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On Google, just type in Blogger and it will be the first result on the page .

When blogger loads up it will come with a sign in page. To sign in you will need a Google account, if you have a G -mail, YouTube, Google+ you will just sign in with that account. If you do not have a Google account then you need to sign up.

If the case is that you do not have a Google account then you can sign up for free at the sign up box highlighted here.

When you login you can create a new blog by clicking on the new blog


ton .

It will come up with this menu you can chose a title, URL address and templates

To post a blog, all you have to do is click this orange button for the correspondent blog.

You will be loaded up with this page here you can type up your blog.

On the top there will be a toolbar. The icons on the toolbar are easy to Use as they are used in Word, Publisher, etc.

Here are more of the complicated ones. The first one is inserting a website link, the second and third one is inserting a picture and inserting a video. The forth one is a ripped page which disables the following line below. In the middle you will see a whole load of lines that is the alignment (text in centre/left/right) numbers and bullet points are next. Right at the end is the spell checker. This checks for spelling mistakes. the mistakes are highlighted.

If you have made a blog and want to delete it for what ever reason just go to the settings icon in the post list icon drop down menu .

When the page lodes up on the left hand side there is a menu right at the bottom there is a other link, Click it!

When the other setting page lodes up at the top their will be a delete blog link shown above. (DELETES PERMINENTLY)

To check pager views/ stats just click the stats icon.

When it loads up you will be shown a simple day to day graph of page views.

Here it shows a table og page views today. Yesterday, last month and all time.

To add pages like downloads page or gallery all you have to do is the following...

The add a new page all you have to do is click on the arrow next to the middle icon above, this will give you a drop down menu click the Pages icon.

When you click the Pages icon it will load up with the pages page

(laugh all you want) here you can add pages by clicking the New Page button and you can see what pages are their.

To view your freshly made blog, all you need to do is click the view blog button opposite your blog name.

External website


Another website that you are not currently on

A default webpage that loads up when the website address is entered A link file or website to another loca-


tion or file, typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image




Something that has already been designed for you A pre-designed work that you can edit A strip of icons used to perform certain functions An address the is given to websites

URL address

(e.g. http://

That was a simple help guide for Blogger if you do need more help feel free to ask the Digital Leaders.

blogger help guide  

how to use blogger guide

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