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RURAL EXTREMADURA Extremadura is a beautiful autonomous community. In Extremadura we can see magnificet places. We find extensive pastures where the animals graze between cork oak and holm oak. We can find many lakes, marsh, and rivers. In this nature, you see many birds, fish and animals. Extremadura´s got lots of natural spaces which haven’t been damaged. For someone who wants natural routes one of the best options is The National Park of Monfragüe. It is an example of Mediterranean forest and scrubland.

Places where you must go: • Jaraiz of the Vera is famous for its paprika and for the church of Santa Maria of Altagracia declared monument of historical interest. • Montanchez is famous for its wines, sausages and hams. • Trujillo. Where they celebrate the Fair of Cheese every year. The fair is at the end of April. I go with my family every year. • Valley of Jerte. This place has got beautiful landscapes where the trees are with fresh flowers.

• Gorge of the hell. This place has got a beautiful scenery for you to visit. It is a nature reserve with nature swimming pool. For example: “Los pilones” or “Houses of mountain”. I was in “houses of mountain” with a friend and family.

Cuacos of Yuste is famous by its nature and the castle of Emperor Carlos V. I was in Cuacos of camp with my friends.

More activities in Extremadura are the popular festivals like “Los Empalaos” in Valverde de La Vera.This is a religious rite which is held on Holy Thursday. The medieval festival in Alburquerque attracts a lots of tourists around the world. It recreates a historical fact in the Castle of Moon, a medieval stronghold.

Another special monument is The Mine of La Jayona in Fuente del Arco,a village in Badajoz. The mine takes up a Mediterranean landscape and it was declared a natural monument in 1997.

This is only a small part of all the richness that Extremadura has for anyone who wants to discover these wonders in a peaceful and natural enviroment.

Written by Laura de la Hiz Galán and Clara Cabeza Asensio

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