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The next stop: Arroyo de San Serván. Arroyo is a small village of Extremadura. Arroyo has got a mountain. It is beautiful. In the mountain there are a lot of holm oaks. The holm oak is a typical tree of extremadura. In the mountain there is a cave where there are cave paintings. These cave paintings are the logotype of our high school IES TAMUJAL.

In Arroyo there aren’t many things to see because it is a small village, but Arroyo has got a beautiful church. The church’s name is Iglesia de La Santa Cruz. The church is of the 16th century. The buiding materials that they used to build the church are masonry, brick and ashlars. This is in the old center of the village in a square that we called “Plaza de la Iglesia”. The most beautiful part of the church is its altarpiece. It represents the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Arroyo has got a lot of festivals. The most important festival of the year in Arroyo is the Cross of May. It usually lasts five days. The young go to holm oak`s street to party. The 3rd of May is the principal day of the festival because it is the day of the Holy Cross. Here you can see a photo.

The other typical festival of Arroyo is Perales´ pilgrimage. In Perales people go to countryside and they go on a picnic.

The typical foods are escabeche (fish, chicken or rabbit marinated in an acidic mixture), repápalos (a kind of sweet made with bread, milk and eggs), migas (made with day-old bread soaked in water, garlic, paprika and olive oil) etc Written by María Silvero Mayo