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News promotion on Social Media News! News can be defined as the facts or the happenings going around the world that is being informed to a common man through the means of news channels or newspapers. These modes of information come under the media industry that works to reach out to masses and inform about the latest happening around. However media is majorly divided in different categories including print, electronic, radio and the latest one is the social media that is believed to bring revolution in this field. Media is also considered to be the fourth pillar of the democracy which works to present the actual picture of the society to the society. Earlier the journalism or can say news writing that was initiated by our great freedom fighters from the time of India’s fight for its independence with a motive to awaken each and every Indian to stand against the slavery has come a long way. The news channels, newspapers, journals etc. have reached out to different areas to present the actual picture. Be it medical, politics, sports, corporate, government sector or the private sector, information or reality related to each field is presented by the media in front of the common man. After newspapers news channels or the electronic media came into being and marked a new era of media. Through news channels people were able to witness the actual happening going on at the moment. Be it the celebration of winning a cricket series or witnessing a parade at Rajpath on the occasion of Independence Day or watching the political discussions at Lok Sabha. It surely was a mutiny of media industry. However the biggest revolution came with the introduction of social media or social websites. With its easy accessibility, it became easier to reach out to masses through social media. Apart from new news portal or websites other existing news channels and newspapers also became a part of social media by introducing their website comprising all the news and important information. Meanwhile the social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube following people, individuals or keeping oneself updated about their friends and relatives became easier. Facebook, nowadays which has become an important part of one’s life not only help in following others but also allows to share some of yours best and happiest moments with your friends and family through means of photographs. Meanwhile through twitter people can easily openly share their thoughts or photographs and let others know about their feeling. However Youtube enabled to share videos and also came up with music videos that went viral amongst the fans and followers.

Among this media industry ‘News Nation’ is one such news channel that not only comes up with the latest happening and fact but also hold public discussions, conduct sting operations and present the actual picture of the society. While the website – also holds all the important news and happenings along with videos, photographs of their favorite celebrities and much more.

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