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POM is the process which combines and transforms various resources used in the production / operations sub-system of the organisation into vale added products / services in a controlled manner as per the policies of the organisation Eg of feedback information - Rigid quality check on incoming raw material - Adjustment of machine settings - Change of tools - Proper allocation of operators to machines with matching skills - Changes in production plan - Rework / rejection (in-process non-conformities) - Inventory ( eg. Non-moving items, obsolescence) - Customer complaints NATURE OF POM Criteria of Performance 1. Efficiency - Utilisation of resources should be optimal 2. Effectiveness – In terms of short and long-run horizons 3. Customer Satisfaction – The system has to serve the target customers, may be internal or external with a possible prioritisation and satify them All the above criteria can be measured by (a) Cost, (b) Quality , (c) Dependability & (d) Reliability

OBJECTIVE OF POM  To produce the desired or specified product by specific methods so that the optimal utilisation of available resources is met with.  The Production Management is responsible to produce the desired product which has marketability at the cheapest price by proper Planning the Manpower, Material and Processes.  In other words, it should ensure that it will deliver right goods of right quantity at right place and time and at right price. BENEFITS DERIVED FROM EFFICIENT POM Customer Improved industrial productivity, increased use value of the product, availability at right place, time, qyantity, quality & price Investor Increased security for their investments, adequate market returns, credibility and good image in the society Employee Adequate wages, job security & satisfaction, imporved working conditions Suppliers Get confidence in gettling their bills/Invoices payment in due dates Community Enjoys social stability Nation Healthy industrial atmosphere ue to increased productivity Need for POM






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