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Merry freshia t has been more than two years and I still remember the exact moment when I saw the campus for the first time through the window of typical local auto rickshaw passing by KV gate. I was not just carrying my luggage but also loads of excitement for the most memorable time I would be spending here. Gymkhana understands what this moment means in life of an IITian and thus had taken every care to make it most cherishing moment for freshers.


IIT-Guwahati welcomed all the freshers with great warmth and delight. PSC made fresher's guide and sent it to all the freshmen even before they reached the campus to get them acquainted with the environment. On the day of arrival stalls were set up at railway station and airport to receive and escort parents and students to campus. Buses were arranged at regular intervals after taking note of the train and flight timings. Freshers week in IIT-Guwahati has been exhilarating in the truest sense. An event a day was held for the first week to make them feel home and interact with seniors along with fellow freshmen. Scavenger hunt, Mr and Mrs fresher, Movie screening witnessed heavy participation and enthusiasm from everyone. Soon after the freshers week, freshers were clouded with all sort orientations which included institute orientation, departmental orientations, gymkhana orientation, individual boards orientation, hostel orentations, coffee out sessions and what not. Cultural board had single orientation for all its clubs as compared to individual orientations last year. Freshers were also warmly welcomed by senior students. Although there have been minor cases of ragging, overall environment was healthy and friendly as usual. Welfare board came up with student mentorship program which allotted each group of 8 freshers with one mentor from third year who will clarify countless doubts and guide them on leading life at IITG. Each mentor was carefully chosen. After an interaction session students responded that many of their queries on CPI, classes etc. were beautifully explained. A Facebook page was also created for freshers to interact with junta of IITG. The page on one side was delivering the expected performance but was also filled with lots of fun. Senior boys trying to make new girlfriends, girls calling out boys for playing tennis, complaints of room sharing in subansiri followed by condolences from seniors etc. added masala to the page. Thankfully the page was successful in restricting vulgarity. PG Freshia, a fresher's night for the post graduates of IITG was held on 25th of august. It was a four hour event filled with vibrant and charismatic performances by the PG freshers. The event was specially conducted for interaction of PG freshers with their seniors and also to involve them in cultural activities which they rarely do. This year PG freshia witnessed UG participation, a testimony to the fact that the UG and PG barrier is completely absent when it comes to the cultural events. The effort put in by Ankit Dave and the organizing team was truly commendable. All their toils were complemented by the overwhelming participation by the PGs and the huge turnout of students at the Manas Community Hall. The instrumental music, band show, drama, dance and vocal music performances had really surpassed the usual standards of IITG and have made the night very memorable for the new comers. PSC congratulates all the students and administration for making freshers time so memorable.



The new mess'y' system Decree 215

Ragging: Reality Check or many years now, the students of IIT-G have been very keen on developing the personality of every new batch of freshmen students ever since they set foot on the campus. Over the years, it has escalated to such a scale that it has unofficially been dubbed as the Personality Development Program (PDP). A few of our more experienced seniors (and freshers!) will undoubtedly scoff at this term. In their opinion, PDP is nothing but a high-class society term for the more lowly 'ragging'.


In the pursuit of a well thought of definition, ragging' has been defined as the doing of any act which causes, or is likely to cause any physical, psychological or physiological harm or apprehension or shame or embarrassment to a student, and includes– (a) Teasing or abusing of playing practical joke on, or causing hurt to any student. (b) Asking any student to do any act, or perform any act, which he/she would not, in the ordinary course, be willing to do or perform.” Though the government has India has laid down clear legislations for curbing the menace of ragging, none of the laws are university specific. This article will focus particularly on the scenario at IIT Guwahati (because that's obviously what you want to read!). ver the last few years, (or at least since the author's arrival at the campus 4 years ago) all physical forms of ragging have been non-existent. That's not to say that ragging can only be performed via physical means. Mental harassment is perhaps the biggest issue faced by the freshmen students following their arrival at the campus. Name-Calling, Intro sessions, the infamous 'muski', the filling up of a few water bottles, night-outs during Manthan, the usage of a large amount of IIT Guwahati slang and the loaning of ones cycle to the seniors; these acts constitute 95% (unofficial stats) of the acts of ragging that freshmen students are 'required' to perform. Take a second look at the aforementioned acts. Are they really so bad? In response, (as one freshman student conveniently pointed out) one need only look at the definition of ragging which forbids asking any student to do any act, or perform any act, which he/she would not, in the ordinary course, be willing to do or perform. However, the fact remains that there is never a compulsion to indulge in the whims of the seniors and the freshmen are always given a choice to leave at their convenience. Ultimately the bigger picture merely looks like an informal interaction between soon-to-be friends one begins to wonder why


ragging at IIT Guwahati Is a menace at all! Often, ragging is mentioned in a very hushed-up form in many households across the country. In fact, this youknow-who of college life can put Lord Voldemort to shame! Before their arrival at our campus, the students do a lot of 'underworld' research and familiarize themselves with the worst forms of ragging. Needless to say, there are a lot of colleges in our country where students probably stay up at nights hoping to be able to fill bottles to escape from the other vile acts planned by their seniors. Eventually, the freshers carry forward this paranoia with them while entering our campus. During

Society and the government of the nation has made certain rules regarding the issue framing what is right and what is wrong. What may seem right to us is not exactly right according to society and we must oblige to it. Students argue that what is wrong in a casual interaction and PDP's, instead they are beneficial to freshers. But it must be understood that even that small interaction is serious offence according to the rules framed by government and is punishable.

n 7th Nov Interaction club under the welfare board organized a talk show with Director and Deans to address the issues students have been facing and discuss on possible solutions if any. This is the second of its kind show after the first show on changing JEE format. As addressed by the Dean of Student Affairs the roots for this kind of show were originated from faculty student cricket tournament held last year to increase the interaction between students and faculty. Soon everyone realized that we need a better way to address the students and encourage discussions. Interaction club gathered and compiled some of the important queries that needed answers y students. Here is the brief on some of the major issues discussed. Q. Is there any prescribed list of brands that mess caterers need to use as the quality of the food in mess keeps changing day to day? The proposal has already been kept in gymkhana and will most probably be implemented from next semester


Q. What can be done to increase the quality of the mess? The issue of mess is very perplexed that everything is not in the control of administrators. As everyone is working hard to bring in a better system no one should be blamed. It so happens that very strict measures cannot be taken against caterers as they will not be willing to cater anymore. Very much care is being taken to improve quality and students must be co-operative in this respect. We need to assess the caterers based on daily feedback instead of monthly and if the caterer makes the same mistake or provides lower quality food for more than twice for consecutive weeks then action

He opens the door to find a senior who has never interacted with him before. Not a minute has passed before he dials the number of the warden/faculty member/dean/director. In the matter of hours, the senior is being asked to appear before a disco and is soon made to pack his bags and sent to hostels Dibang or Brahmaputra. (In the administrations eyes, these hostel are equivalent to prisons at our college and despite the issuance of an official apology in this regard, it will be a long time before the sentiments of these hostel-dwellers change.) Take a look at the scenario from the senior's point of view. Never mind the fact that he knocked on a fresher's door at an unearthly hour. The fact remains that he is being made to leave his home and friends is being forced to live in shame in a land that is very new to him. His crime: knocking on a door. This incident appears so lame that it's laughable. Sadly, however, certain seniors have actually been subjected to this form of humiliation. This brings us back to our definition of ragging. Harassment of a student in any form is unacceptable. And that ought to include the harassment of a senior student. Many of the senior students fear the very idea of walking along some of the corridors in their hostel. The amount of power that the first-yearites have is quite unimaginable, and this sets a very bad precedent. With power comes great responsibility; however, the first yearites are surely not responsible enough!

nce again we are in a position to ask ourselves if the laws pertaining to ragging are valid and necessary in our campus. Every society has laws which upon which its foundations are built. The first year students need to be provided with a comfortable and friendly -Gautam Barua, Director, IITG. atmosphere upon their arrival at their campus. Nothing hinders creativity like fear, and a traumatic the official orientation sessionthe fos, cus is on experience during ones first semester can go a long providing the students and parents with a million way in disrupting the student's mental framework. Many telephone numbers that they can dial in the event of senior students argue that ragging is the only means of ragging. Though this is undoubtedly very essential, it bringing a first year student out of his shell. This is also elevates their paranoia and this is the very root of extremely far from the truth as a friendly and the problem. The first-yearites who have interacted with collaborative environment can also lead to a fresher's siblings and friends who study at any of the IITs are quick adjustment to campus life. In reality, ragging is already aware of the worst that can happen to them and merely an excuse for senior students to employ their know that it's a far cry from the beatings that students sadistic desire to torment those weaker and smaller to at certain NITs receive. The other more naïve students them and our institute can very well do without these however, are not this fortunate. All said and done, the anti-social elements. fact remains that we, as IITians, are among the higher Nothing on this planet is purely good or evil. Anything in section of society (we like to think of ourselves that the right amount of moderation can be termed as way) and are very different from the animals that exist 'acceptable'. The absence of the laws framed against in other local colleges and are much more civilized than ragging will only lead to the escalation of the number of what the administration often makes us out to be. more 'vile' acts. However, there is certainly a pressing need to review the nature of the laws, especially in the icture this. Its 2 a.m. and our protagonist, a context of IIT Guwahati in particular. particularly paranoid first yearite is attempting to fall asleep when he hears knocks on the door.



can be taken to increase the quality.

Director’s talk show

New Internship Policy Excited to buy a new laptop?

Q. Is there a proper justification or calculation as to how much the price of mess has been increased from past few years? It is calculated on the inflation rate of the market prices of goods. The increase in the 5 Rs. Last month was due to the removal of government subsidy on gas. Q. Why don't we encourage foreign placements? The government is investing a lot of money on students and also being Indians it is our duty to serve the nation. The institute allows all the foreign companies that have a presence in India. Since only few foreign companies would be interested to come to Guwahati for placement it is not a very major issue to be concerned about. Already measures have been taken to calculate the number of placements we are losing by restricting the foreign companies and if it seems that we need to allow them they they will be surely allowed for recruitment.

Q. We all know that the institute administration is taking strict measures to prevent ragging and make the stay of first years comfortable. This is appreciated But what if the first years take this as an advantage and start troubling the seniors? Government states that raging in form is strictly unacceptable and immediate FIR must be registered on the student in case of any complaint. So the rules are not framed by institute but are a just a reflection of government's decision. It is sarcastic to hear that seniors are being raged by freshers but in that case seniors always have the freedom to approach the administration. Q. Why is the authority not showing any interest regarding the extension of married scholars' hostel to increase the numbers? It was a mistake from institute's side as institute was wrong in estimating the number of married scholars

who would be joining the campus as a result of which many married scholars are waiting for their chance to live in quarters. As of much construction work is being done already for new SAC, new girls hostel, boys hostel and other things. So it is little difficult to make new constructions immediately. Next financial year care will be taken to extend the quarters.

Q. We are not given a fair chance to present our views about the accusations. Under such circumstances, whom are we supposed to look up to? This can even lead to the toiling of an innocent life. The question was about a specific case where some students of Subansiri were accused of ragging. Students mentioned that even though there was no fault form their side they were held guilty. It was replied that the students were only asked to write the happenings of the incident on the piece of paper and leave. They were not anguished in any way and the enquiry on the matter is yet to complete. The question then dropped down to as why the administrators should make students to stand for more than an hour for written submission just based on some on some deceptive complaint. Director answered that the issue of ragging is so serious that students have to be guilty till proven innocent rather than innocent till proven guilty. Apart from these specific issues related to bus timings, exam timings, permission for participating in competitions etc. were discussed. It is very sad that after repeated mails only a few were present at the auditorium to participate in the discussion. We always grouch upon the administration and when they come to answer us with all their modesty it is our duty to listen to them. It must be understood that if we do not participate in such discussions we lose the right to speak against any issue in the campus.

thegsentinel | November 2012 | Issue 1.1

01 ·November 2012 · Issue 1.1

Techniche - Perfection Pixelated rom fierce competitions to wonderful exhibitions to inspiring lectures to soothing Nites, the annual techno management festival of IIT Guwahati, Techniche 2012, (August 30th to September 2nd) was indeed a huge success! Techniche organized a multitude of events ranging from Robotics to Business Plan Modeling, to Aeromodelling, to Computer Coding related events. We are sure that none of you could make it to all the events that were conducted in Techniche this year, so PSC would like to help you reminiscing the captivating memories of Techniche'12 -Pixelating Perfection.


entrepreneurship in young minds. Blue Chips and its online version, the Virtual Stock Market had immense participation till the very end and were good hits among the participants. Though not as expected, the Startup Showcase which was conducted for the very first time in Techniche this year also made its mark. We had entries from all parts of the countries, with more than 5 entries from down south, we can proudly say that Techniche is indeed expanding its wings!

Lecture Series e have eminent personalities giving lectures on exotic topics which will open the avenues to the world of knowledge, the world of Lecture Series. This year, we had Mr. Walter Bender from MIT media labs, Dr. R. Chidambaram form BARC, Mr. Sameul Chand a global leadership guru, Ms. Rashmi Bansal a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert, Mr. Lars Hoogweg, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Nimbuzz, George Kourounis, a resident of Toronto, is a world renowned explorer, adventurer, and storm chaser best known for his television series, “Angry Planet”.

various interesting topics and queries as well are discussed with the students at IIT by means of the forum and data on various technological advancements occurring across the globe is posted.

The Guwahati Half Marathon he Marathon's tag line for 2012 was, 'Run to show your Unity Guwahati!' With Papon (of 'Jeeyein Kyun' fame), the event served as a step in our endeavour to inculcate the urgency and importance of unity in today's youth. It kicked off on August 26th, 2012 at 6:30 A.M. It had two categories, the Glory Run (21km) run for professionals and the Spirit Run (6km) run for people who just want to have fun! Participants were Certifiied by the Assam Athletic Association!




Industrial Conclave t is an initiative of the student community through the platform of Techniche to strengthen the relationships with the industry people and eminent personalities, and also benefit the industry by keeping them abreast of the latest research works and developments. This interface and interaction between experts from varied fields of the industry and budding enthusiastic talent of the nation will help encourage innovative initiatives and ideas. A total of 140 participants registered for three day conclave. Intresting and diversed business magnates were present to deliver lectures. Mr. Ajay Chaturvedi, the founder of Harva, Mr. Satish Jha the founder chairman of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) India Foundation, Amit Ranjan, the Cofounder and COO of SLIDESHARE, Mr. V Raghunathan, the CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation of the GMR Group, K V Sridhar a Legend in the Field Of Advertising known as the 'Ad Guru Of The Indian ad Industry', Mr. Rajesh Sawhney the President of BIG Reliance Entertainment and a key member of the Reliance ADAG leadership team delivered their experiences. From COO of world famous website to founder of most innovative social startup conclave had just the right mix of people.


Corporate Module ith innovation oozing out of every entry which left the veteran judging panel in awe, the Corporate Module put up a remarkably good show! The Corporate Module, Techniche'12 successfully conducted 'Product Launch' , which had 9 entries from every field of technology. 'Brain Child', the annual business plan writing competition, besides really good quality ideas, it had immense participation of 22 entries in the presentation round held at IIT Guwahati, and 'Stratagem', the marketing strategy writing event, which was successful in its goal of promoting


Magical Manthan o mornings, no evenings, no nights… Rather we never knew what time it was! Mornings turned to nights, coffee of Tea turned into mountain dew and the moon became our new sun, our bedrooms became the prop rooms and the places where we involved ourselves … when word reached our ears that “Manthan” was near! There was no such thing called sleep for the first years or faccha's (as they say) nor for our second, third and most importantly our fourth years, mainly because it was their last nerve clenching, hysterical and an emotional Manthan. Every time someone woke up it would be only after a friend banging at his or her door and when they'd look into their watches and find that they slept only for half an hour or an hour, they knew for sure that duty called at the prop room or another activity which they got themselves into. You only see tension and the sweat scorching through your friends faces, the canteens and the juice shops were not forgiven either , and by god they were bombarded with orders after every one or two hour break. Noise from the music room, shouts from the drama practice area and shadow play zone and orders and commands from the prop rooms and all this for what, was it all for winning a cup? Was it all so that we would show it to the other hostel's faces saying “we won, HAHA!”? Was it for the so called 'Bondappa'? I believe not. I believe that it was for two very beautiful


echniche in its 14th edition aimed to touch every sphere of society with its initiatives Healing hands, Social 360, Minus One Project and Lighting a Billion Lives.

T Robotics his year, we were successful in reaching out to all the robotic enthusiasts in the nation. Robotics went national with an event called Escalade which was conducted in 11 major cities across the nation! Besides Escalade, the module conducted 7 other events like Angry Birds, Segregare, Aeroshot, Libraria, Pacman, Robocalypse and Shadow.


Predefined ith enough time given to research, discuss and come up with the best solutions, this module let's you have your own experience in cherishing the process to reaching the best possible solution. The major events being- Archcraft,a practical approach for designing constructions of daily use; Techscribe, the paper presentation contest; App Development which was conducted in association with Nimbuzz; Impulsus and finally MegaPixels, an online photography competition which received immense participation.


Exhibitions umismatic Society of Calcutta, Delhi philately, Indian Air Force, Indian Railways, Indian Meteorological Society, MetalMate, Indian Institute of Robotics, CID West Bengal and EMVEE showcased themselves. Due to lack of awareness, the workshops did not receive their share of popularity.


Despite the disturbances in city Techniche managed to pixelate perfection , the standard of a few events scaled up pretty high when compared to last year. Many new events were initiated this Techniche which managed to carve a niche for themselves even among the preexisting successful events. On the whole, Techniche'12 was a resonating success.

Nites - PSC Rating DAY 0 Mind blowing performance from Paradigm shift. Almost everyone danced to roja song in auditorium

Other events ush Hour the on-the-spot events spread across the campus included Internship competition which aimed to identify students for different paid-internship positions in companies across the nation, Cryptophobia, Twist to win, the rubik cube challenge, Quiz on the Move, Code wars, SUDOKU, CSI, Genesis, Easel and Sci-Fi Éclat. Spin the Web the entireley online module of Techniche, it has a galaxy of mind boggling questions, intriguing puzzles and complex codes, it's the perfect place to hang out with your talent.Have lots of fun while you learn! In funniche this year had Tug of War, Experiments, Extreme Gaming and Live CS.


TECHNOTHLON eedless to mention the most worked event of Techniche. This year, the prelims were conducted in over 200 cities and 350 centres across the nation. Technopedia, an online module of Technothlon, where quizzes are posted monthly,


reasons. The first reason is the journey that we go through two weeks before manthan to make it a worthwhile memory because we know what it means to each and every one of us. I remember watching a senior cry after proclaiming that this would be their final manthan and I swear after watching him and the others weep with him, it exhilarated and instigated me to work even more and more, watching my senior's undying effort and hard work and not giving into sleep and two minute breather honestly touched me. The other reason and the most vital reason of all is that manthan brought all the seniors and first years to the same level and composed this spirit of brotherhood and it created this sense of bonding between our seniors and first years, which felt nothing more than pure love. I will and I know that every first year will not be able to find this level of bonding anytime else in any year but except during manthan. Manthan truly is a spiritualistic, miraculous, extraordinary and magical event and is 'a must' experience event which no first yearite should miss! We know we will never forget all the effort and hard work we put in and whether or not we win Manthan, we will never forget the bonding we had with each and everyone, we will not forget the early morning 'chai' breaks, the experience, the fiesta, the emotions, the drama, the politics, that vibe, and the love we felt during manthan. That will forever be embedded in our memories and will forever remain that one true event which brought and will continue to bring the entire hostel together for those three enchanted nights for that magical manthan.

Day 1 The Ebru Art i.e., the art of painting in water. Due to the dull music and lack of interaction, it did not strike a chord with the audience. Day 2 Laser Show managed to pull in a lot of crowd but many of us have seen it last to last year Day 3 The best of all nites, the Vilas Nayak nite. A young free spirited fast painter from Karnataka. As the music reaches it's cresendo so do the brush strokes and before you blink there's a canvas of colours before your eyes! And then we had the sky lantern ceremony which lit up the sky so beautifully and marked an end to Techniche'12.

IESAS 2012 IT Guwahati Environmental and Social Awareness Summit 2012 was organized by Prakriti - the Environmental Club & Social's Club in association with National Service Scheme (NSS), IIT Guwahati from the 5th to 7th of October, 2012. The 4th Edition of IESAS also harped on instilling a sense of environmental and social awareness among the people around us like its previous editions. A wide spectrum of events like guest lectures, plantation, cleanliness drive, captivating competitions and a newly introduced panel discussion gave the summit a hue of its own. The summit was lightened up into a glaring start by the Chairmen of Technical Board and Welfare Board in the presence of Dean of Students' Affairs, NSS Co-ordinators, dignitaries and participants on Day 0 in the institute Auditorium at 6pm. A movie related to the theme of the summit was screened on the starting day itself giving the events a head-start. The Cleanliness drive marked the start of Day 1 in which the campus was made beatific – greener and healthier. Usage of proper hygiene, gloves and sticks helped a strong participation in the event. This was followed by guest lectures. Mr. S.B. Medhi, the President of Assam Institute of Sustainable Development spoke on 'Legal measures for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development.' Mr. Simanta Kalita, the Chairman of North East Centre, Centre for Environmental Education, spoke on 'Climate


Evoking the 'SPIRIT' hat one moment when you dive in the air to stop a game turning goal, that one moment when your field of vision reduces to exactly the distance between your hockey ball and goal post, that one moment when you are just milliseconds behind the lead swimmer, that one moment when the basketball is rolling on the net and you are waiting for it to fall into the basket, that is the moment when you can hear the sound of your heart beat and world becomes stationary and that is the moment just before you win.


SPIRIT 2012, the inter college sports championship was held by sports board at IITG to bring all those cherishing moments into the busy lives of students. SPIRIT has been growing exponentially ever since its inception and is perfecting itself every time. The three day extravaganza was held on 5th, 6th and 7th of October although basketball was held a week before that due to the National Basketball Meet clashing with our dates. Also aquatics were held on 26th of September and our team drubbed the local teams. The event was inaugurated by Director, Dean of student Affairs and Chairman of Sports Board. The inaugural speech was followed by torch relay with Ratholu Mou(Weight lifting), Neha Tadichetty(Basketball), Vasu goyal(Hockey), Neeraj Mishra(Atletics and Javelin throw) carrying the torch respectively. Then Neeraj Mishra, eneral secretary of Sports board took oath on behalf of all he playes and the championship was commenced. This year SPIRIT witnessed participation from around 30 colleges along with many other spot clubs. Some of the famous teams clubs were Sports Authority of India(SAI), SVCC(a well-known volley ball club), Assam Weight Lifting Association. The national level players of badminton and Seed 1 players of Assam in TT also participated in the championship heightening the glory of SPIRIT. There was a spectacular participation from girls side too. Especially in Athletics, badminton and basketball the participation outgrew enormously. The participation was not just from Assam but was from surrounding states too making it a north eastern sports championshi Amidst all the competition IITG performed very well in almost every sport. In almost every sport we were among top three. In fact in many sports we held more than one position in top three. SAI gave a good competition to us performing almost in the same level. Overall, the event was held successfully outpacing the previous SPIRIT and establishing a dignity of its own. It is only a reflection of hard work and effort that sports board put into to make it such a marvel. The trailer that was made for first time is extremely inspiring. Neeraj Mishra says that unlike last year more sports were included in SPIRIT and every detail of the event has been properly recorded for future reference. It is very clear from the event too that more emphasis was given to make the event more consummate. Change and Biodiversity'. The concluding speech was by Ms. Pamposh Bhat, the Chairperson of Jwala –an NGO based at New Delhi, elucidating the theme of 'Energising India in a sustainable way'. This was followed by a plantation drive to create a lush of greenery not just to be a feast to the eye but also to provide shade to pedestrians. The Day 2 started off with the event 'Eco-Socio concept' in which '3 Eco-socio concepts' were sought that could make IIT Guwahati an Eco-Socio responsible institute by making it pollution free, less dependent on conventional energy and establishing harmony with nature. An open house theatrical panel discussion was the limelight of this year's summit as a panel of eminent professors discussed the applicability of the theme to our own campus. Facts pertaining to existing environmental and social aspects were revealed by the NSS group leaders in 'Reveal the Fact'. A T-shirt designing competition based on the theme of sending a message to mend the present state of environmental destruction, an Online Nature Photography based on snaps from the campus, an Article writing competition on the environmental and social aspects of our life in the IIT G campus, a Happy New Year 2013 Card Designing competition based on natural beauty and an Eco-Socio Quiz were the other enticing events of IESAS 2012. IESAS 2012 concluded with a Valedictory Ceremony and Prize distribution in which the winners of various events were felicitated. With the note of planning a grander IESAS 2013, the scintillating summit came to a close and every IIT student was touched by the profound implications the summit provided.

thegsentinel | November 2012 | Issue 1.1

02 · November 2012 · Issue 1.1 students are 19 ,20,22,80 with equal amount of the load on the network .Networking authorities have taken intense care while designing the network architecture in each hostel . Thereby connecting each room and on each floor with same of hoops from a router. Therefore student on ground and a student on 3rd floor enjoy the same internet speed.

Know your LAN

here has been a controversial debate on the internet and LAN speed from a long time .This issue is so seriously diversified in views among students and CC authorities that PSC had to take Facilities a step to acknowledge the junta. Many a times “The internet facility in each room is students have to suffer from low speed internet something that i had never expected .The connections which restriction on torrents was shocking but germinates the seed of DC++ healed my wounds. The restriction on anger in their minds for the the usage of internet up to 5 improved to be computer centre authorities the most disappointing news. At last i would .But are the CC authorities like to say the internet facilities here in IITG really and solely responsible are better than i could have ever thought of.” for this ????


-Bharat narayan gupta, Fresher

them upmost joy and they get a huge All LAN users as one large family and amount of data shared sneaking in their personal matters isn't a which they can flaunt good sign of a family member as per CC in front of others .We .Whatever we do on intranet and within the must understand that domain of the institute LAN CC is least whatever we are doing concerned about it and they even don't want chokes the network lines and there by to keep trace of it .But when we are using the internet the textual record of our internet affects the internet speed to a large access is maintained as per rules of the Government of India due to various security extent . We always beg for reasons . more and more but before doing this we should try to learn about the proper utilization of the available resources. Try using all genuine software as most of connection!!!! the required software are provided by institute and try optimizing your downloads. If we do that small bit of work we will definitely see drastic increase in the net speed.

There are certain problems which are not a child's play even for the CC team to rectify in short span of time. Afterall some or other small issues always arise in such a hue network. And many of them include which we create on our own changing router connection. One such problem happened in kameng B-2 lobby where a resident tried to change the hub LAN connections but accidently resulted in looping the hub which took CC technicians time to detect and rectify it .

C also provides us to have computations on super computer PARAM PADMA placed at Bangalore. Many professors from mechanical and chemical department and research students avail this facility .The data that has to be operated is sent to CC officials and they forward it to super computer and the scholars get the required result just by sitting back in their chairs


We don't get 100 Mps

FresherFresher If you think they are then this article is for you to understand that they are not the ones to blamed. In fact you are partially responsible for your problems. Before CARE reaching any conclusion and deciding whom should we part from the countless facilities they provide us blame we should first understand the basic structure of they are a team that works with full dedication the LAN in our campus. and enthusiasm to keep the internet facilities running in a proper way. All the networks components Where do you get your net from? are kept in suitable conditions and they are 24X7 he internet facility here in IITG is hoisted on monitored for faults and mal-functioning and if highly efficient servers and of course a dedicated something goes wrong whole team works tirelessly to and talented team working in CC. The IITG t is a huge misconception that we don't get 100 restore the normal condition. Last semester one of the internet runs on 100 Mbps and 21Mbps lines provided Mbps speed. Well that is not the case. The adjacent routers of umiam hostel stopped functioning from the leading ISP's in today's internet world like graph shows that we have been given a 100 mbps of considering the fact that the students had an exam the BSNL, AIRTEL, ERNET, RAILTEL. Many of these connection of which whole 100 mbps is in continuous very next day webmaster himself along with his team connections are 3 hoops connection meaning i.e., a use and there is hardly any time of the day where this changed that faulty router around at 1 am. Even on direct connection is given to us from Bangalore data usage attains a minima below 60mbps. Now you holidays Webmaster himself makes couple of visits to headquarters .These Bangalore headquarters are might ask that why don't we have a 1000Mbps cc to make sure everything is in order .The CC connected to Delhi and from Delhi to their international connection? Well that is totally another topic to be technicians respond honestly to solve our LAN related offices all via a single connection line .The IITG campus discussed. problems and they often visit us after 5 p.m. even internet is also facilitated with the national knowledge though there job ends at 5 in the evening . network under which it has the connection from the What can you do to increase LAN speed? ISPS like Issues and problems t is often found that students BSNL and n spite of the various attempts don't use genuine operating RAILTEL The most visited site of the CC team to keep internet systems and usually they are .On the The adjacent image shows the list of not in a habit to update their antirunning in the proper condition BSNL the most visited sites in IITG. It won't viruses which causes a severe there had been various issues network be shock for anyone if Facebook where CC appears helpless. One threat to institute LAN. These connection .com tops this list. Atleast 1600 of of such issue is the failure of the kinds of systems keep on the faculty the residents have logged in on the network links form the ISP side broadcasting packets and quarter site at any time of the day .Google .These problems are beyond the viruses on network. The other and staff and Youtube are the other favourite control of CC. They can only call problem is the excessive of dc++ quarter and request ISPs to restore the sites that appear in the list .people are in a habit of keeping proxies links in proper condition as soon their laptops on 24*7 and they are as possible and if it is a weekend it keep on downloading files from hoisted. often gets worse .Due to the lack of staff on weekends dc. This puts excessive pressure on networking and availability of district informatics officers these devices. The story doesn't ends here there exists a proxies are hoisted on AIRTEL network whereas problems do take a lot of time to get rectified. The group of students among us who continuously ,institute webmail, web and DNS are internet problems that arose on 25 of August and lasted downloads of data in the form of torrents in spite of the hoisted on ERNET network . for next 2-3 days was the outcome of failure of BSNL fact that the torrents are blocked in IITG. People often link .The ISP offices even lack the basic things required download large amount of data in form of torrents which Hostel LAN Architecture to keep the servers and other networking components also a major reason for slow internet. Using fake he image shows how the internet connection in a proper condition due to which we have to suffer for proxies to use internet and downloading large amount reaches your room. The internet connection line hours and sometimes even for a couple of days. of data fills us with some sort of pride and a sense of from ISP is connected to a router( placed in cc) Due to the several unexpected reasons networking victory over the institute rules but actually we are which is later on connected to the core switch of the cc components do get damaged and need replacement. putting our LAN speed at stake .The adjacent graph and from there it is connected to the Academic But here too because of the various issues CC doesn't shows a list of the data downloaded by a user in a Complex .From there 100 mbps lines connect cc to stock them in large numbers .Thus if the component is single day. 27GB a day sounds shocking but have you your hostel and in the later stages of this connection available in stock it gets replaced in short span of time have thought what makes them do so ?the question is process the LAN port of your is connected to the but if it is not if may take several days depending on quite easy to answer they do this just for the sake of routers in your hostel .The proxies allotted to the the type of the component. downloading them and sharing them at dc which fills







Why not Pay per meal?

The New Mess’y’ System ed up of the boring and monotonous meal of your mess? Does the weekly menu of your friend's mess lure you more? Well, the HAB of 2012 has executed an appreciable solution to this problem which was proposed initially by the HAB of 2011– the monthly subscription of the mess. The new mess system of monthly subscription has undoubtedly increased the flexibility of the boarders of this campus especially of those who do not resonate well with the mess time table or even with the menu. So if canteen serves you a better meal and most importantly at the right time to fit your daily schedule then now you can save your 2550/bucks per month that you give as the mess fees. PSC takes pleasure to enlighten you with some of the frequently asked questions about this new mess system.


No Flexibility for Subansiri? he first being why girl boarders of this campus are unfortunately not benefited by the new system? In a talk with the present VP of gymkhana regarding the mess system, he justified this decision of the HAB for a couple of reasons. The first and the foremost is the SECURITY ISSUE of the only girls hostel Subansiri. If the new system is extended to Subansiri the mess will be open to the boys boarders too, which will of course be a threat to the security. Although the girls might be allowed to subscribe another mess but this one way outflow will not be feasible for the mess caterer of Subansiri due to the uneconomical condition that might prevail after that For such unavoidable reasons Subansiri has to continue with the previous system until the authority gets another solution to this issue..

lthough pay per meal system would be the best ever mess system in the history of IITG. But as per the prevailing conditions our campus is not ready to hold this system. In a talk with HAB secretary of 2012 Abhishek Sayana, he briefly explained a few major obstacles in its implementation. The major problem is the time to take the coupon for the meal. It is absolutely not possible to take the coupon for the meal instantaneously since it would lead to uncertainty in the quantity of the food to be prepared and thus will increase the probability of the wastage or unavailability of food. Even if the coupon is taken a meal before it is not practically feasible, keeping in mind the location of our campus, the vegetables and all stuffs for the meal which is not easily availabl Anubahv jeff | Abhishek sayana e. (G Sec HAB’11) (G Sec HAB’12)

1500 students per caterer in other IITs. So in such a situation if such a system would have been implemented then it would have been a serious threat to the caterers as wastage of food for even 100 students out of the total 500 students would be a huge loss. HAB was unaware of the statistics that might arise after the implementation of the new system. So it had no choice to implement it slowly instead of all the flexibility at once. However, remedies have been taken by the HAB to increase the security of the caterers prior to implementation. The caterers have been reduced from 8 to 5 thus increasing the students per caterer from 500 or 300 to 800. It can be clearly observed now that the wastage is reduced even if 150/800 is the ratio of the wastage and thus the security is increased.


Now this can be seen as an initial step in Jaspreet sing | Vishnu Chauhan the way of bringing ( MMC-Manas) (Vice President) pay per meal system into action. So we are up with a midway solution that can at one hand give the caterer the required time to manage the raw materials for proper mess management and at the other hand can instill the essence of the coupon system that can provide some flexibility to the boarders.

“The new mess system is just a beta version for yet more flexible pay per meal system to come”


But it is there in other IITs? t is always wrong to compare us in many issues with other IITs. Understanding the geographical, economical, demographical conditions along with campus history and structure the simple answer is we are not some other IIT but we are IIT Guwahati and every IIT has its limitations.Speaking in this contextthe big problem in the implementation of the 'Pay per meal system' is the insecurity of the caterers. Previously there were total eight caterers bearing the load of 500 students each for Barak, Umiam and Kameng and 300 each for Dihing, Kapili and Siang comparing with load



Mess Vs Canteen he growing prices worldwide have its clear consequences on the mess fees that have been continuously increasing throughout the semester. And finally it has marked a further increase of 85/- per day this semester. However the flexibility with the mess


DECREE: 215 home far away from home! IITG is the only IIT which makes you feel at ease just like your home, be it your personal room, nagging siblings, some lousy neighbors, local parks, lakes, rivers and so on. Except for the food which is definitely not Ambrosia, this would certainly qualify as heaven on earth or the earthly Mount Olympus. All heavens come at a price. After all we have to filter suitable mortals and pass judgment as to whether they fit to this place or hell. Lord Zeus has passed a decree regarding all immortals on heaven to confine themselves to their chambers by the stroke of midnight. Also entry to heaven on personal motorized chariots is restricted to 21:00 hours. Not many enlightened souls dare to question the wisdom of their lord. But the Titans refused to bow down to Zeus's new decree. The Titans enjoyed their night time adventures. They felt as if their entire existence in Olympus was defined by their night life.


Well away from the metaphorical description this is about the notice that restricts the movements of hostel boarders during night time. This created a lot of disturbance in the student community that institute has been imposing very strict and useless rules. But students must understand that these rules are just a reflection of our deeds and institute takes very much care to introduce any new rule. The important point here is that no one is following the rule and no one is being named guilty for crossing the rule. If so why does the rule have to be implemented at all? This might have a very bad consequence on rules to be implemented further. One will not take any such notice seriously. So the gymkhana must rethink on this issue and answer the discontented students. Many times in history the Titans have joined forces to fight Zeus and always Zeus's wisdom has stood the test of faith and time as the all-powerful guardian of Mt Olympus. It is the unwavering support and prayers from the lesser gods and other immortals to Zeus that keeps him all powerful and as long as it remains that way, there will be no room for chaos in Mt Olympus. system has undoubtedly increased with the recent amendment in the mess rules, i.e. the hostel boarders can subscribe to any of the three meals a day separately for a month. Most of the boarders have been observed subscribing breakfast and dinner leaving behind the lunch for the minors. It may be because it doesn’t fit their daily schedule. Whatever be the reason for this, but one thing is certain that this has sparked off a clear competition between the two food factories of IITG- Mess v/s Canteen!! Good news for the canteen owners!! Along with this, the prevailing conditions have forced the mess caterers to improve their food quality and indeed they have started working upon it. They too in competition have started to provide some special items available on pay. Kamneg and Manas caterer has gone a little far to provide Chicken Dum biryani for Rs. 90 on particular days. It is evident that the competition has diverse effects and the forecasting of the persisting situation is tough.

Drawbacks owever there are still some unanswered but not unthought-of questions in this system of monthly mess subscription too. Let it be raining since whole day, being hungry would it be feasible for a boarder of KAMENG to go KAPILI for the dinner as per his subscription. Or let it be the morning of the midsems, its 10 min left for the exam to start, would it be again feasible for the boarder of siang to come to UMIAM for the breakfast as per the subscription. Well this has been understood by students and that's why hardly anyone is subscribing to another mess. Finally the hard work has paid off and the standard of each mess after giving this flexibility has increased even. Treating the new system of monthly subscription as a beta version of highly awaited pay per meal system, we must appreciate it and bear the errors if any, as it is expected to be removed in subsequent days. wever there are still some unanswered but not unthought-of questions in this system of monthly mess subscription too. Let it be raining since whole day, being hungry would it be feasible for a boarder of KAMENG to


thegsentinel | November 2012 | Issue 1.1

03 · November 2012 · Issue 1.1

New Internship Policy

Manas Premier league & Dihing premier league

hile some are sending hundreds of mails to routed through institute must not be allowed second universities abroad most of the students are NOC for either an internship routed through institute or just waiting for some fancy company to come applied by himself. Even in case of an internship and pick them up for obtained by him, student is summer internship. Internship is ineligible for a second NOC. Also The PPOs received from one of the significant factor hat the once short listed by a company various companies are as substantially differentiates us as for internship procedure student must not opt out in case and while IIT's. The eight weeks industrial follows (with more in the process of obtaining experience makes us understand expected): internship and student is ineligible the intricacies of industrial Microsoft: 4 for applying NOC until the results application of engineering studies. are out. But a student can be For many the two months period is Directi: 1 allowed for second internship on the deciding factor of their life as to Qualcomm: 2 the discretion of the respective which field they are going to Schlumberger: 3 department only after certain pursue as their career in life and percentage of the students from for some it is their chance to skip Goldman Sachs: 3 the department obtains an through the placement season Reliance India Ltd: 3 internship. The percentage is to be after obtaining Pre Placement Tata Steel: 1 decided by respective department Offer. Although the campus has itself. made certain provisions for Mahindra and Mahindra: 1 The companies that hire interns companies to select interns ITC: 2 from IIT Guwahati are Microsoft, through campus visits by HR's only Google, Directi, Amazon, DE a few are getting selected every Shaw, Yahoo, Schlumberger, ITC, year leaving others to hunt on their NetApp, Cisco, Qualcomm, own. The internship status for this Goldman Sachs, Capital IQ, Tata year is as follows (With Steel, Mahindra and Mahindra, From this year onwards placement Reliance India Ltd,. Samsung cell has taken the responsibility of more companies yet to SISO, Samsung SISC,CD Adapco, organizing internee recruitment come): Sigma Aldrich, Finisar among process making it more formal. Microsoft: 10 others. This year no new Some guidelines for the process companies have approached until have been proposed and Amazon: 8 now except for Altair. It is very discussed in the student senate Schlumberger: 7 clear that most of the companies meeting and the rules have been ITC: 5 are for computer science and finalized after the consent of all the engineering department. We hope senate members. Care has been Qualcomm: 9 that in subsequent years this taken to restrict one intern per NetApp: 1 scenario changes giving more student allowing more students to opportunity for other departments avail the benefit. too. According to the new policy student with one internship offer


Fresher’s Column: Excited to buy a new laptop? oon will be the time of end semester exams and then the most awaited time at least for freshmen – 'the winter holidays'. By this time most of you have understood the non-academic life at IITG and many of you have already started following western timings. At this juncture of time, freshers are often puzzled by one plebeian issue: 'whether or not to bring a laptop in the second semester'. Although this is a debatable topic which has varied perspectives, PSC brings you with certain insights to enlighten you the scenario of having or not having a laptop.


So, let us critically analyze the issue. To start with the pros, laptops are de facto part of college life. They are needed almost everywhere : from lecture slides, presentations, club forms and posters, webmails, programming, simulation, to the casual late night Facebooking, movies, soaps and serials, LAN gaming, file sharing etc. And of course, the DC! Laptops guarantee portability- so you don't have to be carrying printed books, notes etc all around. You can access journals, e-lectures and even enrol in courses from the world over and read at your own will.

PSC Team Chief Editor Rahul Vinod Upputuri

On the down side, however, laptops can really prove to counter effective if used excessively for unproductive work. The first year for undergraduate student is very special. The college is brimming with activities and events for freshers. It is the best time to get noticed and prove yourself to be the next leaders at campus. As such, if you are stuck in your room, glued all day to computer screen, then you miss out all the fun, friends and the opportunities, no kidding. You see, the basic outline of your life here at IIT-G is decided by what you do in the first year. It is always beneficial to avoid internet or game addiction and explore exciting hobbies that you can pursue in the institute in the first year. Internet can be addictive if you are seeing it for the first time at IIT-G. If you've already been a heavy internet user – then this point doesn't concern you, as you've probably outgrown the initial hype now. As such, generally speaking, if you don't indulge in campus activities in the first year, with time you become a loner, your personality degrades to an all time low ! This, trust us, pinches you hard, four years down the line or whenever you introspect about what have you've learnt from your college life. o, akin to all the damned-world-debates, the choice is yours to make. Some people are cool with laptops in the very first year of the four golden years of life, while others strongly oppose the idea. PSC generally do not dole out advices, but as seniors, we would say that the best time for a laptop would be the second year unless you want to-be a branch changer or would-be loner :P. However, the best general advice would be to carefully weigh your needs and expectations and decide accordingly.


Designers Suchita Pandey Anuparthy Chayapathi

Editorial Board Aashish Krishnantre, Abhay Pratap Singh,Alekhya muthyam, Angshuman Kashyap, Anikesh Kumar, Bhrigu Ranjan Borthakur, Rahul Sanal, Rohitashva Singh Sourabh, Siddarth Khandelwal, Siddarth Nambiar, varun gollapalli

PSC Wishes you success, for the once-in-a-lifetime bachelor's college life.

ike every other fraternity, the IIT GUWAHATI junta too has its share of sports fanatics who amidst their jam-packed schedules have ample room for sports to percolate into their daily routines filling in the voids. Events such as the Inter-IIT sports meet and Spardha stand testimony to this but the most trivial manifestation of their spirit lies in the Inter/Intra hostel tournaments organized in the hostel lawns. Recently two such tournaments, MPL (Manas Premier League) and DPL (DihingPremier League),in Cricket and Football were held respectively.


MPL, the intra-hostel cricket tournament saw participation from six teams comprising of seven members each. The event was held in the same fashion as most watched IPL. After an interesting league phase and a couple of nail-biting playoffs, Black Titans (Manager-Akshay Rathore, Captain-Anikesh Kumar) and Antiquity Blues (Manager-Dheer Sameer, Captain-Dinesh Reddy) were the ones who eventually made it to the finals. Antiquity blues won the toss putting in the opponent to bat and with a fine bowling performance from Divyakant restricted the Black Titans to a score of 89 in 10 overs. When it came to the chase, Antiquitof 3 overs but then a maiden bowled by Amit binny changed the course of the game and Black Titans emerged victorious in the end. Not to forget the amazing crowd who were cheering all throughout the matches.

PL conducted during 24-26th August witnessed


participation from 28 teams with all sort of funny team names. Some of them were le derps, teri keh ke lunga, R.I.P, asli darindey, bondoos etc. The final match was held between 'Old Monk 7' with Patton as captain and 'R.I.P' headed by Kshitij Swaroop. Finally Old Monk 7 consisting of 7 Ph.D. players took away the pride. Winners were presented 750 Rs. while runners got 500 Rs.


Inter IIT Aquatics meet

o savour those wonderful moments after hectic mid-sems some of the students went for trekking at Amchang Wildlife Reserve forest. The camp was organized by Sai Vatsalya, Secretary of Mountaineering and Trekking club in association with Global Adventure Association, a NGO that conducts such camps for civilians. Every year the club takes students to Gharbhanga forest. Due to floods the forest was closed for visitors temporarily and so the club had to alter its plans.

he 48th Inter IIT aquatics meet was held from 2nd to 5th of October in IIT Roorkee. Except IIT Hyderabad all 14 IITs were present at the aquatics meet. 11 boys and two girls along with 2 coaches went for the championship to prove their mettle among other IITs. There were around twenty events covering various lengths of freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly, back swim and relays apart from water polo. The preparation for the meet was fairly good and didn't face many problems. But the team itself was weak as most the experienced players were passed out and they were left with mostly first and second yearites. Even some of the current 4th yearites, who have already participated previously did not wish to go this time.


On 28th of September 84 students consisting of both UG and PG started their journey early in the morning at around 5'o clock. They travelled a 45 km distance for two and half hours to reach the reserve. From there they took over road and started their trekking. It was a 16km route that passed through Pobitora wildlife sanctuary. Ironically even though it was a wildlife reserve trekkers did not discover any animals except a few birds and an elephant. But they fortunately encountered tea gardens in journey. Trekking with friends, recreational games during intervals, thick huge trees, ponds, local tribes and some birds were the attractions of the day. Guides and security were

provided by the Global Adventure association while food was covered in the participant fee of 350 Rs.The the trip was also eco-friendly. The did not use any sort of plastic bags etc. and even the brought by some students unknowingly were properly collected and thrown in dustbins outside the reserve. Good to see the environmental awareness among the students. No good moments last long and so the . Trekkers reached the campus at around 7'o clock in the evening. They were very much tired due to long walk with paining legs but were totally excited to have such an amazing and memorable day. PSC wishes Mountaineering and Trekking club to organize more such trips for the junta.


Aquatics club secretary, Sameer says that their performance at the competition even after having such a raw team was overwhelming. For the first time in IITG's history girls participated in relay events. Surabhi Bhargav of first year, EEE department won four silver medals in 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly bringing IITG to 3rd position in girls. Overall our players stood in 6th position compared to 5th last year after Kharagpur, Roorkee, Bombay, Kanpur and Gandhi Nagar. PSC hopes that aquatics team ripens by next year and bring many more medals in 49th aquatics meet to be held in home campus itself.We are also expecting lot more medals in Inter IIT sports meet too to be held this December. The teams had very great practice sesssions are all ready for the championship.

Editor speaks... SC is very delighted to present you the first of its kind newsletter at IITG, THE G-SENTINEL. Over the past 8 years PSC has grown immensely to become the print


media of IITG. The new name and the new design with vibrant colors is a result of excogitation of requirement for a sound newsletter to bring you all the insights of issues and events happening around you.Each page is a section of newspaper that conveys certain kind of information. The Page 1 looks after the most interesting and

most awaited articles. Page 2 brings you detail insights of all the major events happening around. Page 3 brings you the info of major issues that concern and affect almost every one of us living here in the campus. Page 4 along with all other news consists of Shout Back section to resonate your voice for change or requirement of any new policy in

Special Thanks to Vishnu Chauhan, Mr. Pallav Kumar Dutta(CC Technical officer), Srijan Maulick, Sai Vatsalya mokka, dheer sameer, Kartik Devarkonda, Pavani Sattuluri, Surbhit varma, Viswajit Anand, Neeraj Mishra.

the campus. Do send your article for the shout back section to frame it in the next newsletter. The PSC website launched last year is being redesigned to make it official online media of IITG student community. I would like to thank all those whose effort made this newsletter possible. With all your support and love PSC wishes to pace forward its journey.

PSC is 'Taking’ To move forward in the awaited journey PSC is gathering in enthusiastic writers, editors, designers and coders (for website). Only a couple of hours a month and your name might be in the next newsletter. To join the team, mail us with a subject 'PSC team'.

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