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How to Remove Links Correctly The Complete Guide By: Jitendra Singh, Ebriks InfoTech

Written by Jitendra Singh 2014, Ebriks Infotech


Removing bad links is indeed a daunting task. If not done properly, it can even your ruin your website.

There are both good and bad ways of removing links and here we will learn about it.

Guest posting debacle : In the recent times, many SEO companies have turned to guest posting as a way of earning links. Many of the sites have done well and have in fact built great relationships with their audience also. However, many companies have tried to 'scale' link building via guest blogging and we know when we begin to scale something the first thing that is ignored is quality. And when your client and manger keep pressurizing you to lower the cost per link, the temptation to outsource writing becomes bleak. After the update from Matt Cutts, many companies freaked out and started removing guest post links, exact anchors. However, this is not a right step to take, especially• If you posted a good content on the website, you should want credit in the form of a link. •

Google has targeted only manipulative posts.

Removing automation : It is a good idea to do automation when it makes sense. Collecting useful data, smart algorithms to surface your content via different internal links are some of the examples of something that should be automated. When we discuss about link removal, it is a good idea of automating the initial data gathering of websites linking to your page(s) that have been badly affected. This is

Written by Jitendra Singh 2014, Ebriks Infotech


the point; the automation will stop because the machine will not be as good as human eyes. We should remove links not only from low authority but also from other irrelevant websites where you have placed a link just to get a link. Moreover, outreach should be personal.

What will happen if my website is disavowed? : “If I don't remove the link, will my site get disavowed? Will it affects my site? Google tells semi-algorithmically if a website is being used for doing manipulative linking or not. How long disavow file will take time to show its effect, it can't be predicted. If there is a shady work done in the past, then clean it up and if it is clean, carry on. To sum up, deciding whether you should remove the links or not is a tricky job and therefore, it is important to do it in an effective manner. If not done properly, it can cause more harm. So, proceed with caution.

Written by Jitendra Singh 2014, Ebriks Infotech


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