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The Best DIY Projects for Your Bedroom DIY ideas for bedroom renovations are available in large numbers. If one goes through any home interior-decorating magazine, there are a number of small project ideas available that can help give your bedroom new life and spice. Going in for a complete renovation presents its own set of constraints. Whether it’s time, budget or just pure motivation there are a lot of factors that can present them selves as roadblocks. That being said, just adding a few tit-bits here and there can sometimes do the job and what’s more, do the job well. One of the focal points of bedroom DIY projects is the headboard. There is a lot that can be done with a headboard as it a versatile piece of furniture. Here are a few ideas:

Using an antique mantelpiece as a headboard is a unique idea. You can either paint the mantle piece or just keep it rugged to match the rest of the decor in the room.

The easiest and the simplest DIY headboard idea is to paint a solid square on the wall that serves as a virtual headboard. Simple and fun, the painted square can be matched to other things in the room like the main door designs or other pieces of furniture. In addition to the headboard, the other area that can be worked on is the lighting. Home interior decorating shops are full of lighting ideas that are simple and yet can add new light to the bedroom. Here are a few options:

String lights can be a beautiful addition to a bedroom. While in most cases they are used for the outdoors, here as in the picture, hanging them around the bed can create a truly magical look.

Another option of how you can hang string lights. Matched and hung against a light colored curtain they can give the bedroom a truly ethereal feel. Other than these above, furniture and quirky ideas can be played around with too. Here’s how:

This bed base that can be used a book shelf is a quirky idea that can add a touch to great style to a bedroom.

Getting into main door designs, a great DIY option for the bedroom can be hand painted door. You can go really crazy or creative here depending upon what kind of look you are wanting. The ideas above illustrate clearly that if you are inspired enough there are a lot of DIY options that help lift the overall mood and feel of a bedroom. All you need is to think out of the box and put in a little effort. The resulting room will be your source of pride and joy for a long time. For more details visit:

The Best DIY Projects for Your Bedroom  

Bedroom renovations can be overwhelming, especially taking on the entire bedroom at one go. In saying so, one doesn’t always have to go all...

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