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Project Footprints Project Footprints is a unique initiative, piloted by AIESEC Chennai’s local office. This project aims at providing socially and economically underprivileged children with the opportunity and platform to receive and express ideas pertaining to child rights, child empowerment and other similar issues relevant to their development and well-being in society. All of this is accomplished through a spectrum of initiatives – spread across a span of five weeks – which include interactive workshops, seminars and educational drives. By engaging NGOs and corporation schools across the city’s fabric, Project Footprints seeks to tap into the visionary and dreamer in every child, thereby equipping them with the drive to make a positive impact on the societies Project Footprints’ will feature the participation of several of our interns from AIESEC’s international network who will come down to serve and fuel the project across a host of NGOs in the city. Distributed across five separate ‘Impact-Weeks’, the Project will seek to render a most worthwhile and fitting experience to each child involved.

Objectives of the project    

Creating awareness about child rights. Cultural exchange & basic education for under-privileged children. Providing a platform for these children to showcase their talents. A day of fun and enjoyment for underprivileged children.

Job Description  The trainee along with the NGO they are allotted will be working in the field of Child rights, dedicated to provide a better living standard to orphan and abandoned children.  The trainee has to work as a mentor for an underprivileged child who yearns to have someone to look up to and someone who can make them believe that a better future awaits them.  Interactive co-curricular activities and games for the children in the field of art, personality development and health.  The trainee will be responsible to train the children of the NGO they are allotted for the various competitions at Balakalakaar like painting, dancing and singing  The Trainee will be part of Balakalakaar, an event which is the largest child rights and education initiative in the AIESEC network working towards the ultimate goal of impacting close to 10,000 underprivileged children in the city of Chennai.

Balakalakaar is, by far, the largest event hosted across the AIESEC India network. This event has, over the last few years, established itself as the single largest, pan-Indian platform for socially and economically underprivileged children to showcase their artistic talents. The objective of this event is dual: to inculcate an awareness and appreciation towards the arts and to provide a platform to encourage the pursuit of the same. This year, AIESEC Chennai will host Balakalakaar as a culmination to the impact weeks that constitute Project Footprints. Bringing together some of the celebrated artistes and connoisseurs in the city’s artistic fabric, the event will include featured-performances, art competitions, talent shows and individualised sessions that will expose the children to art in all its multi-faceted relevance. Last year, Balakalakaar featured over 4,500 children from across the city and the event was aided by over 15 AIESEC interns from across six nations who contributed to success of the event and the satisfaction of the children.This year, Balakalakaar will seek to touch over 7,000 children’s lives.

DETAILS Project Duration : June 1st to July 30th 2012 Working Hours : 10 am to 5 pm FREE ACCOMMODATION To Apply, send in your CV and motivational letter Rahul Sreekumar VP GCDP ICX

Project Footprints-AIESEC Chennai  

A Child Rights initialtive by AIESEC Chennai

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