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Freshmen watch one of the numerous new orientation videos made by Assistant Principal Roger Erickson. Videos were presented to students in place of the frequent visits to the auditorium as past freshman classes had experienced. photo by Shannon Ahlstedt Issue 1, Series 87

Newton High School; 900 W 12th; Newton, KS 67114

Aug. 20, 2010

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The Newtonian

Aug. 20, 2010

Rickard says... ‘All construction completed by end of month’ emma bradley news editor

Throughout the summer, the big question on everyone’s mind has been, “Will the construction at the high school be finished by the time school starts?” Principal Ken Rickard says yes. “We will have everything completed sufficiently to have school,” Rickard said. When students walked into the school Friday morning, many walked in through the recently completed main entrance of the building. With the new entrance to the building come new safety rules. After school begins each day, the entry doors in the senior locker section will be locked. This will help to enforce the policy that all visitors much check in at the reception area before entering the rest of the building. However, the doors will be unlocked during lunch so students who wish to go outside for fresh air or leave campus for lunch will have that opportunity. The doors in the Willis Gym area will remain unlocked throughout the day so students can travel to and from classes in other buildings. As well as locking the doors, many more security cameras were installed throughout the building. English teacher Mary Beck is one of the many teachers who will be moving into a new classroom this year. “I will definitely be in (my new room) teaching on the first day of school,” Beck said. Beck will be teaching in her new room. However, she expects her classroom will not be completely finished. Many classrooms have things that need to be cleaned or painted or have furniture that needs to

be assembled. Outside, the irrigation system still needs to be completed. “After two years of seeing the construction, we’re finally getting there,” Rickard said. Although not everything has been completed, Rickard expects all construction to be finished by the end of the month. “It’s been a long project,” Rickard said. “I don’t foresee anything stopping completion.”

photos by Shannon Ahlstedt

School pride Walking through the front entrance, this is the view students will see. These emblems can be found in several places of the new areas. A piece of work A construction worker welds the top of the columns. These pieces of artwork were created by NHS art classes.

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opinions The Newtonian

Aug. 20, 2010

afraid Don’t be . uestions to ask q ill ew Someon ul sef have a u answer. hly ta ~Alec S

Take ad va of every ntage s because econd y know w ou never hat cou ld happen from on e second to the n ex ~Aust in Ahre t. ns

ed nvolv Get i will u or yo ET it. R REG Wright n ~Joh

Get involved right away, make new friends and stay close to those that have always been there for you. Enjoy the next four years as much as you can because they are here and gone before you know it. ~Kyle Fiedler

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lways Don’t a our ty conges tion. sec locker pect And ex his kt a pran ybe. a year...m erstine D ~Wes

You’ve got fou of school, m r years left ake the mo st of it. If yo u want to get involved in something , like sports , theater, c lub anything ...just do it s, . Don’t even think twic e about it; y ou’ll regre t it later on if you miss o u t on someth ing you re a ll y wanted to do. ~Taylor B rown

Words of wisdom Seniors offer advice to incoming freshmen

ost of Make the m ge. ga your youn r olde I find the e faster you get, th the for time flies; worse. ~Breckyn Dawson

Be respectful to the upperclassmen. ~Jon Alexander

ught up Stay ca rk. wo on your els fe Nothing being an worse th behind! Hennes ~Brielle

Get o u way t of the when we’re walk in hallw g in the a drivi ys. Its lik ng e st the ri ght s ay on id ~Bri ttany e. Gros ch

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Ashley Murrell editor-in-chief

The Newtonian

Tyler Prochazka online editor-in-chief

As the first chime of the year sounds, freshmen timidly walk the halls avoiding those awkward encounters with the upperclassmen. Sophomores heave a sigh of relief knowing they are no longer at the bottom of the totem pole, but prepare for the gruesome schedule ahead. Juniors can now reap the benefits of upperclassmen status and begin to look into life after high school. Seniors enter the year with bittersweet emotion; only one more year of those familiar faces seen since kindergarten but

anxious that the journey through life is just beginning. But all have one goal: graduation. About 98 percent of students that attend Newton public schools graduate, according to Public School Review. Some walk the stage barely squeaking by. Others walk with a resume fit for Harvard. It might be impressive to have this resume, but in the broader scheme of life, school should only take a small but healthy fraction of life’s priorities. Certainly, schoolwork is essential to future prosperity but the most important life lessons will not be found in a dusty history book. In essence, strive to live. Take risks. If

Letters to the Editor

the newtonian staff

The Newtonian may accept letters to the editor, guest columns and news releases from students, faculty, administrators, community residents and the general public. Submissions should be 300 words or less and contain the author’s name, address and signature. All submissions will be verified.

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The Newtonian editorial board reserves the right to withhold a letter, column or other submission and/or return it for revision if it contains unprotected speech or grammatical errors that could hamper its meaning. Letters to the editor, guest columns and other submissions can be given to the editor-in-chief or adviser, delivered to room 1-113 or be e-mailed to



necessary, fail. That is what makes individuals stronger and happier. That is what shapes the most successful among us. Constricting life to rigid restrictions will ensure a life of scheduled boredom. Never regret failure, regret never trying. Some of the biggest risks in high school are the risks from branching out and meeting new people. The most vulnerable moments are when individuals reveal their true selves to another. Regardless, it essential to make these connections – nothing matters more than having a close circle of trusted friends. Obtaining these connections means getting involved. Countless activities are

Maddie Anderson cartoonist, photographer Katie Meyers business manager Kyle Wiens online assistant Erica Rickard adviser The Newtonian 316-284-6280 ext. 2117 900 W. 12th Newton, Ks 67114

For sports scores, photos, videos and much more...


Anderson Office Supply Main & Broadway  Newton  283-3570

Aug. 20, 2010

offered by NHS providing an entry into friendships with those who share similar interests. The certificate that’s handed to a student on graduation day will whittle away with time, but the friendships made in the process will last a lifetime. Freshman, sophomore, junior or senior; in a few years, these titles will blend together. Looking back at a high school yearbook, it is doubtful the math final will be the first thought in mind. It is the memories of the risks taken and the friends made that truly make a high school career successful. Here’s to another great year filled with friends and new adventures at NHS.

opinions The Newtonian

Aug. 20, 2010

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27 things to do before leaving NHS 1. Go to Newell’s restaurant 2. Show up at a pep assembly and participate 3. Eat at Druber’s Donut Shop 4. Get freaky on dress up days 5. Dance the night away at homecoming 6. Attend a math class with Barbara Umscheid

11. Join a club and make an effort to actually go 12. Witness the enormous number of sports available and attend a game

20. Write in to the Newtonian about something ridiculously upsetting 21. Gain 10 pounds at the YEK Market Day

13. Check out Charle Triggs’ senior picture wall

22. Read an entire book - one not required for English class

14. Make a new friend with one of the librarians

23. Show off that brainy side and make the honor roll

15. Keep those fingers crossed that a snow day will be called

24. Discover NHS’ acting and singing ability at a musical or play

7. Strut an expensive outfit at prom and build a masterpiece at 16. High five the Railerman prom building 17. Try out the lunchroom’s 8. Get daily updates and sports slushes scores from 18. Become a star in Roger Er9. Leave for lunch and actually ickson’s state assessment video get back on time 10. Collect and read every issue 19. Pull a harmless senior prank and still walk at graduation. of the Newtonian

25. Burn those Market Day calories by trying out for a sport 26. Support local business and have a fun night with friends at the Taste of Newton 2 7. G r a d u a t e w i t h o u t any regrets

new teachers Page 6

The Newtonian

Aug. 20, 2010


Jeff Comer Years teaching: Five

Position: World History

Years teaching: One

Hobbies: Weight training, coaching, family and friends

Position: Family and Consumer Science

Goals for the school year: “To improve my classroom motivational skills.”


Schauf Hobbies: Baking, reading, spending time with family and friends Goals for the school year: “Get to know the staff and students and have a successful year.”

Nancy Tony Hein Rogers Years teaching: Seven

Years teaching: One

Position: Interrelated Special Education Hobbies: Reading and keeping up with family Goals for the school year: Rogers “Put into practice what I’ve studied the last years, contribute to the team of teachers in the department and build relationships with the students.”

Position: Physical Education, Track and Football Coach Hobbies: Fishing Goals for the school year: “Fit in with the staff, and get to know students.”


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Lowell Ely

Years teaching: 24

Position: Vo-Ag instructor and FFA sponsor Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, raising sheep and cattle Goals for the school Ely year: “Be a productive staff member of NHS and make a difference in students’ lives.”

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Aug. 20, 2010

Fall sports preview Boys soccer


This year the volleyball team and its coaches hope to compete well against teams they have not even seen play. “We are in a new league this year, so we are excited to see some new competition and see how we compete against new teams,” assistant coach Lisa

Cross country

Over the summer, cross country runners were logging miles to work up to the new season. There were five mileage clubs runners could achieve, the 500 mile club being the best. If that goal was achieved, runners were likely to have a good season. With a week left to accumulate miles, several runners are striving for that goal. “The boys have a solid group of newcomers who will compete for varsity spots,” head coach Richard Mick said. “Our girls team has a big senior class, and we will rely on them for leadership,” Mick said. The cross country team will be working this season to “develop depth.” The first meet is Sept. 4 at Manhattan.

Girls golf

Hitting and working on short game are only some of the many activities that the girls golf team has been trying to perfect before the season starts. “I saw more players working on their game during the summer than ever before,” coach Joanie Pauls said. “They’re committed.” Pauls is excited about the upcoming months. “We want to consistently improve throughout the season and

repeat the trip to state,” Pauls said. “We do have to replace four varsity players (due to last year’s graduated seniors).” Though replacing those players might not be easy, coach Pauls is still optimistic about this season. “(I’m looking forward to) seeing the girls grow as players and individuals because we have a family atmosphere,” she said.


The gymnastics team has proven themselves. After budget cuts, the gymnastics team had to raise money to be able to compete last season. Everything came together when they tied for the state title. The team is back this season and ready to win the state title once more. “Our goals are to help all of our gymnasts to work to their potential and learn lifelong skills through the athletic and artistic sport of gymnastics,” head coach JoAnne Thaw said. The team has numerous returning state champions from last year. Thaw considers this a benefit. “Having four seniors is an advantage because they are serious about reaching their own career goals, and they put forth that winning attitude and work ethic in the room. That is a great advantage to us,” Thaw said. In the upcoming months, Thaw is looking forward to “working with another group of hardworking and fun girls who like each other and love gymnastic.” The teams first meet is Sept. 9 against Emporia at NHS.

illustrations by Cody Mick

With many summer hours devoted to conditioning and a large talent pool for the season, the boys soccer team is looking forward to the upcoming months. After last year’s upset at state, the team has a “desire to go further this year,” coach Scott Jantzi said. “Last year we had something to prove. This year, we have a big target on our back. No game will be a walk in the park. Every team on our schedule will be talented and a good test of our character,” Jantzi said. During the summer months, the team has done many activities to get in shape and prepare for this season. “Coach (Robin) Montano has been working out with a good number of the guys in the morning out at Chris Rangel’s studio out at the Outlet Mall,” Jantzi said. “They have worked on strength and conditioning most of the summer.” Besides conditioning, many of the players competed in a summer league at Bethel College, and some traveled to McPherson, where they won all three of the matches played that day. “With a combination of our young talent and this year’s seniors,” Jantzi said. “We should be able to compete at a high level again this year.”

Yoder said. “We have been working every week this summer on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the girls also lifted weights.” Yoder said they have a great returning team this year. “We will miss seniors from last year,” Yoder said, “but we have a really strong team coming back. We will be a team to be reckoned with.”


Right through the brutal heat of the summer, the football team has been preparing for the move up to AVCTL Division I. “Division I is the best football league in the state,” head Coach Brent Glann said. This is a big change for the Railers, but Glann is optimistic. “If we can be successful at this schedule, we can play with anybody,” Glann said. The team’s goal has been to improve daily and focus on not letting outside distractions get in the way. “If we do that, the wins and losses will take care of themselves,” Glann said. The boys will play against a challenging group of teams, the toughest being Hutchinson, McPherson and Emporia. Glann said the thing he is most looking forward to in the upcoming months is “how this team competes, week in and week out, against what could be the toughest schedule this school has ever played.” The varsity boys start their season Sept. 3 against Maize at Fischer Field.

Girls Tennis

Before the season even starts, the girls tennis players find it very important to become the best they can as early as they can. “We have been working really hard all summer long,” coach Nick Sisson said. With all of the hard work put in this summer, the tennis team can look “forward to a successful season,” Sisson said. Sisson insisted that because of the talent possessed by the team and the work put into the summer, that they will be a tougher team this year. “We have many freshmen who have been working during the off season,” he said.

Fall sports previews by sports editors Cody Mick and Larrah Bills

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The Newtonian

Aug. 20, 2010

The Newtonian: Back to School  
The Newtonian: Back to School  

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