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The Canberra Raiders is South East NSW/ACT’s highest profile elite National Sporting Organisation, competing in the National Rugby League (NRL), National Youth Competition (NYC), S.G. Ball U18’s and Harold Matthews U16’s. Recognised as a leading Club in terms of Player Development, the Raiders are one of the most successful Clubs currently competing in the NRL, winning three Premierships and having two runner up finishes, in 34 seasons of participation.

The Canberra District Rugby League (CDRL), which is the sole shareholder of the Canberra Raiders Pty Ltd, oversees the Canberra Region Rugby League (CRRL) competitions which are administered and partially funded out of the Raiders HQ facility in Bruce ACT. This enables the group to provide unique and comprehensive control and promotion of rugby league from grass roots to elite level across the Capital Region. The Raiders currently have over 15,000 Football Club Members, with upwards of another 68,000 Members across the five Licensed Club sites in the ACT/NSW. Locally more than 5,000 participants (i.e. more than 260 teams) are involved in the game on a weekly basis via Canberra Region Rugby League competitions.

Former Raiders Junior Representative Graduate, Current Club Captain and 2016 NRL Captain of the Year: Jarrod Croker. All-Time leading Raiders point scorer & 2016 NRL Leading point scorer 2016 NRL Proven-Summons Medalist

The Raiders primary serviceable area extends nearly 60,000sqm, from ACT, west to Riverina, east to Batemans Bay, south to Albury and Bega and north through to Bathurst and Orange. Well established working partnerships across this region, including but not limited to, Country Rugby League (i.e. Group 8, 9, 16 and 20), Australian Touch Football, Regional Councils and NRL One Community provide mass reach and vast leverage opportunities.

Raiders Territory - Capital Region

Recent supplied 2016 data by Nielsen Sports highlights the value of brand association to Rugby League and more specifically the Raiders: Rugby League remains in the Top 5 most popular sports in Australia, despite a slight drop in interest YOY

Rugby League has the highest avid fan share of all sports in Australia

Raiders #1 standing in NRL

Raiders #1 standing in Capital Region

“Our goal is to be the best Rugby League development program in Australia/New Zealand” It is important to give local youth across the Capital Region the opportunity to participate in our great game and specifically in the ACT corridor the CDRL funds and administers the ‘game for all’ across both their Junior and Senior Competitions. From here the Raiders are tasked with developing identified potential and do so via Development Squads starting from U’13 years of age for both males and females. A lot of work needs to be undertaken in the more formative years of a young player’s career and the Club delivers a holistic program that guides and supports its players both on and off the field of play. Additionally the Raiders facilitate coaching clinics for younger children and implement coach education programs to teach necessary core skills in a consistent manner so as to enhance the games enjoyment by its participants.

Elite football is a very competitive environment, it is a fast pace, ever changing game and the struggle to stay at the pinnacle takes dedication, resources and support. To prepare the boys for the Junior Representative season takes more than a pre-season of hard training. It goes much further back than that, to our younger Development Squads of wide eyed 12 and 13 year olds. To create the opportunity to truly develop the Rugby League talent in our “footprint” we need to invest in infrastructure, program development and management and most importantly in the education and exposure to the very best coaching and competition available. Our Elite Academy numbers have grown and we need to keep pace with the resources that will give our junior players the competitive edge that will help them achieve their dream of playing in the NRL for the Canberra Raiders. We are currently developing over 150 young players in our pathways programs and to do this we require up to date

technology, training equipment, regional training camps, travel and accommodation for players. For the SG Ball and Harold Matthews players we engage in a comprehensive social welfare program to prepare them for life during and after football. This is to help them be best young men they can be and educate them about so many of the social dangers that can stop a promising career, it’s a substantial investment in our athletes.

Corporate Opportunity The Canberra Raiders are looking for individual player sponsors for our 2017 Junior Representative Players (i.e. Harold Matthews U’16’s and S.G. Ball U’18’s). Whether one of our players are from your town or district or perhaps is an employee or neighbour, we offer you the chance to be involved in ‘our program’ and assist us in growing ‘our talent’ for a small investment. Your contribution will help us offset ever increasing program costs, and keep pace with our competitors and we will deliver some benefits back to you also.

Proposed Terms For an annual investment of $1,250, below is the benefits package we will provide to you during season 2017: PACKAGE INCLUSIONS


Free entry to Raiders Junior Rep home games and one complimentary beverage of choice 2 x Silver Adult Inner Bowl Tickets to each Raiders regular season match at GIO Stadium during the 2017 season. Acknowledgement of your business as supporting partner alongside your aligned player on Your business will be announced as a supporting partner when your player takes the field and scores points during all home games Invitation to Club Sponsor Networking Functions during the season, as ran by the Club’s Corporate Sales Team, to leverage your partnership A video message from your aligned Raiders Player provided to your company for promotional purposes.

$60 $600



Exclusive NB: Club has more than 84 partners $500

Agreement Commercial Fees Season 2017: 

The Club will provide (insert company name) with the listed benefits for a fixed price of $1,250 (incl. GST) for the season.

Partnership Terms & Conditions (to be duly signed by authorised representatives to activate agreement) The following standard conditions apply to every “Corporate Partnership Agreement” and “Casual Hospitality and Event Bookings” accepted by or contract entered into by the Canberra Raiders Pty Ltd for the provision of all benefits and associated products.

The Club and Client agree to the below: 1. The Client (i.e. Partner/Sponsor) acknowledge that these T&C’s are provided in good faith and on strict terms by the Club to allow other stakeholders who are indirect parties to the agreement, including but not limited to Ticketing Agencies, Game Day Caterers, Suppliers, Workforce etc. to be paid to fulfil this agreements commitments; 2. The Client agrees to provide the Club the following email address for ease of delivery of invoicing (insert email address):  ……………………………………………………………….. 3. Client payment terms option (circle which is relevant):  Up-Front  Contra (End of Season reconciliation through exchange of invoices) 4. Client method of payment (circle which is relevant):  Cash  Cheque/Bank Cheque (must be cleared before benefits released)  Credit Card (transaction fees apply for AMEX)  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) 5. Invoices will be issued by the Club as per the requested payment terms agreed, and payment must be received in full as per the payment details and by the due date on the invoice. Any dishonoured payments must be remedied within 7 days of notification by the Club. If the preferred payment method is credit card the monthly instalments will be processed on the valid credit card on the last day of the month or next working day; 6. All late payments by the Client will be subject to an interest charge of 5% pa, compounded monthly; 7. Failure by the Client to pay on time will result in immediate suspension of benefits by the Club until all arrears are rectified; 8. Failure by the Client to pay within 30 days of benefits being suspended will result in cancellation of benefits. Clients acknowledge that benefits may then be resold to the public by the Club; 9. For all casual bookings (i.e. one-off Corporate Hospitality or Event purchases and/or NRL match ticketing) full payment must be received from the Client in advance, at least 3 business days prior to the actual event/game. If facility/tickets acquired less than 3 days prior to the match, payment must be made by credit card or EFT prior to game and before access passes are released;

10. Regardless of the above, generally speaking all agreements containing multi game benefit inclusions for the Client must be paid in full 3 business days prior to the final home game applicable (e.g. a 6 game agreement must be paid in full prior to the 6th game and a full season agreement before the 12th home game of the season); 11. After Ticket Delivery all risk of loss or damage to the tickets shall be the responsibility of the Client. If tickets are lost after Ticket Delivery the Club shall provide the Client with duplicates on the day of the Event; 12. The Club may cancel any Event or at its discretion offer alternative dates or venues with notice if: i) The venue is unfit for use or other reasonable cause, or; ii) You are in breach of any provisions of this Agreement. 13. Any modification or cancellation of this agreement, by either Club or Client, needs to be communicated in writing; 14. No cancellations or refunds will be allowed once benefits have been issued/received and or redeemed partially or in full. This agreement will still be required to be paid in full. All monies already paid will be retained by Canberra Raiders Pty Ltd, and any remaining instalment will be issued with a tax invoice with the agreed payment terms as stated on the invoice; 15. Should the Client cancel any hospitality less than seven days prior to the Event, then the Client will forfeit their rights to reallocate those tickets to another Event; 16. The Client undertakes to indemnify the Club against all claims relating to or arising from the Benefits supplied to the Client by the Club in respect to any loss, damage or expense sustained by any third party howsoever caused save for death or personal injury caused in whole or in part by the Club’s negligence; 17. It is a condition of sales that any of this Agreement or part thereof will not be resold, on sold, sublet or used to enhance the demand for other goods or Benefits, without the prior written approval of the Club. Any breach of this clause will result in the cancellation of this Agreement without a refund. 18. The Club agrees to provide the benefits as contained within the Agreement to the Client and the Client agrees to accept these terms and conditions. The Agreement shall commence from the date this form is signed and continue until ……………………………………… (Insert conclusion date) unless stated otherwise.




Club Signatory

Client Signatory


For additional information or to activate this package please liaise with: Glenn Safi Corporate Sales Manager P: (02) 6253 3515 M: 0419 018 677 E:

NB: All pricing listed in this document is inclusive of GST

Junior Rep Supporter Package  
Junior Rep Supporter Package