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Types of Production Systems   

Varieties of Production Systems

Make to stock production Make to order production system Assemble-to-order production system

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Job shop production Batch (or) Intermittent production Continuous production Flow Cellular production Mass

Make to stock -

The manufacturer stocks the finished goods in inventory for immediate shipment This system ensures immediate delivery of good quality, reasonable priced, off the shelf standard products For eg. Automobile Bearings, Ready to wear garments, Nuts , Bolts, Motors, TV etc Fairly constant and predictable demand Products are few and they are standardised Shorter delivery time ie. customer does not accept delay in delivery and a minimum stock to be maintained Products having higher shelf life

Make to order -

Manufacturing of products starts after receipt of a firm order from a customer Production activities will be initiated after confirmation of the order The products are not supplied from the stock Hence longer lead time ie. Time between ordering and delivery Products are manufactured to customer specifications Customer has to wait till the order is processed Products are not standardised For eg. Custom tailored clothing, Special purpose machinery, Jewellery of exclusive designs etc

Assemble-to-order -

Here the components / parts are kept at stock According to the customer option / preference, the products are assembled and delivered to the customer Since the components are in stock, the lead time required is shorter only for assembling the parts The modular parts approach strategy is normally used here For eg. Automobiles, Computers, Electronic goods etc

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Make to stock

Make to order




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