount of time spent on completion and mapping of competency against FDA paperwork. For some operators, this can result in time savings of several thousand hours per year. When assessments can be digitally recorded through the use of iPads, it means benchmarks can be set and areas for development can be identified. This is driving up the standards of competency for rail operators, which could result in a reduction of operational incidents and a lowering of associated performance delays. Using apps of this type means assessors can include a greater number of competencies within a system and manage them consistently across the business. It also means that live assessments can be carried out, which are not only time saving but also give real-time feedback to employees whilst the activity is being undertaken. In the past, paper-based systems meant it could take days, if not weeks, before a member of staff received feedback on their performance. These apps speed up the whole process and enable easier identification of performance issues which can be addressed immediately, with the end result being a reduction of risks and improvement in performance.

POSITIVE STEP FORWARD As one assessor described it, ‘Having all the detail about the candidate I need with me on the iPad is great when I’m out doing an assessment, as it has stopped me missing areas that need support.’ Software apps like RailSmart also remove the risk of administration errors, by providing real-time reporting of compliance against standards and the quality of the assessments, giving powerful reporting outputs. These are crucial for rail management to understand in more detail how assessors are grading their teams, which is a powerful tool to drive improvement within a business. So, as we have seen, apps allow rail assessment teams to spend more time with their drivers and less time on administration, which is being recognised as a really positive step forward. They also provide reassurance to the rail operator that it is truly actively managing its operational risks. The ultimate aim is that rail operators can properly assess their risk in a holistic way and provide practical support and training for their employees. The added visibility and reporting that the new generation of rail software systems provide clearly demonstrates how they can add value and drive a business forward. Responsible train operators are therefore recognising how their risks can be reduced and their safety enhanced by investing in software systems, such as RailSmart. This is continuing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its managers, the competence and motivation of its front-line people and ultimately will ensure the safer performance of the railways.” For more information about the RailSmart suite of products, contact info@3squared.com or telephone: 0333 121 3333 or visit the website www.3squared.com. FACEBOOK.COM/RAILSTAFF | @RAILSTAFFUK | RAILSTAFF.UK

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