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No one flies you home cheaper than Mann Travel.


$20 voucher

with every ticket purchased from Mann Travel*

We beat the competition on price. But Mann Travel offers you a lot more too. You can be sure of our professional and courteous service all the way. With a brand new office in the heart of Parramatta, we are never too far from you. Mann Travel. Unmatched prices with unmatched service. Because you deserve both. INDIA • PAKISTAN • UK • SRI LANKA • BANGLADESH • NEPAL • SINGAPORE • MALAYSIA • CHINA

Now in Parramatta Call 9762 8100

Our travel Partners

*Conditions apply, voucher worth $20 with every Singapore Airlines ticket purchased between 1.5.2011 and 31.5.2011

Licence No. 32789 ABN 43127288224

Shop 2/55-67 George Street Parramatta 2150 Ph: 9762 8100 Timing: Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm • Saturday 9.00 am – 3.30 pm



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Ginny’s cafe

Where India meets Italy

& restaurant

F Lic ully en Open 7 days Breakfast Lunch Dinner ce d Introducing Indian Flavoured

Pizzas & Pastas in Sydney Punjabi Vegitarian Pizza Paneer Tikha Makhani Tandoori Chicken

Pastas Penne Punjabi Penne Tandoori

Mention this Add & get large pizza Only $12 (*Take-away Only)

For Catering & Orders

Call Ginny on 02 8678 8434 Shop 3062, Westpoint Shopping Centre Blacktown (Next to Library and Post Office)


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S E E F TO I W O L T A E W R O L G S A M O R F S E E F D N E S * 3 1 $ D AS AU



Become a MoneyGram sub-agent visit or call (02) 9642 8995

1800 049 087 Agents available in India at:

* Only applicable for our agents in the states of New South Wales and Western Australia only. In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram or its agent may be applied. Š2011 MoneyGram. All rights reserved.


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LAWN MASTER (NSW) PTY LTD Manufacturer/ Brand Owner ProudlyAustralian Owned 3/19 BirminghamAve, Villawood, NSW, 2163 Tel no. 02 – 8764 3036

LM 500 S AUD $499.00 AUD $399.00

You Save: AUD $100.00

• Powered by Briggs & Stratton 4HP engine. • Primer for first pull start • Heavy duty steel chassis • 4 blade 18 inch cutting system • rubber wheels • Padded upturned upper handle • Durable hard catcher • Double metal ball bearing wheels • Safety Break • Warranty 2 years

LM 1P 64 AUD $349.00 AUD $299.00

LM 196 PH AUD $999.00 AUD $699.00

You Save: AUD $300.00

• Engine Type: HONDA OHV GXV160 • Displacemen: 163cc • Power: 5.5HP / 3600rpm - 10.8Nm / 2500rpm • Cutting Width: 180mm / 19inch • Mowing Height: 2080mm • Bag Capacity: 70L • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.0L • Warranty: 4 Years

You Save: AUD $50.00

• • • • • • • • • •

LM BCS4310 AUD $240.00 AUD $199.00

You Save: AUD $41.00

Powerfull 5.5 HP Over head Valve 4 Stroke Engine • 2Stroke 43cc 45.7 cm (18 inch) Engine Cut • Straight Shaft Solid Plastic Grass Brush Cutter Catcher • Warranty 1 Year Heavy Duty Steel Deck (Chassis) Under Chassis Skirt for better ExclusivelyAvailableAt: quality cut 321 Parramatta Rd, Disc with 4 Blades Auburn, Rubber Wheels Tel no. 02 - 9748 4898 Comfort Grip Foldable Handle Warranty 1 Year


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A recent study showed an upsurge in the Registered Training Organization (RTO’s) popularly known as private colleges in western Sydney and many of them offer courses to overseas students. The reason for this trend could be numerous as students are finding western suburbs more convenient as the colleges closer to their residence; colleges in the locality are more adaptive for the Asian students; fees and the installment options are encouraging etc. Finding a right college could be a tedious process for a student who is new to the country or city and a fair advice could lead to effective decision making. Loura Business College is a quality education institute offering varied courses for overseas students for over a year. The college is ideally located in the middle of the busy CBD area with close proximity to all means of transport including Train, Bus, the famous Parramatta Ferry or even Taxi. College is located at a 2 minutes walk from Westfield’s shopping town and same is from the train station.

invitations etc. The college is currently offering special discounts for recently added courses Diploma of Business, Diploma of Management and Diploma of Accounting. The college provides an atmosphere free and fair to all and its teachers are multicultural and always ready to help the students. Loura Business College have specialized staff which deals in support services to the students. Loura Business College proudly declares itself as one of the biggest college in the region with over 1100 Square Meters of area. The courses offered at the college are career oriented and the student body at the college ranks the college very high in the feedback and ratings. The college recorded enormous growth in the recent times and has student friendly policies to enable the efficient learning. The student body at Loura Business College is predominantly from the subcontinent. The continuous increase in the number of the students is an evidence of student satisfaction and Loura Business College’s equitable and fair policies.

As students often find it difficult to seek pathways upon the completion of studies to cater to this Loura Business College is well equipped with efficient staff who assist in providing able guidance. Loura Business College offers different student services to it students that include finding accommodation, overseas student health cover, assisting in parent

For further information you can call 02 9635 0940 and the college address is Level – 3, 25 George Street, Parramatta 2150 NSW.


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lkeqnkf;d lwpuk,¡ Publisher: JK MEDIA HOLDINGS PTY LTD Phone: For Info: 0404672346 For Advertisement: 0432187189 Disclaimer : Any Material supplied to Hindi Gaurav is at the contributor’s risk. No responsibility will be taken by the publisher. Opinions published in Hindi Gaurav are not necessarily those of the publisher. Hindi Gaurav does not guarantee the authenticity or takenAny responsibility for any advertisement or marketing feature.

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Learn Hindi in a fun and encouraging environment!

Abhinay School of Performing Arts Intermediate and advanced classes also available. nts rese


Hindi classes for beginners by Dr. Bhavna Kunwar $5/- per class on Sundays, 5pm to 6pm starting 8 May 2011 at 2 Short Street, Carlton To register, email Or call 0488 200 222.


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vkslkek fcu yknsu ds ekjs tkus dh [kcj ns jgs U;wt pSuy¨a ij l¨eokj d¨ ftl rjg fnu Hkj lwpuk,a yxkrkj fgpd¨ys [kkrh jgha] rst&rst VªSd cnyrh vkSj myVrh&iyVrh gqÃ] ;g lekpkj&ftKklqvksa ds fy, ,d vyx =kln vkSj >qa>ykgV ls Hkjk vuqHko jgkA ,cVkckn esa Hkou ds Hkhrj nc¨ps x;s yknsu d¨ ekjs tkus ds ?kVukØe d¨ ysdj lwpukvksa us dà fgpd¨ys [kk;sA igys r¨ ;g ckr lkeus vk;h fd yknsu d¨ idM+dj flj esa lVkdj x¨yh ekjh x;h] blds dqN gh nsj esa blesa vkfglrs la’k¨/ku gqvk fd mls vkReleiZ.k ds fy, dgk x;k Fkk! tc mlus vkReleiZ.k ugha fd;k rHkh mls ekj fxjk;k x;k! loky ;g fd vesfjdh lsuk ds Lis’ky vkWijs’ku xzqi us ftl fcfYMax d¨ dCt+s esa ys fy;k g¨] D;k mlesa e©t+wn d¨Ã O;fDr viuh ethZ ls t+jk&lk fgy&Mqy Hkh ldrk gS \ ;g fdlh ds fy, Hkh fo’okl djuk dfBu gS fd vesfjdh lsuk us ;fn pkgk g¨ fd og vkReleiZ.k djs r¨ bls udkj ikus dh fLFkfr esa og jg x;k g¨! blesa Hkh n¨ jk; ugha fd vesfjdh ‘kklu dh çkFkfedrk nqfu;k ds bl lcls [krjukd vkradoknh d¨ ft+nk idM+us dh gh jgh g¨xkA ,slk blfy, rkfd [k+qn mlds eqag ls vyd+k;nk ds okLrfod usVodZ] vlyh ed+ln vkSj vkradh ealwc¨a dh vf/kdre lwpuk,a mxyok;h tk ldsa! blds lekukUrj fuLlansg yknsu vesfjdh lSfud vkWijs’ku Vhe ij fdlh Hkh rjg Hkkjh ugha iM+k g¨xk! ;fn og t+jk Hkh chl iM+us dh fLFkfr esa g¨rk r¨ idM+ ls gh d¨l¨a nwj g¨ pqdk g¨rk! bl rjg r¨ ;gh ladsr&fu”d”kZ fey jgk gS fd vesfjdh lSfud fu/kkZfjr dkjZokÃ&ladYi ls fopfyr g¨dj vius Hkhrj ds meM+rs ^ukbu ,ysou* çfr’k¨/k esa mcy jgs Fks! lkeus yknsu d¨ ikdj muds Hkhrj djkgrs&fxjrs o ZYM VªsM lsaVj ds Vkoj thoar g¨ mBs vkSj os vkis ls ckgj g¨ viuk y{; Hkwy x;sA mUg¨aus viuh gh deku dh fu/kkZfjr lSfud dkjZokà iwjh djuk ugha] cfYd ^ukbu ,ysou* ds ujlagkj dk cnyk pqdk ysuk vf/kd t:jh le>k! mlh rjg yknsu ds ‘ko d¨ ysdj Hkh lwpuk vkfgLrs&vkfgLrs cnyrh jghA igys ;g [kcj pyh fd mldk ‘ko vesfjdh lSfud¨a ds dCts+ esa gSA dqN gh nsj ckn dgk tkus yxk fd mldk ‘ko vQxkfuLrku ds fefyVªh csl d¨ ys tk;k x;k gS! tYnh ;g lwpuk Hkh vkfgLrs la’k¨f/kr g¨ x;hA la’k¨f/kr D;k] ;g iwjh rjg myV dj gh jg x;h! vc ;g lwpuk rSj jgh Fkh fd yknsu d¨ leqæ ds Hkhrj nQ+uk fn;k x;k gS! ,slk blfy, rkfd vkradoknh rkd+rsa mldh dcz dk x+yr bLrseky u dj ldsa! reke Nydrs fooj.k¨a vkSj pedrs ladsr¨a ls ;g O;Dr gq, cx+Sj Hkh u jg ldk fd lÌke d¨ idM+rs le; vesfjdk ds ikl ,d lqfu;¨ftr dkjZokÃ&;¨tuk Fkh] tcfd vkslkek d¨ ns[k vesfjdh toku ,slh d¨Ã Hkh ;¨tuk ;kn u j[k lds! lÌke d¨ dSls mldh ljteha ij


eqdnek pykdj vkfgLrs&vkfgLrs ykpkj vkSj vlgk; cuk fn;k x;k] ;g iwjh nqfu;k us ns[kkA varr yknh gqà viuh e©r d¨ udkjus esa Hkh “;ke og ukdke jgk vkSj Qkalh ds Qans fcgkjh ls >wyus ls cp u ldkA lÌke “;key d¨ vesfjdk ds f[kykQ n’kd¨a rd ngkM+rs jgus dh ;g lt+k FkhA vesfjdk d¨ t[+e nsus ds ekeys esa vkslkek fcu yknsu cs’kd+ lÌke ls mUuhl ugha] chl gh Fkk! blfy, mls yack vkSj nq[knk;h var u nsus dk vesfjdk d¨ vQl¨l gh jgsxkA yknsu ds ‘ko dk t¨ fp= baVjusV ds ek/;e ls QSyk gS] mlesa ntZ psgjs dk fupyk fgLlk mldh djhc nl lky iqjkuh rLohj ls gw&c&gw esy [kk jgk gSA ftrus nkar¨a ds lkFk iqjkuh rLohj esa tSlk eqag [kqyk fn[k jgk gS] fcYdqy mruk&oSlk gh ‘ko okys fp= esa HkhA D;k Hkk”k.k nsrs ;k c¨yrs gq, vkslkek us nl lky igys ftruk eqag [k¨yk Fkk] ,d eà dh jkr ,cVkckn dh fcfYMax esa vesfjdh lsuk dh x¨yh [kkdj Hkh tcM+s mrus gh [k¨y ldk\ tSlh NaVh ewaN¨a ds lkFk ftruh mtyh ydhj¨a okyh nk<+h iqjkuh rLohj esa] fcYdqy ogh u;h esaA D;k mldh nk<+h dk iduk nl lky ls ;Fkkor #dk gqvk jg x;k Fkk ;k mlus fu/kkZfjr mtys cky¨a d¨ N¨M+ ckd+h d¨ jaxus dk d¨Ã [k+kl vfHk;ku pyk j[kk Fkk\ dguk u g¨xk fd ,slk dqN Hkh ugha FkkA ewy ckr ;g fd baVjusV ij t+kjh mlds ‘ko dk fp= gh vokLrfod gS! n¨u¨a fp=¨a d¨ ns[kdj fo’ks”kK¨a dh r¨ ;gh jk; ehfM;k esa t+kfgj gqà gSA x+©j djus ij d¨Ã Hkh le> ldrk gS fd fdlh us Q¨V¨’k‚i ij tkdj yknsu dh iqjkuh rLohj ls gh ;g dkjLrkuh dh gSA ukd ds uhps okys fgLls d¨ t+jk Hkh u Nwrs gq,] dsoy Åijh fgLls esa ck;ha duiV~Vh ij x¨yh yxus] blds vykok vka[ksa QwVus vkSj yykV lesr vklikl Fk¨M+k&cgqr [kwu yxs g¨us dk bQsDV Mkyrs gq,A fuLlansg bldh Hkh tkap g¨uh pkfg, fd yknsu ;fn lpeqp ekj fxjk;k x;k gS r¨ mlds ‘ko dk vlyh fp= D;¨a ugha lkeus vk;k\ ;g Hkh fd ;g ud+yh fp= fdlus vkSj fdl y{; ls t+kjh fd;k\ vesfjdh nkos ds vuqlkj gh vkslkek fcu yknsu ftl rjg ,su bLykekckn ls lVs ,cVkckn esa gosyh ysdj choh&cPp¨a ds lkFk BkV ls jgrk idM+k vkSj ekjk x;k gS] ;g ikfdLrku ds vkradokn ds x<+ g¨us dk ftank lqcwr gS! D;k blds ckn Hkh d¨Ã çek.k pkfg,\ vc vkradokn ds fo#) vesfjdh ladYi dh ijh{kk dh ;gh dl©Vh g¨xh fd og ikfdLrku esa cSBs nwljs vkradh ljxukvksa ds f[kykQ vkxs D;k dkjZokà djrk gS! vius ukbu ,ysou dk cnyk pqdk ysus ds ckn ;fn mldh yM+kà vkxs f’kfFky iM+ tkrh gS r¨ ml ij yxus okys n¨gjs ekunaM viukus tSls vkj¨i¨a d¨ gh cy feysxk!

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çse% LokFkZ dk O;kikj ;k dqN vkSj! çse! çse! le> esa u vk, r¨ lokZf/kd ek;koh&e`xejhfpdh; ! vk tk, r¨ thou dh jkgsa ljy&ljl dj ns] viuh Hkh vkSj nwlj¨a dh Hkh ! Ã’oj ls Hkh vf/kd pfpZr]okafNr vkSj vfHkyf”kr! ^<kà vk[kj^ dk ;g ;qXe &rRo gh r¨ lfn;¨a ls lc d¨ upk;s&HkVdk;s gSA ftls ikuk lc pkgrs gSa] djuk d¨Ã d¨ÃA vkf[kj gS D;k çse\ ;g g¨rk Hkh gS ;k ugha\ D;k çse dh d¨Ã jhfr&uhfr vkSj fu;e &’krZsa Hkh g¨rh gSa\ ;s loky dqN oSls gh gSa tSls Ã’oj ds ckjs esa g¨rs gSaA tokc Hkh oSls gh fo’kn vkSj vusd gSa!çse ds ckjs esa dqN Hkh dg&fy[k ikuk oSls dfBu gS tSls ijes’oj ds! dqN Hkh dfg,] efgek iwjh u iM+s! çse dk tknw lc ds lj p<+ dj c¨yrk gS! blds egRo d¨ blh ls le>k tk ldrk gS fd /keZ xzaFk¨a ls ysdj gj Hkk”kk ds lkfgR; dk dsUæh; rRo çse gh lnSo ls cuk gqvk gSA reke Hk©frd mUufr;¨a vkSj lqfo/kk&lalk/ku¨a ds ckotwn balku fdruk vdsyk]vlgt] vlqjf{kr Hk;Hkhr] i’kqor fgalz vkSj gSjku&ijs’kku gSA ruko xzLr] LokFkh vkSj çfrfØ;koknh gSA balku gh balku dk lc ls cM+k nq’eu cuk gqvk gSA tho&tarqvksa ls mrus y¨x ugha ejrs ftrus balkuh O;ogkj lsA gR;k& vkRe gR;k ds lokf/kZd ekeys balkuh O;ogkj dh gh nsu g¨rs gSaA bldk LokHkkfod dkj.k ekuk tkrk gS çse dk vHkkoA ;kuh çse ekufld&HkkokRed fodkj¨a d¨ nwj djus dh egk vkS”kf/k gSA LokLF; dh lathouh gSA çse esa lerk&le jlrk jgrh gS A blls y¨d&ijy¨d n¨u¨a laojrs gSaA ?kj&ifjokj vkSj ns’k&lekt blh ls curs vkSj pyrs gSaA çse ekuoh; xq.k¨a dh [kku gSA /kS;Z]’kkafr] la;e]l©gknZ] n;k] nku] d#.kk]vfgalk] ‘k©;Z] vkLrs;] Hk¨x] oSjkX;] Kku vkSj HkfDr dk mRl gSA lkfgR;] laxhr] dyk]fuekZ.k] l`tu ]fo/ oal vkSj vkfo”dkj dk çsjd&mRçsjd gSA foLrkj esa vkdk’k vkSj mi;¨fxrk esa çdk’k gSA e¨Vs r©j ij çse n¨ :i¨a esa ns[kk tkrk gS & lkalkfjd vkSj vk/;kRfed ;k Ã’ojh;A b’d , etkth vkSj b’d , gdhdhA lkalkfjd çse Nk;k ekuk tkrk gS t¨ çk;% lR; ugha g¨rkA D;¨a fd lalkj gh lR; ugha gSA lR; ls ;¨x djkus okyk çse vk/;kRfed g¨rk gS t¨ ges’kk c<+rk gh jgrk

gSA çse dk lh/kk ,d QaMk g¨rk gS& fdlh ds g¨ tkvks ;k fdlh d¨ viuk cuk y¨A ^ Lo ^ dk ,slk lhekrhr foLrkj fd lalkj mlh esa lek tk,A ;k ,slk fu%’ks”k leiZ.k fd ^Lo^ dh lÙkk gh feV tk,A v/;kRe ekurk gS fd çse vkSj vgadkj lkFk ugha jgrsA n¨u¨a dk lgt oSj gSA vgadkjh ân; esa çse dk lqokl ugha g¨rkA vgadkj vKku gSA çse&lw;Z ds mn; g¨rs gh vKkuk/kadkj frj¨fgr g¨ tkrk gSA çse egÙkk ls vksr ç¨r lHkh /keZ xzaFk vgadkj d¨ v/k¨xfr esa ys tkus okyk crkrs gSaA dqjku ethn vgadkfj;¨a dh txg ujd crkrk gSA lwjk vt tqekj dk mn~?k¨”k gS& dgk tk,xk] ços’k dj¨ ujd ds njokt¨a esa] ;gka vc rqEgsa lnSo jguk gS] ;g vgadkfj;¨a ds fy, cM+k gh cqjk fBdkuk gSA çse esa {kek’khyrk g¨rh gSA lwjk vy cq:t dh ,d vk;r vYykg d¨ {kek’khy]çse djus okyk crkrh gSA Økafrdkjh lar dchj dk dguk gS fd vgadkjh :ih ‘kh’k dkV dj Hkwfe esa j[k nsus ds ckn gh çse ds vkaxu esa ços’k ik;k tk ldrk gSA u ;g cxhps esa iSnk g¨rk gS vkSj u cktkj esa fcdrk gSA jktk&çtk t¨ pkgs vgadkj N¨M+ dj bls ys ldrk gSA ;g ?kj gS çse dk] [kkyk dk ?kj ukfga lhl mrkjS Hkqa; /kjS]rc iSBs ?kj ekfgaA çse u ckM+h mitS]çse u gkV fcdk; jktk ijtk d¨ #pS lhl ns; yS tk;A çsekorkj Ãlk elhg us ,d ckj vius lHkh f’k”;¨a ds iSj /k¨;sA dgk& xq: g¨dj eSaus ,slk bl fy, fd;k fd rqe Hkh ,slk fd;k dj¨A ,d u;h vkKk nsrk gwa ] rqe ,d nwljs d¨ I;kj dj¨A çse dj¨xs r¨ mlh ls lc y¨x tku tk,axs fd rqe esjs f’k”; g¨A iSj /k¨uk fujgadkfjrk dk çrhd FkkA jkek;.k çse lkxj gSA bl esa mnkÙk çse ds fofHkUu Lo:i¨a dk vuqHko g¨rk gSA HkkÃ& HkkÃ]cki&csVk] ifr&iRuh] xq:&f’k”;] ‘kkld&’kkflr vkSj HkDr&Hkxoku lesr lHkh laca/k¨a ds çse&i{k¨a dk çn’kZu ;gka feyrk gSA ;Fkk& ou okflr jke liRuhd _f”k&eqfu;¨a lax lRlax ppkZ esa gSaA igjs ij [kM+s vuqt y{e.k ls Hkkà Hkjr ds vkus dh lwpuk feyrs gh mudh D;k n’kk g¨rh gS& mBs jke lqfu çse v/khjk] dgqa iV dgqa fulax /kuq rhjkA jke /;ku&/kS;Z [k¨ cSBsA bruh rhozrk ls n©M+ dj Hkjr ls feyus d¨ mBs fd dgha iV fxjk r¨ dgha ij rhj] rjd’k vkSj /kuq”kA O;kdqyrk & v/khjrk çse dk xq.k gSA blds igys ekxZ esa feyus ij Hkjr us vNwr xqg d¨ ,sls g~un; ls yxk fy;k Fkk eku¨ N¨Vs Hkkà y{e.k fey x, g¨aA g~un; esa çse ugha lek jgk FkkA D;¨a fd fu”kkn Hkkà jke ds fe= FksA ifr&iRuh dk çse nsf[k,A lhrk dh [k¨t esa tk jgs nwr guqeku ls jke bu ‘kCn¨a esa lans’k Hkstrs gSa& rRo çse dj ee v# r¨jk] tkur fç;k ,d eu e¨jkA l¨ eu jgr lnk r¨fga ikgha] tkuq çhfrjl ,rusfg ekghaA gs fç;rek] esjs rqEgkjs çse dk eeZ dsoy esjk eu tkurk gS] og Hkh lnk rqEgkjs ikl jgrk gSA ,d vksj fojgh jke ds lkFk mudk eu Hkh ugha gS r¨ nwljh vksj v’k¨d okfVdk esa canh lhrk d¨ ‘khr paæek vfXue; yx jgk gSA


,l Mh oktis;h ikod e; lfl lzor u vkxh + + A fojkgfXu esa ty jgh lhrk d¨ vkdk’k ds rkjs vkx ds vaxkjs vkSj u;h d¨iys vfXu ln`’k yx jgha gSaA çxVr xxu vuy vaxkjk] vofu u vkor ,dm rkjkA iq= fo;¨x esa n’kjFk dk çk.k¨RlxZ çse dk vU; i{k gSA jk/kk dk ,dfu”B leiZ.k vkSj jktk cuus ij feyus vk;s nhu ghu fe= lqnkek ds lw[ks pkoy¨a d¨ Jh Ñ”.k dk pko ls [kkuk çse dk nwljk i{k gSA gtjr vyh ds iSj esa ftl rhj d¨ fpfdRld yk[k tru ds ckn Hkh ugha fudky ik, mls uekt vnk djrs le; ljyrk ls fudky fy;k x;kA vyh d¨ nnZ dk vHkkl Hkh ugha gqvkA ijes’oj ds çfr leiZ.k& çse dk ,d :i ;g Hkh gSA lkalkfjd çse esa ftrus eqag mruh ckrs gSaA ;gka fny ns cSBuk vkSj fny ds VqdM+s gq, gtkj g¨uk g¨rk jgrk gSA fQj Hkh çse çs;&Js; n¨u¨ gaSA ,d dFku gS fd nwlj¨a ls çse djuk vrr% Lo;a ls isze djuk gS vkSj nwlj¨a ls ?k`.kk Lo;a ls ?k`.kk dk i;kZ; gSA Lo;a ls çse djus okyk gh nwlj¨a ls çse dj ikrk gSA çse ds ckjs esa dqN dFku& ^jkg u #dh^ esa Mk- jkaxs; jk?ko% çse dk iw.kZRo n¨ fHkUu fyax ds çkf.k;¨a esa gh ekuk tkrk gS vkSj ;FkkFkZ dk lR; ;g gS fd ifr ls iRuh dk çse dsoy eu dk çse ugha g¨rk] g¨rk gS ‘kkjhfjd HkhA & çse vHk; dk ea= gSA çse dk mikld lalkj dh lkjh fparkvksa vkSj ck/kkvksa ls eqDr g¨ tkrk gSA & çse vkSj okluk esa mruk gh varj gS ftruk dapu vkSj dkap esaA çse dh lhek HkfDr ls feyrh gSA HkfDr esa lEeku vkSj çse esa lsok Hkko dk vkf/kD; jgrk gSA & dqN ik’pkR; ys[kd¨a dk fopkj gS fd L=h vius loZ çFke çseh d¨ dHkh ugha Hkqyk ikrhA ml ds vidkj¨a d¨ Hkh lg dj mRÑ”V çse mlh dh lefiZr djrh gSA os y¨x dgrs gSa fd ‘kkjhfjd ‘kfDr ls Hkh Lf=;¨a dk çse ifr ij fo’ks”krk ikrk gSA & çse ds fy, /keZ dh fofHkUurk d¨Ã ca/ku ugha gSA ,slh ck/kk;sa ml eu¨Hkko ds fy, gSa ftldk var fookg gSA ml çse dk ugha ftldk var cfynku gSA & euq”; ek= d¨] tho ek= d¨ çse dh ykylk jgrh gSA Hk¨x fyIlh çkf.k;¨a esa ;g okluk dk çdV :i gSA ljy ân; çkf.k;¨a esa ‘kkafr Hk¨x dkA & çse ftruk gh vkn’kZoknh g¨rk gS mruk gh {kek’khy HkhA

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Turning Dreams into Realty

(02) 8922 9696 | | 1.03/5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW

Our success is measured by the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, because we believe that you simply deserve the absolute best results and service!


Due to an excellent month of sales, we are in needed of more properties to cater to our large range of buyers ready to purchase today!

Looking After Your Investment Properties

Malwinder Pandher

Director | Licensee in Charge

Parklea - $549,000

Hans Lu

Gurtej Thind

Director | General Manager

Glendenning - $449,000

Director | Sales Manager

Blacktown $415,000

Trust Mountview Real Estate to really understand and care for one of your biggest assets in life with its competitive fees and outstanding tenant applications, We make sure your investment is well looked after with the maximum return

Castle Hill - $849,000

Glenwood - $660,000

Toongabbie - $449,000

Seven Hills - $419,000

What a stunning result! - Sold in less than one week SOLD


SEVEN HILLS - $430,000

Bella Vista - $2 million


W Pennant Hills - $899k


Woodcroft - $599,000


Glendenning - $399,000


Girraween - $699,000


Blacktown - $269,000

Call us to find out how we can achieve the maximum price for your property!


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vUuk gtkjs] mEehnsa gtkj¨a Hkz”Vkpkj ds foj¨/k esa vUuk gt+kjs dh yM+kà d¨ t¨ xfr vkSj fn’kk feyuh pkfg,] og mls feyrh ugha fn[k jgh gSA de ls de cukjl esa 29 vçSy d¨ t¨ ns[kk x;k] blls r¨ ;gh ladsr feyrk gSA ;g oLrqr% Hkz”Vkpkj&foj¨/kh vfHk;ku dh--- fof/koR jk”VªO;kih ‘kq#vkr dk volj FkkA fnYyh ds tarj&earj esa vius vu’ku ls iwjs ns’k d¨ HkkoukRed :i ls t¨M+ ysus vkSj tuy¨diky fo/ks;d fo”k;d ekaxsa u ekuus ij vM+h dsaæ ljdkj dk xq#j r¨M+ nsus ds ckn mUg¨aus bldh ckd+k;nk ?k¨”k.kk dj j[kh FkhA muds çfr tUes t+¨jnkj vkd”kZ.k dk gh ;g urhtk Fkk fd dk’kh dk dfVax ese¨fj;y eSnku gh

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lkeqnkf;d vkWLVªsfy;k 30]000 Hkkjrh; çf”kf{kr Lukrd¨a d¨ u©djh nsxk

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Hindi Gaurav

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United Indian Associations Inc.




Friendship Fair - 2011 Celebrate India’s Independence Day Sunday 14th August 2011, 10am to dusk. Edwin Flack Avenue, Athletic Centre. Sydney Olympic Park, Entry Fee $7.00 Full day Parking for $10.00 at designated venues Gate Prizes-Win LCD TV/Return AirTicket to INDIA President & Fair Director

Amarinder Bajwa Mobile: 0421 998 458 Vice President & Cultural Director

John Niven

Mobile : 0411 259 978



Fun Rides, Food Stalls Camel Rides, Cultural Programs Fire Works other Variety Stalls & much More

Stall Bookings : Public Officer

Vijaykumar Halagali Mobile: 0403 172 722

Secretary & Fair Coordinator

Renga Rajan

Mobile : 0421 998 458 ABC ApnaPunjab AustralianFijiTimes BeyondIndia ChandanaTV DesiKangaroos ABC FijiTimes ApnaPunjab AustralianFijiTimesGujaratTimes HamareRang BeyondIndia HindiGaurav ChandanaTV ABC IndiaDownunder DesiKangaroos ApnaPunjab IndiaVoice AustralianFijiTimes FijiTimes IndiaOZ GujaratTimes BeyondIndia IndusAge ABC HamareRang ChandanaTV IndusAge ApnaPunjab HindiGaurav DesiKangaroos AustralianFijiTimesFijiTimes IndiaDownunder MasalaNewsline Navtarang BeyondIndia IndiaVoice GujaratTimes NepalTimes ChandanaTV IndiaOZ ABC HamareRang OUR PROUD SPONSORS OZIndian DesiKangaroos IndusAge ApnaPunjab HindiGaurav PunjabExpress FijiTimes AustralianFijiTimes IndiaDownunder IndusAge MasalaNewsline PunjabTimes GujaratTimes BeyondIndia IndiaVoice ABC RabitahInternational HamareRang Navtarang HARRIS PARK ChandanaTV IndiaOZ OUR EPPING ApnaPunjab SBS NepalTimes DesiKangaroos HindiGaurav IndusAge MEDIA AustralianFijiTimes FijiTimes NOW OPEN IN TheIndian IndiaDownunder IndusAge OZIndian CHURCH ST SPONSORS PARRAMATTA BeyondIndia Thenral IndiaVoice GujaratTimes MasalaNewsline PunjabExpress ChandanaTV IndiaOZ PunjabTimes HamareRang Navtarang DesiKangaroos IndusAge RabitahInternational NepalTimes SPONSORSHIP PROPOSALHindiGaurav FijiTimes SBS IndiaDownunder IndusAge OZIndian GujaratTimes MasalaNewsline PunjabExpress TheIndian IndiaVoice HamareRang Navtarang Thenral IndiaOZ PunjabTimes HindiGaurav NepalTimes IndusAge RabitahInternational

Live Music in Indian Languages in a vibrant cinema band consisting of popular local artistes

Indian Eatery & Sweet House at




5 Star Catering At Its Best

277 Church St PARRAMATTA PH: 9635 4522 63 Beecroft Rd EPPING PH: 9876 8522 62-64 Wigram St HARRIS PARK PH: 9687 7785

All enquiries contact Billu Mob: 0411 857 799

Billusad_SEP.indd 1


4/09/2009 3:07:08 PM

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[k+kl ;¨tuk;sa gS\ vefjanj& gekjh lhfu;j flVhtal] owesal vkSj ;qokvksa ij Q¨dl djus dh ;¨tuk;sa gSA ljdkj t¨ Hkh lgk;rk y¨x¨a d¨ fofHkUu {ks=¨a esa nsrh gS og lgh y¨x¨a d¨ fey ldsA lHkh ;¨tuk;sa leqnk; rd igqapkuh pkfg,A dHkh dHkh lgh lwpuk u g¨us ds dkj.k ljdkj dh ;¨tukvksa dk mi;qDr y¨x ykHk ugha mBk ikrsA Hkkjrh; leqnk; c<+ jgk gS vkSj mldh t:jrsa Hkh c<+ jgh gS r¨ ge d¨ lHkh ckr¨a d¨ /;ku esa j[krs gq, ;¨tuk;sa cukuh gSA bafM;u gkml dk ,d çi¨ty gS ftl ij dke fd;k tk jgk gSA fganh x©jo& ;wvkÃ, vHkh rd esysa ds fy, tkuh tkrh gS okLro esa bldk D;k dke gS\ vefjanj& ;g xyr gS flQZ esys vk;¨ftr djus ds fy, ;g laLFkk gSA gekjh cgqr xfrfof/k;k¡ gS t¨ leqnk; ds fodkl ds fy, g¨rh gS tSls lhfu;j Q¨je] oweu Q¨je] fctusl lsehukj vkfn gS vHkh gesa vf/kd ls vf/kd y¨x¨a dh Hkkxsnkjh pkfg,A fganh x©jo& ;wvkÃ, d¨ vHkh dsoy lhfu;lZ dh laLFkk ds :i esa ns[kk tkrk gS] bld¨ ;qokvksa esa y¨dfç; djus dh D;k ;¨tuk;sa gS\ vefjanj& ge tYn gh ;wFk foax ‘kq: djus tk jgs gS ftlds fy, ge pkgsaxs ;wFk vkxs vk;sa vkSj mlesa Hkkx ysA ge le; le; is ;qokvksa ls lEcaf/kr dk;ZØe ‘kq: djus tk


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[kcj¨a dh eqjEer mM+ku us c‚yhoqM esa volj¨a ds }kj [k¨ys% jke eqacÃA Vsyhfotu ds y¨dfç; flrkjs jke diwj us foØekfnR; e¨Vokuh dh fQYe mM+ku esa vge fdjnkj vnk fd;k vkSj mudk dguk gS fd bl fQYe us c‚yhoqM esa vusd çfrf”Br ifj;¨tuk,a fnykà gSaA jke us dgk] mM+ku d¨ /kU;okn] ftldh otg ls eq>s pkj fQYesa feyh gSaA mUg¨aus dgk fd og lwjt cM+tkR;k dh yo ;w feLVj dykdkj] lSQ vyh [kku dh ,tsaV fou¨n] dj.k t©gj dh ‘kkVZ VeZ ‘kknh vkSj egs’k x¨fM;ky dh ekà esa vk’kk Hk¨alys ds lkFk dke djsaxsA fQYe¨a esa vius fdjnkj¨a ds ckjs esa jke us dgk fd Vsyhfotu ij fiNys dqN lky¨a ls ,d tSlh Hkwfedkvksa ls vc vyx&vyx fdjnkj fey jgs gSaA mUg¨aus dgk fd Vhoh ij dykdkj vf/kd lQy r¨ g¨ ldrk gS ysfdu ogka ç;¨x djus dh xqatkb’k de g¨rh gSA jke us dgk] pSuy] fuekZrk vkSj vkids ç’kald vkid¨ mlh :i esa ns[kuk pkgrs gSa ftlesa os ilan djrs gSaA vfHkusrk us ;g Hkh dgk] vkt eSa t¨ gwa og eq>s Vsyhfotu us cuk;k gSA ysfdu vc eSaus fQYe ifj;¨tukvksa dk p;u fd;k gS tgka eSa vius vyx&vyx i{k fn[kk ldrk gwaA mM+ku ds vykok eSaus Qjgku v[rj o nhfidk iknqd¨.k ds lkFk dkfrZd dkfyax dkfrZd esa Hkh dke fd;kA ,tsaV fou¨n esa jke diwj ,d :lh ekfQ;k M‚u dh Hkwfedk esa g¨axsA ogha ‘kkVZ VeZ ‘kknh esa og c¨eu Ãjkuh vkSj jRuk ikBd ‘kkg tSls ea>s gq, dykdkj¨a ds lkFk gkL; Hkwfedk esa fn[kkà nsaxsA mUg¨aus crk;k fd yo ;w feLVj dykdkj esa og ve`rk jko ds firk dh Hkwfedk esa g¨axsA

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43 o”khZ; vfHkusrk jkgqy c¨l dgrs gSa fd cnyko rHkh g¨xk tc y¨x cnyko ds fy, rS;kj g¨axs vkSj cgqr cM+h vkcknh vHkh blds fy, rS;kj ugha gSaA jkgqy dgrs gSa] egt n¨ fQYesa cnyko ugha yk ldrhA blds fy, 20 fQYesa pkfg,A ljdkj d¨ blds fy, dne mBkuk pkfg, vkSj blds fy, lh/ks foKkiu tkjh fd, tkus pkfg,A fupys Lrj ds y¨x¨a d¨ f’kf{kr djuk g¨xk vkSj blds fy, u`R; vkSj jaxeap tSls vU; jkLrs Hkh viuk, tk ldrs gSaA funZs’kd vksfuj dh fQYe vkà ,e esa leySafxd¨a ds lkFk g¨ jgs HksnHkko ds eqÌs d¨ mBk;k x;k gSA jkgqy dgrs gSa fd fQYe esa bl ckr d¨ fn[kkus dk ç;kl fd;k x;k gS fd y¨x¨a ds chp fdlh Hkh rjg dk HksnHkko [kjkc pht gSA tc d¨Ã bl fQYe d¨ ns[kus ds ckn ckgj fudydj ;g l¨psxk fd jax] fyax] /keZ vkSj tkfr ds vk/kkj ij y¨x¨a ds chp HksnHkko djuk xyr gS] r¨ gh bl fQYe d¨ cukus dk edln iwjk g¨xkA jkgqy dgrs gSa fd y¨x¨a ds chp bl rjg ds lans’k çlkfjr djus ds fy, ljdkj d¨ cM+s iSekus ij ç;kl djus g¨axsA x©jryc gS fd jkgqy c¨l us o”kZ 1994 esa vxLr;k lsu dh fQYe bafXy’k vxLr esa vius vfHku; dh ‘kq#vkr dh FkhA rc ls ysdj jkgqy dà lkFkZd fQYe¨a esa dke dj pqds gSaA blds vykok jkgqy us feLVj ,aM felst v¸;j] >adkj chV~l] pesyh] rgku vkSj vuqjkuu tSlh fQYe¨a esa dke dj pqds gSaA

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eqacÃA fQYe fuekZrk&funZs’kd vuqjkx d’;i vkSj vfHkus=h dfYd d¨,fpyu ‘kfuokj d¨ fookg lw= esa ca/k x,A ÅVh ds utnhd dygV~Vh esa ,d lkns vkSj N¨Vs ls ikfjokfjd lekj¨g esa ;g ‘kknh gqÃA rhu o”kZ igys vuqjkx vkSj dfYd fQYe nso Mh ds n©jku ,d&nwljs ds çfr vkdf”kZr gq, FksA ;g vuqjkx dh nwljh vkSj dfYd dh igyh ‘kknh gSA igys fookg ls vuqjkx dh nl o”khZ; csVh gSA

,s”o;kZ lax n”kZd¨a d¨ galk,axs vfHk”ksd eqacÃA c‚yhoqM dh e’kgwj t¨M+h vfHk”ksd

igyh ckj ,D”ku fQYe cuk,axs Hkalkyh c‚yhoqM ds ç[;kr fQYe fuekZrk lat; yhyk Hkalkyh vkSj e’kgwj fMtkbuj ‘kchuk [kku ,d lkFk feydj ,D’ku ç/kku fQYe cPpu vkSj ,s’o;kZ jk; n’kZd¨a d¨ galkus ds fy, rS;kj j‚Mh jkB©j dk fuekZ.k djsaxsA v{k; dqekj ds lkFk ;g gSaA n¨u¨a igyh ckj fdlh gkL;ç/kku fQYe esa lkFk utj budh igyh fQYe g¨xhA vk,axsA os ysMht ,aM tsaVyeSu esa gkL; Hkwfedk fuHkk jgs ,slk igyh ckj g¨ jgk gS tc Hkalkyh ,D’ku gSaA vfHk”ksd us dgk] dà xEHkhj Hkwfedk,a fuHkkus ds ckn ç/kku fQYe cuk,axsA bl fQYe esa l¨uk{kh flUgk Hkh eSa ,d gkL; Hkwfedk djus ds fy, cgqr mRlqd Fkk vkSj g¨axhA ,s’o;kZ ds lkFk Hkh ,slk gh FkkA geus vc ls igys dHkh Hkalkyh us ,d c;ku tkjh dj dgk] esjs fy, Hkh gkL; fQYe esa lkFk esa dke ugha fd;k Fkk] blfy, ;g ,D’ku fQYe fcYdqy ,d ,fy;u dh rjg gSA eSa bl fQYe d¨ ysdj cgqr mRlkfgr FkkA jktdqekj fQYe fuekZrk ds :i esa bl le; eSa viuh gn ls lar¨”kh ds fuekZ.k o funZs’ku esa cuus tk jgh ;g fQYe ckgj fudyuk pkgrk gwa vkSj uà phtsa djuk pkgrk gwaA 2012 esa çnf’kZr g¨xhA fQYe dh ‘kwfVax bl lky tqykà Hkalkyh d¨ vc rd nsonkl vkSj ge fny ns pqds lue esa ‘kq: g¨ tk,xhA ljh[kh xEHkhj fQYe¨a ds fy, gh tkuk tkrk jgk gSA oSls bl t¨M+h d¨ ef.kjRue dh fQYe xq# m/kj] ‘kchuk us dgk] eSa viuh igyh fQYe j‚Mh jkB©j ¼2007½ ls lQyrk feyhA blds ckn jkex¨iky oekZ dh d¨ ysdj dkQh mRlkfgr gwaA ;g ,d ,D’ku ç/kku ljdkj jkt esa Hkh ;g t¨M+h lQy jghA n¨u¨a us /kwe 2 fQYe gSA mEehn gS fd n’kZd bls ilan djsaxsA vkSj jko.k esa Hkh lkFk esa vfHku; fd;kA


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euksjatu & fQYe leh{kk 3 Fks Hkkà eq[; dykdkj % vkseiqjh] Js;l ryiMs] nhid M¨cfj;ky] jkfxuh [kUuk] ;¨xjkt flag funZs’kd % e`xnhi flag ykack rduhdh Vhe % fuekZrk& jkds’k vkseçdk’k esgjk] xhr& xqytkj] laxhr& nysj esgnh] jathr ckj¨V] lq[kfoanj flag] jtr <¨yfd;k vad 2@10 fdlh fQYe esa j¨ekal dk ncko ugha g¨ r¨ Fk¨M+h vyx mEehn ca/krh gSA e`xnhi flag ykack dh 3 Fks Hkkà rhu >xM+kyq Hkkb;¨a dh dgkuh gS] ftUgsa nknkth viuh olh;r dh isap esa my>kdj feyk nsrs gSaA fdlh uhfr dFkk dh rjg mn~?kkfVr g¨rh dFkkud j¨pd gS] ysfdu Hkk”kk] dYiuk vkSj ctV dh deh ls fQYe eu¨jatd ugha g¨ ikà gSA fpLdh] gSIih vkSj QSalh rhu Hkkà gSA rhu¨a ds ekrk&firk ugha gSaA mUgsa nknkth us ikyk gSA nknkth dh ijofj’k vkSj çse ds ckotwn rhu¨a Hkkà vyx&vyx jkg ij fudy iM+rs gSaA muesa ugha fuHkrh gSA nknk th

,d ,slh olh;r dj tkrs gSa] ftldh ‘krZ¨ d¨ iwjh djrs le; rhu¨a Hkkb;¨a d¨ viuh xyfr;¨a dk ,glkl g¨rk gSA muesa HkkÃpkjk iuirk gS vkSj fQYe [kRe g¨rh gSA uSfrdrk vkSj ikfjokfjd ewY;¨a dk ikB i<+krh ;g fQYe dà Lrj¨a ij det¨j gSA rhu¨a Hkkb;¨a esa gSIih dh Hkwfedk fuHkk jgs nhid M¨cfj;ky viuh Hkwfedk d¨ ysdj dsoy lathnk gSaA mudh Ãekunkjh

lkQ utj vkrh gSA vkse iqjh yacs vuqHko vkSj fujarj dke;kch ds ckn vc Fkd ls x, gSaA mudh ykijokgh >ydus yxrh gSA Js;l ryiMs d¨ fefeØh dk ,slk Nwr yxk gS fd os vius fdjnkj¨a d¨ blls cpk gh ugha ikrsA ;g mudh lhek curh tk jgh gSA Åij ls 3 Fks Hkkà esa Hkk”kk vkSj laokn dh ckjhfd;¨a ij /;ku ugha

fn;k x;kA Js;l dh ,aVªh iatkch laatho ygts ds laokn ls g¨rh gS vkSj fQj os n`’; cnyus ds lkFk ygtk dqekj cnyrs tkrs gSaA laokn¨a dk ljy g¨uk xq.k gS] ysfdu gj Hkko dk ljyhdj.k g¨ tk, r¨ ukVdh;rk vkSj çHkko ij vlj g¨rk gSA vkf[kj ge ,d fQYe ns[k jgs gSaA n`’; vkSj Hkko ds vuq:i Hkk”kk Hkh lth vkSj le`) g¨uh pkfg,A fQYe dk Fkhe xhr 3 Fks Hkkà ckj&ckj rhu¨a Hkkb;¨a ds LoHkko dh ;kn fnykrk gS] ysfdu dqN le; ds ckn ogh xhr [kVdus yxrk gSA 3 Fks Hkkà esa visf{kr xfr vkSj foLrkj ugha gSA ,d dejs esa vk tkus ds ckn rhu¨a Hkkà ca/k tkrs gSaA muds gkFk&ikao ca/ kuk] mudk fxjuk&iM+uk vkSj ,d&nwljs d¨ iNkM+uk-- lkjh d¨f’k’k¨a ds coktwn galh dh ygj ugha mBrhA cQZckjh ds n`’;¨a esa y‚ftd ugha gSA ?kqVus Hkj teh cQZ vxys gh fnu dSls fi?ky tkrh gS\ vkSj gka] vaxoL=¨a ,oa xSl dh chekjh d¨ ysdj x<+s x, n`’; QwgM+ vkSj fQtwy gSaA QwgM+ QS’ku py x;k gS-- fdlh ds ik-- ij galus dkA

event management With the combination of exclusively designed fabrics, structures, lighting and handicrafts we guarantee an authentic ambiance which will influence moods and behaviours, Our AFFORDABLE decorative arrangements will trigger your senses and awaken your feelings to make your special day, a life long happy experience. We are your one contact Total Events providing all services Management Service related to Weddings, Corporate Events Mehndi, Birthdays, Birthdays / Anniversaries Anniversaries, Religious Mehndi / Mayoun gathering and Wedding Furniture Hire Corporate Events.

Stage Decorations Sound System / Lighting Party Hire / Silk Marquees Table / Chair Covers & Crockery Decorative Structures Wedding Cards

Please call

Tahir Farooq 042 348 5470 or Faiza Tahir 042 462 0088




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lkeqnkf;dOF SUN PERSON UNDER INFLUENCE Person having strong Sun would have fair colour , glowing eyes like a lion, tall and good physique. He would be brave and have strong determination. He will have long face and broad forehead. He will have a hidden fire inside, but it would be difficult to feel and figure out that fire from his facial expressions. He should have good moral and would have abhorrence towards alcohol. He will keep his words and will be a diligent worker. He will respond and reply strongly to all the mischief’s played against him. Main character of Sun is to give things and not to take anything in return. Thus a person having strong Sun would give things to society, community and people around him. Sun plays a very significant and necessary role in the upbringing of almost all the species on Earth, therefore Lord Vishnu is also considered to be the deity for planet

Mahatma Gandhis was having Sun placed in his 1st house. Sun in 2nd House- If Sun is placed in the second house then person would be more beneficial for his family and friends. Such person must serve people and should give some thing in charity for his progress in life. Greediness would give negative results.

Sun in 3rd House

Sun in 7th House

Anyone having Sun placed in third house could be a good ruler or a very good administrator. He would like to have delicious food and will serve the same to others too. To get good effects of Sun, he should help others.

A person having Sun in seventh house can never be issueless. He will have good intellect, but sometimes he would do stupid things, although he would be highly diplomatic in his talks.

Sun in 4th House A person with Sun placed in fourth house would like to serve good food to his guest. He may or may not have

Sun would give different effect in 12 houses, which are described below.

Sun in 1st House A person having Sun placed in first house or ascendant would definity secure high place in government job. If Sun is in very good position then he could become a ruler or a king maker. He will always do justice and would be consideredas full of mercy. A person doing business should avoid anger and should remain cool headed. He would help his father, but won’t expect the same from his son. He may not get wealth and property from his father, but would leave the same for his sons.

Sun in 8th House Anyone born with Sun placed in this eighth house can attain spiritual levels and can become a head of religious place. He could also acquire spiritual enlightment . If he happens to be a monk, then it would become hard for him to get bread and butter for his livelihood.

Sun in 9th House

Sun, as both are responsible for doing the same thing, as per Hindu mythology. In Mahabharta “Karan” was born to Darupati by the blessings of “Sun”. Karan was famous for his charities, as he gave every thing he had in charity to “Inder” after the routine worshiping of “Sun”. After this incident he was named as “Danvir Karan”. It signifies that “charity” is the main remedy, to reap benefic effects of Sun. That is why as per Hindu mythology there is custom of giving food in charity after every puja and on all auspicious occasions.

Hitender Kumar

A person having Sun placed in ninth house could become a successful doctor. He would definitely achieve highest position in the field of medicine.

enough means and money but he would think that guests must be served in the best possible way. He must do charity for good fortunes.

Sun in 5th House Gentleness and going by religion are main character of the person having Sun placed in fifth house. He would be lucky by birth and will definitely give fame to his family. He would burn like a midnight oil, to make strong foundation for his own destiny. Wealth will increase, along with his age. His offspring’s would also reap the fruits of his good deeds.

Sun in 6th House Anyone having Sun placed in this house will never get what he deserves. He may be born in the affluent family, but he might not be able to handle his ancestral heritage. If he happens to be an administrator, he should never be too soft and for fortunes in business he must avoid anger. He would always be surrounded and advised by foolish friends.


He would take care of his entire blood related family and can also sacrifice anything for the sake of his blood related family.

Sun in 10th House A person with Sun placed in this house would be arrogant and ignorant about the true nature of relatives and friends surrounding him. Some time they become too stubborn.

Sun in 11th House Anyone with Sun placed in eleventh house would be religious and in some case greedy also. If he happens to be non vegetarian and drink alcohol, it would give malefic effect on his sons. He must do some work for charity.

Sun in 12th House A person having Sun in this house can never remain issueless or moneyless. He would think about uncertainties in future, but at last he will get a sound sleep during nights.

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VAISAKHI FESTIVAL Nothing stirs a Sikh like Vaisakhi does. It is a mega event - a religious festival, harvest festival and new

Bhangra Dance

year’s day all rolled into one. India’s rich and glorious civilisation is mirrored in its innumerable fairs and festivals. Vaisakhi - a harvest festival, is celebrated on the 14th of April according to the Nanakshahi calendar. It is celebrated in North India, particularly in Punjab, when the rabi crop is ready for harvesting. This tough agricultural operation is rendered into a lighter occupation by merry community festivities such as the “Bhangra” dance by men, who pound the ground with vigorous steps accompanied with singing. Women too, break into a revelry of dances principally the “Gidda” dance, executed with fervour and rhythmic exactitude. On these occasions, men and women adorn themselves with gay coloured clothes and traditional jewellery. If you happen to be in a Punjabi village to catch the men performing the wild “Bhangra” dance, you’ll get

Sikhs getting ready for Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan at Opera House on 17 April 2011. Nagar Kirtan was lead by the Sikh’s Holy Book, Guru Granth Sahib and Punj Piare. They marched to Martin Place.

process, from tilling the soil through harvesting. As the “Dholak” (drum) changes beats, the dancing sequence progresses, dramatizing plowing, sowing, weeding, reaping, and finally celebrating.

of equals, to be called the “Khalsa”, meaning “pure”. These “saint soldiers” were to dedicate their lives to the service of others and the pursuit of justice for people of all faiths. The “Panj Piare”

On this day in 1699, their Harry Walia tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh, organised the order of the Khalsa. The Guru chose five Sikhs of low caste out of a gathering of thousands, were asked to wear five distinctive symbols of their new identity, The Five K’s.

Bhangra Dance

In a move to end social divisions the five took the common name Singh, meaning “lion”, a reminder of the need for courage. At the same time, the Guru gave Sikh women the name or title Kaur, meaning “princess”, to emphasise dignity and complete equality.

in whom he found a sense of sacrifice and love for their Guru. He called the five Sikhs the “Panj Piare” - the beloved five. Then the Guru put water in a bowl for sprinkling over the five in a simple initiation ceremony. He said prayers as he stirred the water with a short steel sword; symbolising the Panj Piare

The Guru then knelt before the five and asked them to initiate him. Hence, the Khalsa became a community in which master and disciple were equal.

Panj Piare at Glenwood Gurdwara before Nagar Kirtan in the City

need for strength. The Guru’s wife, Mata Sundri, then came forward and placed some sugar crystals into the holy water called “amrit” as a reminder that strength must always be balanced by sweetness of temperament. After completing his prayers, the Guru then sprinkled the “amrit” over the five. This is called the Sikh baptism ceremony.

the picture. This strenuous dance He declared them to be the tells the story of the agricultural first members of a new community


He discontinued the tradition of Gurus in Sikhism by declaring the Granth Sahib (The Holy Book) to be the eternal Guru of all Sikhs. With the creation of Khalsa, the Khalsa created history and since

A view of gathering at Martin Place celebrating Vaisakhi on 17 April 2011.

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significant contributions in many walks of life here in Australia. You’ll find there are doctors, engineers, IT professionals, teachers and property developers, many in the government sector, public sector, in private industries and many doing their own It is said that the first Indian business. It will be injustice, if Indian came to Australia as a part of Restaurants are not mentioned. Captain Cook’s ship, the first settlers We all know that Australians enjoy in Australia. Some of the earliest mouth watering dishes, such as Punjabi arrivals to Australia included Dal Makhani and various currys at Sardar Beer Singh Johal - 1895 and Indian Restaurants. Sardar Narain Singh Heyer - 1898. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 87% of Punjabis residing in Australia are aged under Many Indians came to Australia 50 and over 83% of the population more than sixty years ago while are proficient in English and selfboth Australia and India were supporting. British colonies. These enterprising This year also Vaisakhi was Sikhs came to work on the Banana Plantations in Southern Queensland. celebrated in all Gurdwaras of Today a large number of them live in Australia as always. Special Nagar the town of Wolgoolga with their own Kirtan was organized by all Gurdwara Banana Farms and are quite well managements in Sydney, where off. Their riches have come by hard devotees reached at Opera House in work. The Sikh farming communities special buses, which was the starting in Shepparton, Griffith etc. have point and ended at Martin Place. Over five thousands devotees participated made significant contributions. Though the Sikh population in the Nagar Kirtan. The Sikh community has made in India is less than 2%, even then the birth of Khalsa, the history of Punjab has been the history of Sikhs. Vaisakhi played a significant role in this regard. In 1762, Ahmed Shah Abdali, with the sole purpose to destroy the entire Sikh nation, declared “holy-war” against the Sikhs and all the Mughals of the Punjab rallied under this slogan. The Sikhs were surrounded near the village Kup in Ludhiana District of Punjab. Chronicles mention that about twenty thousand Sikhs were martyred in a single day. This event is known in the history of the Sikhs as “Ghallughara” (Bloody Carnage). After this, Ahmed Shah Abdali thought that he had crushed the entire Sikh nation, but was greatly disillusioned when after a few months heard that the Sikhs in large number are celebrating Vaisakhi at Amritsar. In due course of time Vaisakhi reminds every Sikh of his cultural and religious heritage. Vaisakhi stands for the Birth Anniversary of the Sikhs and Khalsa Brotherhood.

their contribution to the nation is great. Sikhs have played a major role in the freedom of the country, brought Green and white revolution made country self sufficient in food, brought laurels to the country in sports, defence and in every field.

AMARINDER BAJWA NEW FACE OF UIA United Indian Associations Inc (UIA), the Association of Indian Associations launched in 1994, is the apex body representing vast Indian community of Australia. UIA promotes a harmonious relationship amongst Australian citizens, Indian migrants, and the society in general by cultivating mutual respect through increased social interaction, sports, recreation, and other voluntary activities of significant community benefit. Its aim is to act as a channel of communication between the Australian Indian community, the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments and the Indian Government, on welfare, social and economic matters

in Epping, NSW. The AGM was attended by the member association representatives and unanimously elected new office bearers for the year 2011-2012.

Joint Secretary : Mr. Prakash Rao Treasurer

: Mr. Debasish Chakrabati

Joint Treasurer : Mrs. Gunjan Tripathi Public Officer : Mr. Vijay Halagali

Newly elected President Mr.Amarinder Bajwa introduced the office bearers to AGM and thanked the out going President Mrs.Aruna Chrandrala and her team for their outstanding service in the year 2010-2011. For further information please contact Mr Amarinder Bajwa, President, UIA, amarinder@ (0421 998 458) or President

: Mr. Amarinder Bajwa

United Indian Associations AGM Vice President : Mr. John Niven was held on On 04th April 2011, UIA Secretary : Mr. Renga Rajan AGM was held at Billu’s Restaurant


Mr Renga Rajan, Secretary UIA,, (0448 757 785).

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SATYA SAI BABA OF PUTTAPARTHI PASSES AWAY Sathya Sai Baba, who died on Sunday 24 April of respiratory illness, was seen as a reincarnation of god by millions. Born into an ordinary family as Satyanarayana Raju in the sleepy Puttaparthi village in the dry Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, on November 23, 1926, he was to later at the age of 14 become Satya Sai Baba, the reincarnation of the saintly Sai Baba of Shirdi. His devotees claimed he started singing Sanskrit verses, of which he had no knowledge, one day in March 1940 after being apparently stung by a scorpion. From ordinary believers to the President of India, his clout spread far and wide but controversy also followed Puttaparthi Satya Sai Baba all along. In fact, Satya Sai Baba’s influence had no barriers as his millions of followers spanned the globe. Top-ranking politicians including prime ministers, Union ministers, governors, chief ministers, film stars, sportspersons, industrialists and virtually the ‘who’s who’ of the country rank among the high-profile devotees of the Baba Puttaparthi became his base, eventually transforming the once small village into a lively pilgrimage centre, with its own railway station and air strip. The spiritual guru built a temple in 1944. Four years later he founded Prasanthi Nilayam (Abode of Supreme Peace) at Puttaparthi. He also opened ashrams at Whitefield on Bangalore’s outskirts and at Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. He made it a point to tell his followers not to give up their original religion. He preached: “My objective is the establishment of Sanatan dharma, which believes in one god as propitiated by the founders of all religions.” He had many critics. Many

campaigned against Sai Baba and called his materialising of watch etc from thin air as trickery. Many questions were raised about his sexuality. However this was all brushed by his devotes.

“inner circle” of Baba. Facts of the case still remain a mystery. Satya Sai Baba pioneered many social service activities beginning with a tiny general hospital at Puttaparthi

The god man brushed away the attacks, which abated over the years, By Harish velji even as his spiritual empire expanded. Today, his devotees are spread over some 130 countries and number in millions. Simultaneously, Sai Baba which has now transformed into the plunged into charitable work. Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, a 220-bedded superspeciality hospital. Another super-speciality 333-bedded SSIHMS was established at Whitefield on the outskirts of Bangalore, where the Baba’s summer abode Brindavan also stands. The Satya Sai Central Trust manages all the service activities and also runs the Satya Sai University (formerly Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning) at Puttaparthi. Besides, the His movement began providing trust also runs many schools and free medical treatment, both in dispensaries in different states. Puttaparthi and Bangalore, as well as My last visit was in Puttaparthi free education for the poor. was in 2002 and were booked to go Sathya Sai Baba was also to next year January. credited with unveiling drinking water Note this article has been schemes in drought-prone Anantapur district, where Puttaparthi is located, compiled from various sources. and to the city of Chennai. On June 6, 1993, an attempt was allegedly made on his life by his close aides. Six inmates of Prasanthi Nilayam were killed right inside the Baba’s bedroom. All of them were part of the


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VAISAKHI CELEBRATION IN NSW PARLIAMENT Consul General of India, Hon Michelle Rowland Federal Member for Greenway, Hon Greg Smith MLC Attorney General, Minister for Justice, Dr Stepan Kerkyasharian, Chairperson of the Community Relations Commission, Mr Amrinder Bajwa President UIA (all dignitaries addressed the gathering). Other Punjabi Council of Australia takes pride to share that Vaisakhi was celebrated at NSW Parliament on 4th May 2011. This was 6th celebration in a row and we really thank NSW Parliament & Parliamentary host Hon Nathan Reese for helping us in organising the event. Vaisakhi is an important day in Sikh Calendar being Birthday of Sikh Community dating back to 1699. Vaisakhi is also a great cultural festival celebrated in Northern India- when wheat crop is ready for harvest and farmers dress up in bright colourful and dance with the beat of drum.

dignitaries present were many Parliamentarians, leaders from Indian community, representatives from Sikh Centres Parklea, Turra Murra & Revesby, Cultural Associations & Sports Clubs.

Media Representatives present The guests started coming in included Rajwant Singh Punjab from 5.30pm at the Historic Jubilee Hall of the Parliament. The program officially began at 6.00PM with traditional Shabad Singing by Giani Rashpal Singh Ji & North Shore Sikh Youth Choir, Turramurra followed by National Anthem of Australia and India (courtesy Divya Dhingra). Dr Moninder Singh started the Express, Anuj Kulshetra Hindi Gaurav, MP Singh SBS Punjabi Radio.

proceedings & Mandhir Sandha welcomed the dignitaries including Leader of the Opposition Hon John Robertson MP, Hon Victor Dominello MP Minister for Citizenship & Communities, & Minister for Aboriginal Affairs rep Premier Hon Berry O Farrell, Hon Amit Dasgupta

Singh Anand Australian Royal Navy (Nowra Albatross), Gurpreet Singh Badwal Australian Defence Force (Sydney), Amrinder Singh Ghuman Australian Defence Forces Academy Canberra & Shubhdeep Singh Bhangu Australian Defence Forces Academy Canberra. Sikh Centre committees from Parklea, Revesby & Turramurra (Organising committee of Vaisakhi Street Parade in Sydney on 17 April 2011), Hockey team from NSW (winner of Annual Australian Sikh Games, 2224 April 2011, Adelaide) & Divya Dhingra (young presenter) were also honoured on the occasion. Leader of

Dr Moninder Singh introduced the Punjabi Council of Australia team i.e. Prabhjot Singh Sandhu, Kulwant Singh, Rajwant Singh, Kamaljit Singh Walia, Balraj Sangha, Mandhir Singh Sandha and Rashpal Singh & thanked the sponsors Avtar Singh Billu from Billus Eatry Harris Park. Every year Punjabi Council of Australia recognises contributions of members of the community by presenting Pride of Punjabis Awards. This year four individuals serving Australian Defence Forces received the awards namely Charanpreet


the Opposition Hon John Robertson MP, Minister Hon Victor Dominello MP rep Premier Hon Berry O Farrell joined Punjabi Council members in presenting the certificates. Of course the guests also saw the glimpses of Rich Punjabi Culture. Popular dance Bhangra which is now attaining global recognition was performed by Ministry of Bhangra group. The event finished with light refreshments courtesy Billus Eatry Harris Park. Events like the Vaisakhi Celebrations at the Parliament House demonstrate recognition of valuable contribution of Indian Community especially Punjabi Community in Australia. The invitation was extended to all other communities and their overwhelming participation proved that Punjabi Community belongs to all and all belongs to Punjabi Community. Presence of guests in large numbers ensured that Vaisakhi Celebrations should be repeated for many years to come.

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EVENT FOR CARERS HEALTH AND WELLBEING Centre, Sydney Multicultural Community Services, Care Assist, Ethnic Child Care, Family and Community Services Cooperative, Strathfield Council, Canterbury Council, Central Sydney GP Network, Sri Om Care and Carewell supported the event and presented the audience with the information. Maria United India Associations Inc., in association with Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre, Sydney Multicultural Community Services and other partners organized a free event dated 09.04.2011 at Strathfield Town Hall, Strathfield, NSW 2135 on Wellness for Happiness - Event for Carers Health and Wellbeing. This event focused on the carers that take care of someone who is aged or with frail health, have disability, mental health or chronic health condition. Various speakers from different organizations presented the information on the support and access to the services for carers. Major event partners with UIA were Commonwealth Respite and Carelink



The program was well received and the audience was address by the new UIA President Mr. Amarinder Bajwa who reiterated the need of carers in the community and their well being. He thanked the participating partners and audience to take part in the event. Mrs. Sue Advani presented and coordinated with the speakers and helped the program flow on time. Rosaline George from CRCC presented the vote of thanks. The event was supported by Lindt Chocolates and free lunch was served to the attendees and participants. Audiences were entertained by the

the overview of the background to the event; introduced the theme “wellness for happiness” and the importance for carers to take a break from their caring role. SHARE exercise session was presented by instructor Jenni Pattison who is highly experienced in falls prevention techniques, Tai Chi and gentle exercise program for older people.

dances by Sapna & team and songs were presented by Shoba Ingleshwar.



International student accommodationwho is to bell the cat? NSW Police deserves to be recognised and appreciated by the community in their swift handling the murder of an Indian Student TOSHA THAKKER, who was an unfortunate victim of a heinous crime. This very sad incident also raises a big question which is who is responsible to provide safe accommodation facilities to international Students? Last year in the wake of the Indian student attacks Hon. Bruce Baird MP submitted detailed report to the Australian Government which contained not only on recommendations for student safety but also protecting their human rights. In particular it stated that “ the Ministerial Council on Tertiary Education and Employment in its September 2009 communiqué announced that Ministers agreed to the following coordinated action: Engaging with state and local authorities responsible for laws and regulations governing the use of private accommodation in each jurisdiction to raise the priority given to preventing exploitation of international student tenants and unsafe housing being made available to international students”

Perhaps it is time for us, the community to raise this issue with relevant authorities again.

SNIPPET 2 Let us Salute Mrs. Mira Rahejaji In her email which touched the hearts of many community members Mrs Mira Rahejaji announced that she and her husband moved to an aged care facility and thanked for the community for their support so far. In fact quite the other way, we as a community are grateful to Mira Rahejaji for her tireless support and service to Indian seniors over the years. We all need to support Miraji and other Indian seniors especially when they are in an aged care facility in whatever manner possible without intruding into their privacy and in consultation with their families. As an example collectively as a pool of 52 volunteers each visiting just one Indian senior in an aged care facility just only once in any week, will bring smile to the Senior for a year. Any volunteers?



WORLD CUP – did we miss an opportunity to celebrate together? We all were excited when India went


to final in the cricket and we all did not sleep that night when Dhoni’s sixer brought the world cup to India after 28 years. It was exciting two days (2/3 April) which brought India to a standstill and in many other countries globally the Indian community were celebrating mostly together. This was also broadcast in the Indian TV channels. However most of us in Sydney seem to have enjoyed the victory mainly with family or close friends. Perhaps we have missed the opportunity to join these global celebrations on a real time basis. Perhaps we could have all met with our families in Parramatta Park or Darling Harbor or similar location, proudly displaying the Indian flag and wishing the team all success or jointly celebrated the victory of the Indian team. Any way this is just a thought and may be worth considering for similar occasions in future.

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TIME TO SHOW OUR PRIDE AND PUT RUBBISH AWAY FOR GOOD The Lord Mayor of Parramatta, Cr John Chedid, is calling on residents, community groups and businesses to come along to Community Pride Day on Saturday 9 April at Rosella Park, Harris Park, from 8.45am – 12pm to celebrate their pride in our City and help put rubbish away for good. Community Pride Day was initiated by Cr Chedid to offer residents an opportunity to learn about how they can work together to prevent illegal dumping, while having fun at a community event. Volunteers will be guided by Council staff through dumping hot-spots throughout the City. Following the clean up, volunteers will enjoy live entertainment and family fun including face painting and an animal petting zoo and learn more about Council’s waste collection services. Attendees will also be able to participate in or watch a backyard cricket match hosted by Sanjiv Dubey, President of the New Australian Sports Association. “Community Pride Day is about residents coming together to celebrate our City and spread an important message that residents in Parramatta won’t tolerate our City being dumped on,” said Cr Chedid. “It has been more than a year since Council commenced its clean up campaign. In the past six months alone, Council has saved nearly $100,000 in tipping fees as more residents understand the importance of proper waste management. “Illegal dumping costs the community

in excess of $800,000 a year and it is vital that we continue to educate our local residents and businesses on how to deal with the matter,” he said. “It’s illegal to dump rubbish in community areas such as streets, nature strips, footpath, reserves, parks, car parks and waterways,” Cr Chedid warned. “Illegal dumping can incur fines from $750 up to $250,000. “It’s a health hazard and has a huge negative impact on the environment, not to mention making our City look messy. “Community Pride Day is just one example of Council’s ongoing commitment to the cleanliness of its City and provides an opportunity to educate people about clean-city living and illegal dumping hotspots. “I encourage residents to come along to Community Pride Day to enjoy a fun day out with the community and find out about the correct disposal of rubbish,” said Cr Chedid. To help spread the illegal dumping message even further, Laith Jamal, the 12 year old Parramatta resident renowned as the City’s ‘Clean-up Crusader’, will be addressing the crowd with his views on keeping our City clean. “We, the children of Parramatta, have a job to educate all our parents about

illegal dumping so that they are good role models,” said Laith. “We all have a right to be lift our head up with pride about our neighbourhood, not look down at the dumping.“ As a thank you to those who participate in Community Pride Day, a free barbeque lunch will be on offer and volunteers will receive a free pack with free sporting tickets, vouchers and goodies. For more information about Community Pride Day, contact Council on 9806 5669. For more information about the correct disposal of rubbish, go to Council’s website at and go to LIVE Waste and Recycling. Media Enquiries: Sia Anthopoulos, Communications Officer, Parramatta City Council Tel: (02) 9806 5669 Email: au

ILLEGAL DUMPING IN PARRAMATTA: THE FACTS A hot-line, 1800-DUMPED (1800 386 733), has been set-up so that residents can alert Council to any problem areas, and also help identify people spotted doing the wrong thing. All information will be handled in strict confidence.

From January 2010 to January 2011 Council has received and investigated 734 service requests in relation to illegally dumped waste.

Parramatta City Council has a partnership with the Western Sydney RID Squad to target known rubbish dumping hot-spot and keep our City clean.

The RID Squad monitors areas across Parramatta including home unit development areas, shopping centres and industrial areas.

Members of the RID Squad have similar powers to Council officers – they can issue fines to residents caught dumping rubbish illegally.

RID Squad officers (at times in conjunction with Council officers) have investigated a further 444 illegal dumping incidents.

Statistics from the RID Squad indicate that a further 81 people were identified and removed the waste at their cost, making for a total of 225 people.

A total of 67 penalty notices have been issued by council officers for waste/litter related issues. Rid Squad officers have issued a total of 31 penalty notices for waste/litter related issues. The total for all penalty notices issued is 98.

From January 2010 to October 2010 Council investigations resulted in 144 people being identified and waste removed

at their cost.


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SUB CONTINENT FRIENDS OF LABOR THANKS ITS VOLUNTEERS AND SUPPORTERS Harish Velji said” Whilst there is an extremely great relationship between the State Labor Party and the Sub Continent community, there are some great challenges that lie ahead for the Federal Labor Party. “The issue of the student visa, family reunion visa and visa for the parents remain un resolved as far as the Sub Continent community is concerned. “Whilst the relationship between Australia and India remains on the solid grounds, it is the issue of Australia’s policy of not selling Uranium to India for its energy needs remains a thorn.

Recently Sub Continent Friends of Labor recently held a function to thank its key volunteers and supporters at Himalaya Restaurant. Sub Continent Friends of Labor was officially launched by the Former Premier Kristina Keneally in late August last year. In a very short time it has been able to influence results in some seats in Federal and a number of seats in the recent State elections. This group itself has been instrumental in achieving many positive outcomes for the Sub Continent Community such as getting $55,000 for Shakti Temple, $60,000 Ram Krishna Temple , $50,000 United India Association etc.

colleagues, were put under immense pressure from the certain sections of the Liberal Party, not to support us, as we were expected to lose but you over came that, held firm to your beliefs of fairness and equity that this great party believes in.” He also noted that the Difference between Labor Party tea parties and that organised by the Indian Liberal supporters were “ .. that no one was subjected to strong arm tactics to host one, by my Labor Party colleagues and also no one was threatened if one had the Liberal Party posters at their homes.”

“Australia’s policy of selling only to signatories of NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) is redundant and needs to be relooked to allow full potential in strategic partnership.” “As one put it “should India pursue nuclear energy to solve its crippling energy shortage? Or should it stumble along, uncertain about the alternatives and keeping 40% of its people in the dark?” “Sub Continent Friends of Labor urges its colleagues in the Federal Government to reverse this policy.” “We at also take this opportunity to deeply acknowledge, extremely great work done by the newly elected members of the Federal Parliament, Ed Husic and in particular

It also arranged a meeting with Minister for Immigration with Indian regarding students visa. The “thank you “function was very immaculately handled by Master of Ceremony Michelle Rowland, Member for Greenway. Sub Continent Friends of Labor Chairperson, Harish Velji in his speech noted that the function was to thank members and friends for assisting during the recent state elections and to cement the relationships that were developed. He noted that “ Many of you, our


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Michelle Rowland who have taken the relationship with Sub Continent Community to new great heights.” He also announced that “Next year if all the stars are aligned, we are proposing to take a trip to India of both the state and federal members.” “Our plans are to visit Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, naturally a side trip to Agra via Mathura and Vrindaband and Amritsar coinciding with a trip to the Golden temple.” Both Leader of Opposition, Hon John Robertson and former Premier Hon Nathan Rees had very lavish praise for Harish Velji, Chairperson Sub Continent Friends of Labor. They talked about his leadership qualities and expressing sincere gratitude to him and his team (including Ejaz Khan, John Niven, Balarj Sangha, Mukesh Maru, Balaji Venketaranghan, Amarinder Bajwa, Moninder Singh, Jay Hasour, Prabjhot Sandhu) for getting them elected. Hon. John Robertson noted that because of the dedicated volunteers why so many members held the seats against the tide. He also noted that “We cannot win every battle, every time. But Labor is part of something much greater than any one moment or any one election. Labor is part of a constant striving to keep fairness at the centre of economic development and participation , a striving that has underpinned the greatness of the Australian story and that is greatness that we have a society where fair treatment and economic prosperity have been proven to go hand in hand” “And while we do not win every battle we have delivered for more than a century, delivered a constant progress, that has improved the lives, health and security of every family in this country.


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BOLLYWOOD STARS INVADE WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - by Vijay JOGIA After a number of Bollywood movies shot in Australia over the past few years, now it is for New Zealand to cope with a big budget Bollywood movie. A film directed by the great team of Mr. Abbas and Mr. Mustan with brother Mr. Hussain (Chief Editor) filmed an Indian remake of the Michael Caine classic The Italian Job.

The Players stars some of the biggest Bollywood stars – Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sikander Berry, Omi Vaidya, Abbas Mustan and Johnny Lever. A total crew of more than hundred Bollywood film technicians, and of more than 50 locals experts, took over the streets of the beautiful city of Wellington. The action packed flick caused closers of many parts of the Wellington city centre for almost three weeks. A car and a jet chase along the Airport runway, and a spectacular explosion involving an armoured truck are just two of the many action filled scenes shot. More than half of the film is already shot in India and Goa. After the New Zealand shot, the team heads towards Russia to complete

Photo of Vijay Jogia with Abhisekh Bachcan - Hindi Gaurav the filming. The dashing grandson of the great singer Mukesh, actor Neil Nitin Mukesh, was accompanied by mum and dad Mr & Mrs Nitin and Nisha Mukesh. When asked about his future plans, Neil Nitin Mukesh said he would love to co-star with the great Mr Amitabh Bachchan and he

is already half way through that as he is working with the junior Bachchan. To the delight of the fans and the country as a whole, Mrs Ashvariya Bachchan flew all the way from India to celebrate hubby Abhishek’s birthday. How nice! The Players is expected to hit the screens in AugustSeptember this year.

fgUnh xkSjo

Hindi Gaurav Australia’s First Hindi Online & monthly news paper/ Now you can watch vedio news on this site : HINDI GAURAV

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FReshly squeezed sugaRCane JuiCe Fruit & Vegetable Competitive Prices & Friendly Service •

Wholesale supplieRs To ResTauRanTs and Clubs

54 Marion Street, Harris Park NSw 2150 p: 02 9687 0979 f: 02 9687 6805 m: 0433 698 525 Contact: M. Raj


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HAIR-CARE WHICH STRAIGHTENER WOULD SUIT ME? With the largeAmount of hair straightenersAvailable on the marketAt the moment how do you know which one would suit you. The prices seem to vary. AreAll the cheap ones rubbish orAre the expensive ones over priced?. Well theAnswer is itAll depends on your hair. If your hair is thickAnd in good condition then you do not need to pay forAn expensive straightener, YET! Budget straighteners usually come with metal plates. The trouble with metal plates is that microscopically theyAre like sandpaper. This surface will eventually damage your hair with repeated use. If, however, you do not intend to use the straightener onA regualar basisAnd only on special occasionsAND you have healthy hairAlready then these budget straighteners can be ideal for youAndAt price that will make you smile.

which breakApart water molecules into smaller ones. These smaller particles can beAbsorbed more easily by the hair leaving the hair moisterAnd less brittle. If when usingA hair straightener you find that your hair is dryerAnd/or more brittle then using ion technology should greatly improve the condition of your hair.

Ion technology produces:

Indu Thaker

the desired temperature. Top of the range straighteners can reach operating temperatures inA matter of seconds.

•Adjustable Control


If you find that the temperature of the iron is too cold or hot for your • Improved hair condition hair thenAnAdjustable temperature is • SofterAnd shinier hair essential to control the irons heat. If • More moisture in the hair your iron is too cool for your hair then its results will be less effectiveAnd last making it less flyaway • Faster drying makingA better shorter. If the iron is too hot for your longer lasting effect with less time hair then it will dry the hairAnd the condition of your hair will deteriorate. spent by you.

• Infra Red Technology

•Automatic Sensor Control

As with theAdjustable The infra red technology seals temperature control except the the moisture in the hair preventing What itAll means.... drying out due to the heat from temperature is setAutomatically by • Ceramic Plates theAppliance. Infra Red Technology sensors in the iron. Metal plates can be fine for your hair produces

but ceramic platesAre microscopically

Plate Size

No loss of hairs condition

The size of the plate determines how much hair can be treated inAny More moisture in the hair making one pass of the iron. Larger plates meansA quickerAction can be used it less flyaway decreasing the time needed to Faster drying makingA better perform the straightening. longer lasting effect with less time spent by you. Voltage SofterAnd shinier hair

• Rapid Heat

smootherAnd kinder to your hair. They can be heated quickerAnd the temperature can be maintained moreAccurately. CeramicAlso prevent uncontrolled rises in temperatureAndAllow for even heat distribution.

• Ion Technology Ion technology generatesAre field of negatively charged particles

Most electricalAppliances will work on 120V since the heat of the plates is controlled by thermostat. The only problem is that some of theAppliances will take longer to reach their operating temperaturesAt lower voltages.A temperature control

Rapid heat like the name suggests means that the straightener will heat up fasterAnd therefore use less electricity. ThisAlso preserves the life of theAppliance. Rapid heat can half the total time it takes to straighten your hair. You canAlso turn theAppliance off between sections, to save electricity, confident that theAppliance will re-heat in seconds. Rapid Heat needs more expensive, fastActing control over the temperature so that the heat doesn’t shoot up straight past the desired temperature. It is easier to control the temperature if it creeps up slowly. This is one of the differences between straighteners when it comes to price.A cheap straightener can take up to 10 minutes to reach willAlsoAdd to the usability


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can withstandAnd thereforeA longer lasting effect can beAchieved.

of your straightener giving you more controlAnd peace of mind. You can then increase the temperature up to your required.As we can see by the temperature chart temperatures below 100ºC will be ineffective for long term straighteningAnd will only dry your hair. If you hair is completely damaged then the temperature should not really exceed 120ºC. This will not be very goodAtAcheivingA long term result since the temperaturesAre still too low but the condition of your hair will notAllow higher tempertaures unless you can use ionic or infra red technologies to protect your hair fromA higher temperature. Normal Hair needs temperatures from 160ºC - 180ºC to straighten it butAgain protective technologies can increase the temperature that your hair

If your hair is thick then you will need temperatures higher than 180ºC. This greatly reduces your choice of straightenerAs most cheaper models will notAchieve such high temperatures. When using such high temperatures it is important for your hair’s condition temperature rather than finding out too late that your straightener is too hot for your hair. High temperature straighteners which reach 180ºC will produceA style that will lastAll day.Along with high temperatures

comes other problems however. You do not really want to dry your hair our which is what will happen with repeated use of high temperatureAppliances.

If you intend to use your straightener onA regualer basis then you need to thinkAbout protecting your hair. Ceramic hair oils etc can help protect your hairAnd should be used withAny straightenerAnyway to help replace the oils that can be lost from your hair when use high temperatures. ThereAre, however, technologiesAvailable in the more expensive straighteners that can help. Infra Red radiation produced from some high temperature ceramic plates can help seal the moisture in your hair so that you hair does not loose its condition. Ionic technology breaks down the size of the water molecules on the hairs surface making them smallerAnd easier for the hair toAbsorb. This canActually improve the condition of you hair!


Jimmy Shergill famous Bollywood Actor came to sydney on 21st april on his Film Release in Australian Named Dharti. Mr Billu has hosted a dinner on 22nd april for jimmy Shergill in Harris park to promote this movie.Jimmy has started his tour from sydney on 22nd april and then been to Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Newzealand and then Gold Coast. Final day os his tour came to Sydney on30th april from where he started.Jimmy Shergill loved The indian Australian people in all over Australia and Newzealand.Mr Sukha from Sukha production was the man to bring Jimmy Shergill in Sydney.Mr Sippy from Adelaide was with jimmy shergill with his whole Tour. Farewell dinner given by Mr Billu in Epping to jimmy Shergill where all business people were present across over Sydney.Jimmy spent a wonderfull evening with the community in Epping.Dr Virk , Rahul jethi, Sukha,Mr Bath, Bittu ji, Gurtej Thind,Billu,Mr Amarjit Khela,Mr Navneet Anand and another Business people from sydney were present on this occasion.Jimmy Thanks all people who hepled him to promote Movie Dharti in Australia.All peoples demand from sydney now movie will be in parramatta from 5th May.


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ek¡ dh Mk;jh vkvks esjh uUgha xqfM+;k esjs ikl vkdj cSB¨ cM+dh rqe Hkh vk tkvks ekuk fd rqe cM+h g¨ xà g¨ lc lq[k&nq[k vPNk&cqjk le>rh g¨ ij vHkh Hkh t+#jr gS rqEgsa dqN ckr¨a d¨ le>us dh yxrk ugha] vc eSa ns[k ikÅ¡xh vxyk lkou cM+dh rqEgsa NqVdh d¨ fn[kkuk g¨xk lgh jkLrk er HkVdus nsuk bls fcu ek¡ dh cPph dh rjg lqcg mBuk g¨xk rqEgsa rS;kj djuk g¨xk uUgha d¨ vc fVfQu D;k cukuk gS\ lc fy[k fn;k gS eSaus ,d Mk;jh esa D;k igukuk gS\ dc Ldwy N¨M+uk gS\ dc ykuk gS\ g¨eodZ dSls djkuk gS\ dc lqykuk gS\ D;k ialn gS \ D;k ukialn gS\


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SERVICE SUITE Home Cleaning Home Care Meals


Carer / Nurse Day Care Counseling

CAREWELL is setup to advocate local community needs for our aged community.

CAREWELL is setup to work with government agencies to advocate the needs of the local 360째 Assessment community and establish relationships that Volunteer Program allow government programs to be channeled for culturally appropriate care for the aged Visitor Program community.

Our Services are structured to be culturally appropriate and our programs and services have been formulated to meet your comfort and quality.

U3A Programs

Dementia Day Care Mental Health Advocacy Transport

CONTACT US Madhu 0425 341 086 Arnab 0433 216 150

360째 Assessment Program Day Care Program Services Community Care Services Home Care Services Meals Services Transport Services Nursing Services

CAREWELL is a single point of contact for you. We understand you language, your culture, and your needs. It has an established team and network of service providers to meet your care requirements. It aims to provide a caring and homely environment in its services and programmes. The initial phase is to establish and commence provision of aged care services at the premises of Vedanta Centre of Sydney located at 85 Bland Street, Ashfield, NSW from July 2010.

Our Team are professionals from the health care, medical industry, associated health industry and finance. We are also supported by 3 Frazier Close, Liberty volunteers from the community who share a passion to help the community. Grove, NSW 2138.

Respite and Convalescence Care Short Term Accommodation We also have a volunteering program that allows members of the community to provide assistance and companionship to their own community members. CAREWELL is a non profit organisation for You and Your Community. Let us join hands and bring out the best for our local community.

Fax: 02 9743 4830


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Are You Still Changing Agents, College or Courses ?

STOP !!! Let Your Future be your Plan! Not the Agent ‘s Plan

State Sponsorships Family / RMS / RSMS

Newly Married? Bring your Partner today Ask us how?

Business / Employer (ENS) Want to change Visa status /Course / College eVisa Student (Onshore / Offshore) Dependent & Parents Sub Class 417/571/572/573 TR(485/487) PR(885/886/887) Employer Nominations (457 / 856)Visitor & Parent / Spouse

Permanent Residency in days* TR/PR under New SOL Faster Processing using

Decision Ready Checklist for MRT & Refugee Tribunal Appeals & Representation ENS 457, 485, 487, 885, 886 or 887 Visa Lodgement & Renewals Visa Refusals, Visa Cancellation & PR Cancellation We are Open from 8:30 AM till 7:30 PM

OSHC**(Discounted Rates) & Vistor Health Cover Available Week end and Public Holidays - Booking Essential SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE & CANBERRA, PERTH

Migration Agents Registration Number


Dhiresh Kohli (JP) MSc MBA BTAL (Victoria) RMA MIA MMA Head office, Suite 3, 30 Cowper St

Mo: 0410594508 web: Parramatta, NSW 2150 Ph: (02) 8836-6305 email:

*Subject to Aussie Immi Advcie eligibility & acceptance in line with DIAC requirements **Subject to Medibank offers, eligibility & conditions

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100 95 75

25 5 0

For all your website development and programming solutions… look no further! Media Software Solutions help make developing a new website easy for you! Contact us to find out more, or visit our website for more information.

Ph: +61 2 9896 6454 Email:

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12 Premium Channels Multiple Connections Bollywood Magazine All your favorite shows No contract option available Special offers for students

The best of Indian ENTERTAINMENT





is back on popular demand

Note: This offer is valid till 31st March 2011. 3 months of subscription fees are payable before installation. Free service call & Relocation are given only with Full Installation. Prorata charges for current month are payable after installation. 24 months contract applies.*Conditions apply. Please visit to read the terms and conditions

1300 286 786


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Your Incredible Journey awaits.. .

One Stop Shop For : * Competitive internationalAirfares toAll parts of the world * SpecialAirfares to Indian Sub-continent * PackageAnd tailor made tours to IndiaAnd Nepal * Holiday packages toAll parts of the world * Round the WorldAirfares * HotelAccommodation, car hireAnd guide services * Travel Insurance * DAILY DEPARTURE TOURS OF INDIA FROM : $975 P.P

“WeAlways make our travelArrangements throughRam World Travel for its excellent serviceAnd best price!” 5/32, York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Tel : (02) 9262 1661 Fax : (02) 9262 1217 Email : Web :

(ask for color brochure)


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B&L Advert Large#2_Layout 1 15/04/11 4:29 PM Page 1




...when you purchase online from our NEW website

Hurry this offer is for a limited time only*

No one does it Cheaper! Melbourne



Shop 4 Emirates House 257 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

16 Flushcombe Road Blacktown NSW 2148

Shop 4, 186 Church Street Parramatta NSW 2150

1300 GO BEST 1300 46 2378 *Applies to genuine quotes from airlines and Australian registered businesses. Quote must be in writing and must be presented to us prior to booking. Fare must be available and able to be booked by the general public when you bring it to us. Fares available due to membership of a group or corporate entity or subscription to a closed group are excluded. Must be for same dates and flight class. We will beat price by 50% of the difference. Other conditions apply. License No: 2TA4244 ABN: 33 070 559 458. *$50 cash back per adult per ticket and $30 cash back per child per ticket, no cash back on infant tickets. $50 cash back will only be offered if booked online, $50 will be deducted from the final price at the time of payment online.


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Traditional Modern Cuisine • Seating for 200 • Outdoor Seating • New Blackboard Menu Fortnightly 15% Discount off Take-aways Discount Available for Group Bookings 7 Days (Masala Dosa) • 11.30am-2.30pm Traditional Modern Lunch Cuisine • 5.30pm-9.30pm Dinner 118-124 Leura Mall, Leura Seating for 200

15% Dis coun off ta t Outdoor Seating 4784-2043 ke-a way New Blackboard Menu Fortnightly Dis

cou Gro nt A up vaila Bo oki ble fo ng s r

7 days (Masala Dosa) 11.30am -2.30pm Lunch

5.30pm-9.30pm Dinner

118-124 Leura Mall,Leura

4784-2043, 4784-2168 web site :


hindigaurav launched new magzine this month

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