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transport transport DESIGN design

A collection of transport design projects done during my education in Italy.

Project Coil

Inspired by the sari, the dualistic nature of the car combines the industrial and rigid sensation of metal as well as the soft HUKĂ…\PKZLUZH[PVUVMJSV[O

As visible from the sketches the wheels look bigger in proportion to conventional wheels. This is because the wheels are not conventional in any way and are segmented in deffernet parts, using suspension unique to itself and deleting [OLULLKMVYHPY[VILĂ„SSLK[O\ZTHRPUNP[SPNO[LYHUKTVYL LMĂ„JPLU[

The outer rim and tire segmented into parts combine with spokes to form a little suspension system of its own

Sketch studies to derive the form.

Nissan MADA concept

The Nissan Mada aims at making the electric car a fashion statement. Inspired by graphic design and fashion, this car PZĂ„[[LK^P[OPU[LYHJ[P]LS\TPULZJLU[KPZWSH`ZVU[OLL_[LYPVY Soft glows appear and can be customised. Thus making it a unique statement of individuality and style.

Like the exterior this too is inspired from soft graphic art as well as minimalist orient sculpture and archtechture. The panel is coated with transparent plastic under which is a completely interactive display and interface

Some sketch ideations to help realise the form.

A 3d form study.

Project Coil

An alternative and highly experimental interior solution inspired by wire frame furniture. A continous loop of wire was used to create an entire skeletal structure of an interior.

The fabric that coats the wire frame is not actually a fabric but two layers of hybrid polymer that sandwich a layer of graphene making the whole console touch sensitive and interactive, thus making the whole interior a console.

An entire frame of continuos loop of seven wires made of HS\TPUP\TV_PKLPZMVYTLK;OPZMYHTLPZTPSKS`Ă…L_PISLHUK very strong.

product design

industrial DESIGN

Breil Tattva

The Breil Tattva was inspired by the tesselated surface of a jewel. Cold, hard, slick and precious, this is a stainless steel watch with moldLKJHYIVUĂ„IYLPU[OLMHJL;OLU\TLYHSZHUK graphics are also custom designed.

Brushed stainless steel is used almost exclusively in the watch and all the edges are reminiscent of a tesselated jewelled surface yet keeping the form intact.

Blowup view further illustrating the details of the watch.

geaphic design

An assortment of graphic design projects KVULHZVMĂ„JPHS^VYRHSZVMLH[\YPUNZLSLJ[LK personal works.

graphic DESIGN


A series of Beatles graphics were developed for Naukri. com on the strange and funny theme of revisiting the iconic Abbey Road cover in an Indian context. Here are some examples.

Some more iterations of the same!. As well as the doodle that started the idea.

Gond art inspired graphics were developed for fabric bases panels for lights. Simple animal based themes are popular in Gond based art.

Board games were developed to be printed on meeting tables.

Artsy touch on the ‘Dandi march’. Some quick options developed.

Leisure Sphere logo design

Ideation Group logo design

Via Design Business cards

Fluor Daniel

3 panels of fabric were used and placed in front of each other to create a 3 dimentional effect. The graphics were developed using a nature driven theme for the engiULLYPUNĂ„YT;OLSHZ[WHULSOHZHU industrial graphic merging from nature signifying an industrial and enNPULLYPUNĂ„YT^P[OHUH[\YLKYP]LU heart.

The complete graphic with all 3 layers.


The ‘whimsical sun’ logo was used as a direct inspiration to create H KLPÄUPUN SVVR MVY [OL ZWHJL ;OPZ ^HZ [YHUZHSH[LK PU ]PU`S IHZLK graphics throughout the space.


An assortment of interior space design along ^P[OZWLJPÄJLSLTLU[ZKLZPNULKMVY[OLZWHJL and the project.

interior DESIGN



A minimal ans sleek look was chosen for this venture JHW[HSPZ[VMĂ„JLZWHJL


Feature elements were specially made taking cues from the ‘intersecting rings’ logo of the danish consultPUNÄYT0UP[[V

Some quick sketch iterations to study how the logo and brand could be used as architechtural feature elements

The proposed reception table. Flowing edges and a very sleek look made of the material ‘corian’.


True to the brand, an overall sporty theme was used. Custom carpet patterns, seating, meeting spaces and architechtural features were prevailant.

The famous 3 stripe adidas logo was used as an inspiration for architechtural feature elements through out the interior space.

Some sketch ideations used to derive architechtural features in the space.

Along with using the brand as a strong visual identity in the space, other inspiration was also used in the space, for e.g this mesh that gave an illusion of 3d in a 2d space.

0UMVYTHSĂ…V^PUNZLH[PUNHUKTLL[PUN spaces were developed throughout the space.

For Reebok the famous ‘vector’ logo was used as an inspiration for a corian feature wall.


Bold colors were used in this space as well as a strong empasis on graphics was given. Vodafone ad campaigns and brand design languages were inspiration..


This feature wall was created for E&Y using thier brand and logo as inspiration.

This white on white feature was made for HUVMĂ„JLMVY:HTOPOV[LSZ=HY`PUNZPaLZVM MDF cutouts were made and inserted onto an MDF board. The words are hello written in different languages.

This feature wall was developed for Invista, who are a parent company for Lycra. Insiration was taken from stretchy fabrics (Lycra).

This feature wall was developed for Vedanta Group. Inspiration was taken from their logo.

For Tupperware, their products were used as interior elements throughout the space to give and out of ordinary and unique look.

Rahul Das Portfolio  
Rahul Das Portfolio  

An assortment of Graphic Design, Transportation Design, Industrial Design and Interior Design works