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Respected sir, I xxxx, GET(DETAILS), would like to make a very sincere and humble request to you through this email. My current shift timings are as 6.40am to 3.20pm. I stay in badlapur and to reach the office this early, I have just one train option avilable and appropriate that is 5.11am,(4.15/5.22 5.11/6.21 5.29) this train reaches vikroli station at 6.25am, which is not that sufficient for me to reach my plant before 6.40am or on time. Owing to this reason I have happened to reach office late many times only by just 1-5mins and I have been marked absent for the 1st half and lost almost all Casual leaves, without opting for them. I am left with almost none. simultaneously railway athouriteis have put barricates on the vikroli station which has started me makin even more late. I have no other train option available because the train before this 5.11am train is at 4.13am which is one hour before and not at all a feasible option. I had tried opting for a shift change to general shift that is from 8.25am to 5.20pm but my request was not considered. staying in quaters would also do but quaters are not free for one month and till then i might lose all my remaining leaves aswell.

Please consider my request genuine and forward a helping hand form your side because this problem causes me lot of troubles and too many late remarks and casual leaves will spoil my reputation and my profile, which will cause a problem for me during confirmation for no mistake of mine in future. I am be able to deliver my best because the fear of spoiling of profile and not getting confirmed is troubling me.

hence I pleade you to please help me with this problem as soon as possible in a suitable way

regards xxx


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