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‘Sommer Fotomagazin’ or Summer Photography Magazine (in German), is an initiave from Pixels, the Photography Club of IIT Bombay, to let photographers (whether amateur or professionals) express their stories, in their own style. Whatever people did in their vacations, wherever they went - let the stories spread. We look forward to extending this magazine as a regular feature, on a broader scale, extending its participation and including famous photographers, talks, interviews and other stuff; suggestions for which are invited. We are thankful to the contributors for their support, and no material published here may be reproduced in any form without due permissions.

FOTOMAGaZIN Capture the Summers

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Everyone has a story to tell.

Your stories. shot your way.

We welcome you to our new initiative; where, the photographer inside each one of us is invited to express their thought, their story, their way Fotomagazin. With the release of this issue in both print and online, we look forward to your approval and appreciation, and wish a wider contribution from the readers in its future releases. In the upcoming time, we look forward to your participation and appreciation of future events, Paathshaala, the in-sem photography classes, and Vision - The Photography and Design Show in the month of September. We are extremely thankful to all the story tellers who made this possible, by sharing with us their invaluable experiences, and we are extremely sorry for those submissions and artists we couldn’t publish due to lack of space and time-frame. Team Pixels Aug 2013 (Photo Credits - (Right ) Expressions| Black Smoke))

Shank Kulkarni Let’s Keep our worries behind this summer ...

Nikhil Khandelwal Trash Talk

Shivam J Baria The Bell Kshitij Maheshwari This Photo was taken by me near ‘ The Bandra-Worli’ Sea link. After the endsems, I along with 6 of my wingies planned to go on a cycle trip around Mumbai. A trip that spanned across 15 hours and over 52 kms. We left the campus at 4.00 in the morning. The time during this napshot was probably 7 .00 or 8.00 am.

Pramod Bhakar Secret Love

This pic was clicked about 2-3 months agosomewhere near masjid. initially I wanted to include that drum walain the pic but i realised that it was distracting attention from the girl yet wanted to give feel of music so i choose this composition... i wanted sky as a background but since the place was crowded,i had to settle for much distracting buildings in the background. Exif | f1.8 | ISO400 | 1/2500 Bhaskar

Rekhit Singh Kaushal

About ‘VISION’ - Started in 2011, VISION and held in collaboration with Shailesh J. Mehta School of Managmenet SJMSOM ‘Avenues’; it is the annual roadside photography exhibition, with a huge number of contributors from across the institute, both amateurs and professionals; alongside it, a range of workshops and a nation-widephotography competitions are held throughout this weekend.

So finally i bought the camera and was clicking some random shots. It was some orientation at IIT Bombay and i was still to take that one opening shot for my album. As a music lover, whats better than capturing the music itself. And so, here it was, my first shot, my favorite, my precious... :P (courtesy: lord of the rings) Exif |: f/4.5 | 1/25 sec | ISO 3200 | 32mm Shubham

My friend was buying lan cord at Mangaldeep. I and another friend were standing idle. I was playing with the balloons I had just got from MOD. And one of them fell from my hands. And one of the girls picked it up. I let the balloon be with her. And then the 2nd girl asked me for my other balloon. And I gave it to her. And then the 3rd one had no balloon and she looked so desperate for the balloon , so I asked my friend to give his balloon to her. (yea, my friend too had a balloon :P ) It was worth to see the smile on their faces. :) Taken on 14th Nov. last year. Well, its not a pic with a dslr. But IMO, photography is more about the feelings rather than the technicalities. So, I guess even a mobile pic is good. Ananya

Pleasa Serin Abraham

While clicking every picture, I was into the moment. One has to be in the moment. Let it grow over you. Let it alone make you press the button. It need not be a good picture photography-wise, but what matters is that you have preserved it. And you won't regret it, ever, why would you? Utkarsh

Nishant Kumar This photo was taken at campus Norbulingka Institute , Mcloadganj , Dharmshala. This is one of lead centre for preserving Tibetan culture.

Vaibhav The child’s eyes says it all ..

Ajay Koli I don’t know about my dreams

Yeshwanth Matrimony

Deepayan Bhadra Taken at Safdarjungs Tomb, Delhi, the invisible sun lends a surrealism to the tomb.

Sanskar Dholi From the wild - at Kumbhalgarh Ford

Shruti Mankar

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams Kush Jain

Rushil Desai La Mer beach, Tel Aviv. Beautiful day, beautiful beach, beautiful people - what more can one want ?

Pawan Nagwani Hong Kong Internship

Ruchil Desai Me: "Ma (ha)shem shalakh?" (What is your name?) The girl in the picture: "Ha shem shali Efrat. Ma (ha)shem shalkha?" (My name is Efrat. What is yours?)

Kush Jain On Photowalk to South Bombay

“ As I have practiced it, photography produces pleasure by simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera. A picture is produced. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs. � - Sam Abell

Rahul Jain Bubbles We were on a trip to South Bombay; The summers were pretty weird for me, except for these few dayswhich I shall remember for days to come.

Shruti Mankar

Avick Sinha My escape from daily life is to just get in a boat and disappear on the water during vacation

Anurag Mundhadha "A you hope. It shows that there is beauty...even in death."

Yeshwanth This particular evening i was sitting at the boat house clicking some random photos .. and it started to was then I captured this.

Sushant Cliveri Lukhapa - H4 ki Tanki pe baithe hue

Suyog Wankhede The Wrong Turn

Anshuman Anand Hiranandani Gardens

Marshal Maskarenj During the scorching month of May, we went to the cool farms of Kolhapur, searching for solace fromthe summers. The contrast I saw, the sillhouttes of my loved ones, amidst the mango trees and maize crops, I had to click that. Vaishnavi The breathtaking atmosphere, right before dusk

Nisha Meena

Anand Utsav Bombay Rains

Umang Shah Indian army men playing cricket at D'Zojila Pass in Ladakh, at an altitude of 3528 metres (11,575 feet) above the mean sea level. Hence Cricket knows 'no-bounds'. Cricket is more than just a sport in India, it is an integral part of our culture. Cricket is our favourite past-time, favourite source of recreation, favourite sport. IT IS AN IDENTITY for INDIA, IT IS A RELIGION! #CricketIsLife

Vikas Sharma ISO800F5

Hamdan Ali Captured it using my 5 MP phone camera. It was at the Al Ain zoo near Abu Dhabi where I was trying to get in closer to the giraffe when a deer came running across to get itself a position in the frame. I thought my camera did a fine job to capture the moving animal.

Amaldev Venugopal Oceans... Its vastness, always calms me down... A shot from the Gods Own Country - Kerala...

Vaibhav Kumawat Ever touched sky; I did ... Hainan, China

Sourabh Agarwal Monsoon at IIT Bombay

Vipul Chaudhary Loony Lovegood - A Character

Umang Shah Up in the Air, Pebbles, Pebbles everywhere! Rising above the Himalayas! At the Pangong Lake, Ladakh.

Mayur bhalavi Streets of Mumbai

Mayuresh Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Kumar Pallav Lallbagh Botanical Gardens

Abhey Singh Grewal Rajasthan

Through My Lens - Abhey Singh Grewal’s Photography

I was walking down the streets of Udaipur for capturing their lifestyle when I saw this person. He was the perfect blend of Rajasthani culture and modernity. I didn't have to steal the photograph as he was more than willing to pose. (Cover Pic)

“What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.” - John Berger


‘Sommer Fotomagazin’ or Summer Photography Magazine (in German), is an initiave from Pixels, the Photography Club of IIT Bombay, to let phot...


‘Sommer Fotomagazin’ or Summer Photography Magazine (in German), is an initiave from Pixels, the Photography Club of IIT Bombay, to let phot...