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Chapter 1 Movie 1.1 RSA ANIMATION

RSA ANIMATION The main idea that exist in our animation is that language is global power and it is also controls the mind. People who speaks their mother tongue language can’t disconnect themselves from their emotions. As a result, it confuses their logical thinking. Although, it is global power, but people who speaks foreign languages will lack their own emotional connection, that will leads to a more rational thinking. My group concluded that, the rational decision making is an element of power. The characteristics of the foreign languages are reduced when decision making is due in a language that’s not a mother tongue’s. What we want the watchers or the people to know from our animation is tthat as more countries all over the world start to take part in a global economy, learning another language will led to a more rational and favorable decision making. We then came up with a conclusion that language controls the mind.

Power phrases: How can language help one acquire power?


Class of 2014 - Propaganda

Created by: Raihan iii

Rationale Our group made two propaganda posters with different purposes, techniques and themes. Our first propaganda is a portrait A3 sized poster, with two big mountains in the bottom half of the page. There are three students hand in hand, while holding a ‘2014’ flag at the bottom of one mountain. There’s another group of 3 students while holding a ‘2014’ flag at the peak of the other mountain. The top half of the page is filled by two young children peeking with scared looks screaming all over their face. There are only 3 words written on this poster, the powerful “WE’RE TOP CLASS!!” on top of the scared little looks of the young children. This propaganda is inspired by the countless vintage-themed propagandas that was used around the world war times and the 1900s. This propaganda is influenced by ‘slogan’ and ‘appeal to authority’. We used the technique ‘slogan’ by making the only text in our poster, our slogan; which is “WE’RE TOP CLASS!!”. We used a short and striking slogan in order to put the point forward while suggesting that we are at the top of two mountains that we climbed before, and we’re also the best(top) class in the school. We are trying to prove to everyone that we’re top by giving evidence that we climbed two mountains before and are the first grade to do so. ‘Appeal to authority’ uses a figure/idea/argument of authority in order to put a point forward. We used this technique by appealing to viewers that we are authority since we used the slogan “WE’RE TOP CLASS!”. This also emphasizes the point that we are at the top, therefore we are authority and we are the best grade. This is supported by the scared and intimidated looks of the young children. Our second propaganda is a landscape A3 poster that’s basically a map of the world with a hot air balloon that says ‘2014’ and destination lines from that hot air balloon to points all over the world. This poster is inspired by the world map propaganda poster, we actually used the same world map as a background however we put our own twist to it. The technique we used is ‘Big lie’. This poster is based on a total lie because none of us have actually been accepted into any university, let alone sign up to them. We used the technique by lying and pushing forward the fact that we are so great that universities all over the world are willing to accept us. By: Raihan, Stephanie, Neel, Bryan, and Andy. iv

“Can we appreciate the power of a language without speaking that language?”



Can we appreciate the power of a language without speaking that language? "Oppa Gagnam Style, Hey… Hey Sexy Ladies" Who in the world doesn't know about this phrase? and who in the world does''t know about PSY, the singer of the song. We obviously know that this lyric comes from a korean pop song called "Gangnam Style". Recently, it has become the most famous song in the world seeing that it hits the world's attention.

song is about. It seems that Gangnam Style has the power as it has been a getting fully notice by the whole world. For this reason, people seem to appreciate and like this song, but the question is,  "Can we Appreciate the power of a language without speaking that language" .    

         Although the song is in korean, the whole world listen to it , it parodied by a lot of people and even they make it to the Guiness World Records recognized as the most liked and watched video in the history of youtube.However, the phrase that I wrote above, is that most people know from the song, as it is the only line that written in English. What make the whole word listen to it are basically the Humorous and entertaining moves they got,  catchy song that they have, fun and good beat that consists in the song, and even cool and funny looking singer in the video. 

   To answer the question above,  I personally think, the answer is no.  We can't fully appreciate the power of a language when we don't even understand the language itself. If we do not understand the language we don't know the true "power" of that language. Let me ask you, do you appreciate something that you don't know??? You don't right. How could we appreciate something that we don't know, when we don't even know the true meanings, emotions and significances behind it. For sure, that's not going to happen. Let’s take an example here, we don’t kneed any common language to understand “The gangnam Style” music video, whether we don’t speak the language, but the emotional message of that video is actually the

    Despite the song's global popularity, the people who enjoy it actually don't speak korean, and have no idea what the 6

same. However, if we could speak korean, we were perhaps get more inside of what the singer trying to convey in the song / music video.We’ll get in to more detail in the understanding of the true power and meanings behind it.

time to watch it. However, can they understand it when they don't even speak the language?. For sure they can't, what they do understand it their actions and movements, . Another reason, why they like theatre is because its sound beautiful even though they don't even know the true "power" or the true emotions and feeling behind.

    Language is an extremely sensitive part of our lives. Communication is vital and our life revolves around community. When it's come to appreciation a language, our first language is obviously what we acknowledge. Our emotional in speaking our first language is different with when speaking our second language. When speaking our first language, we have the feeling to understand better what's the actually meaning behind it. Whereas when we try to speak or listen to  second language or even a new language, we're busy translating and understanding the words, and not fully understand the strength of feeling behind it. 

    We know the whole world was pulled by "Gangnam Style", when they don't even speak korean. However, we appreciate the entertaining moves, catchy song, fun beats, and even the singer's look which is cool and fun that they have, both in the video and the song. The true meaning behind the whole song is, the singer describes a wealthy teenager in a neighborhood in Seoul, where they like to go to party, he also describes himself, and the kind of girl he wants. So basically, Gangnam is a place where the wealthy young people live and where they go out. 

    In Addition to that, sometimes we appreciate a language of it's sound and difficulty not the "power" of the language itself. Like for example; I like French. French is a beautiful language and I appreciate it, because it sounds beautiful, and difficult. However, I appreciate my language more even it doesn't sound as beautiful as french, but at least I know the actual or/and the true power behind it.

    When listening to the song, we don't really pay attention to the lyrics or the language itself, our attention is to the visuals and the beats that they have in the music video. To conclude, people can't fully appreciate the power of a language without the ability so speak it, but we can appreciate the beauty of the language, like what we do when we listening to Gangnam Style. As Nelson Mandela quoted - “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

    Although, we can't fully appreciate the power of a language without the ability so speak it, but we can appreciate the beauty of the language. Let's take a simple example here;  most people in the world love to watch theatre or/and even opera. When they go abroad, surely, they'll spend some 7

“How have you experienced an issue of Language and Power in your life?  We’ve explored the Language in Power through it’s existence in politics, pop culture, and society in general.  But what about you? Have you used language to gain power in a relationship or group?  Have you gained power by becoming a bilingual thinker? Have you been involved in a campaign?  What about your language gives you power?”

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“My World� A personal experience dealing with the power of language I have had is when I was in the primary school. I'm a bilingual person (English/Indonesia) since I was in the primary. I learned my second language when I was in kindergarten, which helped me to become the bilingual. When I was in primary, I went to a school where english is not dominant. Most of the students are local and they only speak Indonesia. When it comes to English Class, I was always at the top of the class. The teacher always point at me to help the other students. In a relation to that, I was always get good grades in class, which support my result in the final report. Moreover, most of the students in my class always asked me questions. Although, sometimes it's distracted me, but I felt really good to help them as it made me feel that I'm the best among them. Being able to speak Indonesian empowers me in two ways; The first way Indonesian empower me is I can freely express ideas and give opinions about something with varied vocabularies. In a relation to that, it makes me easier seeing that I don’t really have to look for more vocabularies. The second way Indonesian empower me is, as the pronunciation in Indonesian is simpler and easy, it eases me to adapt and learn more languages seeing that most of the pronunciations are the same. As a conclusion, my first language empowers, supports and eases to learn more foreign languages. The most powerful message I have ever sent is when applying to a photography school. The requirement that they need is a personal statement. This is where I have to tell the school, why they should me. This message is my obviously my opportunity to tell the school about my suitability to them. I did try my best to do this message seeing that they are looking on my statements and why they should offer me a place on their school. What I did is I wrote my passion, experiences, and enthusiasm for course to them. As a result, after I have done writing the message, I sent it to them. And I finally got accepted for the course. I personally think that, the message that I sent to them is powerful seeing that it deceit and also manipulated the administrator's thinking.

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Language & Literature chapter 4  

We were told to create an Ibook to show our understanding in language and power.

Language & Literature chapter 4  

We were told to create an Ibook to show our understanding in language and power.