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o Over production o Large inventory o Defects : rejection / rework o Quarantine :wastages and scraps o Transportation o Waiting time ie idle time 

The Kaizen 5S framework for good House-keeping o Seiri

– Tidiness / sort

o Seiton

– Orderliness / systematise

o Seiso

– Cleanliness / sweep

o Seiketsu

– Standardised clean-up

o Shitsuke

– Self-discipline

Standardisation – helps organisations to manufacture items with discrete shapes and sizes

Kaizen Umbrella Suggestion System Customer Focus Quality Circle JIT

Small Group activities Kanban Zero Defects Six Zigma

TPM Total Quality Control

Productivity Improvement Labour-Management Relations

Benefits of Kaizen 

Realisation of immediate results

Involvement of workforce

Incorporation of visual action oriented tasks

It fosters communication amongst employees 23

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